PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build

PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 1 -
PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 1 -
are you someone with 500+ hours in payday 2 or are you tired of using bullets? Well I have the perfect build for you, it uses heavy crossbow and judge shotgun (yes I know it uses bullets but think of it as a last resort) This is my first build that I made myself that I made into a guide so any feedback would be very helpful



I used inspire because that is a no brainer, joker because you need the health due to not being able to gun everyone down very quickly.PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


i had extra points and i wanted to throw bags farPAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


i wanted the crossbow to not be headshot only so i gave it acced surefire and hipfire while sprinting helps so you don’t have to completely stop to shoot someone with an arrowPAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


aced optical illusions to get more concealment and aced sneaky basterd so you can get 10 more dodge (it helps)PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


Aced nine lives so you actually have a chance in one downPAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


Heavy Crossbow (wow no way) Judge shotgun if you need to get your arrows but they are behind enemies, flashbang if you need to get the enemies to stagger, doctor bags so you can last in one down for longer or any difficulty for that matter, and buzzer to get jokers more effectively.PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 

Perk Deck and Explanation

I chose Infiltrator due to the decreased damage you would be taking, the life drain to keep your health up (while making the build I generally did not know this) and quicker doctor bag deploy so you won’t get into custody while going down without in cover. 
PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build 


This is my first build so I don’t know if this will work on one down I tried this on death wish and it was decent so maybe it will be better with you or worse with you any feedback would be greatly appreciated 

By train er

Hope you enjoy the post for PAYDAY 2 heavy crossbow build, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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