Muck List of Best Seeds in Muck

Muck List of Best Seeds in Muck 1 -
Muck List of Best Seeds in Muck 1 -
Seeds for those who are looking for a fast way to late game.



Only gonna list the seeds I feel are good for an overpowered or near overpowered start. When I say start it doesn’t only mean from the start as you’ll basically be able to steamroll your enemies throughout the whole game.

I’m also listing based on what I’ve experienced and how I personally play the game.


The first seed I tried is poopoo. You’ll find a smith’s hut north-east of your direct spawn. Just look to your right basically.

Tool-wise: Starts with Steel pickaxe and sword, and a Mythril axe

Resource-wise: You’ll find coins, gold bars, iron bars, coal and wood in the 2 chests with an anvil right next to the hut.

Nearby the hut there is plenty of trees (Normal, Birch, Fir and Dark Oak wood is nearby, Oak wood is found right-side of the entrance of the hut in the distance) and plenty of stone nodes.

There are 4 mythril and 2 adamantite nodes to the left-side of the entrance of the hut and 1 adamantite node to the right-side and behind the hut.

There are plenty of chests nearby with 2 gold chests directly in front of the hut. There are 3 battle pillars behind the hut and more around the area.

If you keep moving straight forward from the hut entrance you’ll find 2 carts which give nothing useful, some even being empty, but follow them as a trail and you’ll find plenty more adamantite nodes and even more nearby resources of gold, iron and mythril nodes.

Map is red in colour and has the nearby lakes being a good landmark to find the hut through the carts or just the general location. There is a big empty space also near the hut so you can build a house or something if you want.

That is the basics of the seed,poopoo , the rest of the map is up to you if you want to continue playing on the seed.


The second seed I tried is sh*itsaladsandwich where you switch the asterisk(*) with (i). I’m not gonna say much about this seed as it’s been pretty famous and explained by other guides already.

Personally speaking I do not recommend this seed as resource-wise it’s not really rich compared to the likes of poopoo or the upcoming seed. Even in co-op or when your playing multiplayer with others the nearby resources will not be able to fit all of your needs and need to travel to acquire them. The start is ok though but you’ll need to grind through travelling further around the map to progress through the game.

Not elaborating as this seed is just overrated in my opinion when it is called a very good seed. If you have a different opinion about it I’m sorry! If you enjoy it you don’t have to listen to me.


The last and my favourite seed is 689132638. You’ll find a smith’s hut to the west of your direct spawn or basically your left but it’s in the distance.

Just to note: The way I played this seed was to focus on the really early game advantage and try to find all the gronk and big chunk pillars at the start and defeat them to basically steamroll through the rest of the game really easily.

Tool-wise: You only start with a mythril sword but that is the blessing of this seed. You get a ton of firepower at the start which allows you to defeat most foes with the upmost of ease. Use this to your advantage.

Resource-wise: In the first hut you’ll find coins, gold bars, iron bars and coal in the 2 chests with an anvil right next to the hut.

Also nearby on a hill you should see another shed where this time it is a jack’s hut and you’ll find coins, normal, birch and fir wood, bread, apples and wood floors with a workbench right next to the shed.

Nearby the hut you’ll find plenty of trees (normal, birch, fir, oak and dark oak are all nearby so it should be easy to gather the wood you need with ease) and plenty of stone nodes.

There are A LOT of gold nodes directly behind the hut and is pretty hard to miss, 4 mythril nodes and 1 adamantite nodes behind the hut as well and 1 adamantite node near the revive pillar to your right. Do take note coal is a little scarce around the area with only a few nodes nearby.
(Farm chunkium or mythril chests during early game to maximise the gold from the nodes to make coins and get a ton of gold chests as their price inflates pretty extensively as days go past.)

The carts are trash as usual but you can check them out for unneeded disappointment.

The map is autumn themed with the grass being a dark yellow. The main hut(smith’s) can be located easliy through the map as it is in the middle of the triangle made between the 3 closest bodies of water nearby. After clearing the gold nodes you’ll have a really big space to play with so you do whatever you want with it or nothing at all.

I’m not elaborating so thoroughly as it doesn’t matter how many days go by as long as you defeat all the boss pillars in the first few days you’ll be able to control the pace of the game as the creatures will pose no threat after tasting your wrath.

So those are the basics of my favourite and most suggested seed to use for solo or beginning players, 689132638, the rest of the map is up to you if you want to continue playing on this seed.

My best run with 689132638!

If your wondering how far I went with the seed here is a screenshot!

Muck The only seeds you'll need

Remember I was focused on offense so collecting resource-wise I didn’t really care, but I managed to get all the chunkium gear and even 2 chunkium hammers, 3 gronk swords and 1 wyvern dagger with a couple of relics I would call them. I only stopped as it was too late into the night after playing and experimenting for 10 hours straight and my pc was gonna die, literally, so sad I had to end my run.


I hope all of you the best in your journey through Muck!!!


So the three seeds I shared today are,

  • poopoo
  • sh*tsaladsandwich
  • 689132638



By ronin

This is all for Muck The only seeds you’ll need hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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