Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Best Strategy Tips in War Time Capaign Mode

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Best Strategy Tips in War Time Capaign Mode 1 -
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Best Strategy Tips in War Time Capaign Mode 1 -
Taking Real World Strategy and applying it to Calradia for a successful Campaign.


Peace Time Preparations Part 1

For Example when playing as Battania:

Vlandia has lots of cheap food, I buy it during peace time and sell it for profit, then when the war comes I raid some food villages on the border and begin looking for starving armies and the ransom money.

Trade profit. +1
Raid profit. +1
Battle Loot profit.+1
Tier 5 Prisoners profit. +1
Lords captured profit. +1
Friendly Losses none. +1
Battania 6 – 0 Vlandia

The plan here is to deprive Vlandia of all food from the Towns and Villages that Lords use for buying food, that way when the War comes they can no longer raise several Armies for lack of food. A.I. will often assemble armies at the same spots, make sure there is no food even in the friendly villages that they might pass. If I can afford it I buy out the soldiers too.

Looking for Siege icons will lead me to enemy Armies and then I can wait until A, they lose enough soldiers during the Siege and allies and I can attack them or B, they starve and try to make it home. I then follow them and if need try to lure them to chase me, so they don’t make it to a Town before their numbers are down to where I can attack them.

Some cases they will drop to 40+ soldiers and others to 0 soldiers and sometimes the Army breaks up.

Against such numbers I can make sure to win without losses.

This Strategy can be used all over Calradia.

Testing in 1.5.10 and 1.6.0 seems that the old bug of starving armies is back, no matter if I buy up food or not. The problem seems to be less or non existing in the eastern part of Calradia.

Peace Time Preparations Part 2

For next Sunday or next month.

My enemies enemy is my friend.


During Trade travels and leveling skills on Bandits and Hideouts, I gather intelligence about my soon to be enemies.

Like are they at War with other Factions and how goes the War, do I profit from them having a prolonged War, well often that would be the case for me. So I try to lend a helping hand to my enemies enemy, without entering into the War.

I go my neighbors Towns for Trade but while there I bribe the Guard to let me inside the Keep and I take a look around the Dungeon for any imprisoned Lords.

Prison Breaks.

The bread and butter for Roguery early skill leveling.

No matter what kind of play trough having a bit of Roguery skill can help out. In Calradia Bandits are often neglected as troops in favor of stronger noble troops and easier to come by mass recruited troops.

When I do Prison Breaks the skill points can jump with 20 for each of the first two jobs and then it drops slowly but even with 50 Roguery and the perk Two Faced, I can field and all Bandit Army and not lose morale when hiring them and with 100 skill and the perk Promises I get a Bandit Army that eats 50% less food and the Prisoners will no longer eat any food.

Nice for when trading in food and needing to keep at least one of each food source for a high morale boost and for leveling skills like Steward and Leadership that both require high morale.

I have gained 20 reputation with each Lord busted out of prison. +1
I have given the Lord one more chance to gather troops and go fight my neighbor. +1
So long they are fighting the chances are they will not declare War on me. More peace time for building a strong economy and military. +1
Roguery skills leveled to a good spot +1
Trade profit +1
Recruiting Bandits without payment and without loss of morale and 50% less food eaten and prisoners become immune to starvation. +1+1+1+1

Information and Updates

Hey, I originally wanted to make this last year for the many new players that M&B got but it became so large and confusing that I deleted most of it and saved only some notes to be part of a series, unfortunately I forgot all about Bannerlord for a year.

Hope you enjoy the post for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Best Strategy Tips in War Time Capaign Mode, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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