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Mist Legacy Useful FAQ for Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com
Mist Legacy Useful FAQ for Beginners 1 - steamsplay.com

Version history:

1.0 – Basic information

1.1 – Added the donkey comfort requirement

1.2 – Added the “Clear building space” question

I’m stuck at the beggining. What do I do?

Equip the lantern.

What is the deal with the question marks on the map?

They are secret locations. If it doesn’t unlock automatically you can hover on top of it and see what the exploration requirement is. Then, see if you can get any gear to beat that requirement, move away from the question mark and back and it should be unlocked.

I’m stuck in a forrest. What do I do?

You need to leave with the lantern (press “l” on your keyboard). Forrests, mountains, swamps and caves will deteriorate your gear. If your gear gets ruined you’ll need new ones to get back in.

How do I get the donkey? (450 More bag space)

You’ll need to clear space on your base, build a pasture, add a drinker with at least 4 comfort then talk to the farmer east of the first town. (I think you also need lvl 10 reputation with the town).

-Thx (@Admiral Duke) for the help.

How do I get the cart? (1200 more bag space)

I don’t quite remember this one. I just know you need a recipe then build it.

>The cart’s skills limit where you can take it,

Where do I get recipies?

Visit people around towns and around the world and you can get some recipies.

How do I recruit someone?

Similarly to the donkey you need a barracks in your home base and get a bed (that you can buy or learn the recipe in the town west of Kortombe, the first town).

What does the dog in the first town do?

Nothing, it’s just a prop. Same for all other minions.

I can’t gather resource “X”. What do I do?

Check the resource skill requirement. You need a tool with a high enough level and the character skill that beats it too. You can equip items to help you around the character skill lvl but you’ll still need a good enough tool.

How do I evolve Ovie? (Lvls 10-12)

To the south of the first town there is a cave you need to climb down to. In that cave there is a quest to evolve Ovie.

How do I repair an item?

Some items can be repaired with in game currency that cost real money. It’s usually not worth it since you can just build another one or buy a replacement on the market.

How do I sell something in the market?

Some items can be sold on the market. In your home base, store the item and click on it and see if the “sell” option appears.

Before selling something in the market it’s advisable to check competitors prices and material’s prices. Try sticking to rarer and/or powerful items.

Since there is a postage fee, if you don’t sell you can lose money in the operation.

How do I equip a talent? (Battle skills)

Press “t” outside of battle.

How do I learn healing, and other spells?

South by southwest of the first town there is a big tree in the middle of a dense forrest. You can go around the forrest directly to the tree to pick up the healing spell.

Northwest of the first town you can find a little house in the middle of nowhere where you can pick up a book and spells. You’ll need to equip the book and the spell talent (press “t”).

I’m trying to turn in a crafted item but the NPC won’t accept it. That do I do?

Craft quests require that you build the items with a specific set of materials. Check for the exclamation points when you build the item to see what you need to use.

How can I beat a tough fight, grind xp, form a group?

You can see the players in the same region you are and then click on their name and whisper to see if they would be willing to form a group.

Once in a group you or him can start the batle, once the fight has started just click on the character portrait and you can join the fight.

How do I clear building space in my base?

You need the right skills level and have the required tool deposited on your base, not your inventory.

Written by magmenecopuc

Here we come to an end for Mist Legacy Useful FAQ for Beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Great to get a donkey I need all the things they said in the quest, that is NOT helpful in any way. I have a few words I would like to tell you but I won’t. How about you enlighten me, like where / how do I unlock the pasture? I can sort of build barracks, outdoor workshop, and shelter. I’m not even sure why I would build them but I can not build the pasture or the water trough so learning that would be helpful. I did buy all the plans from Mauve but the needed things were not available. It seems off that I would get the donkey and the cart offered before the pasture and watering trough, I will say this game seems off to me, I’ve played games like WoW for like 10 years and nothing has been this bad, ever.

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