Lake Complete Achievements + Walkthrough Guide

Lake Complete Achievements + Walkthrough Guide 2 -
Lake Complete Achievements + Walkthrough Guide 2 -

This is a complete guide for Lake achievements. Getting them is easy so i make simple explanations.

Tips : Don’t forget to have a manual save in first of each chapter.

– Free Roam achievements can be done whenever you explore the map.

– Lending a hand achievements are miss-able so accept them when you are required to do it.

– Ending achievements are related to final scene choice but there can be one miss-able act which is explained in the section.

Free Roam

Tower Watcher

After the scene where you join with Kay at top of the tower , then you should visit the tower once more and climb the stairs.

Metal Detector

There is guy close to the motel (Where the operator plays a game ). When you are required to deliver a mail in there , Just have a chat with metal detector too.

Higher Ground

Just visit the church which i show you in the map.

Lake Complete Achievements + Walkthrough Guide - Free Roam - E18093A

Lending a Hand

Cat Lover

When Mildred asks you to take care of her cat , Accept her request and deliver cat to the sea guy.


When you are in the home , Steve will call you a few times. There are two situations which he asks you to help him , You need to accept both then when you have three options to choose between : 1. Do Steve job 2. Watch TV 3. Read Book , You need to choose do Steve job.

Movie Carrier

In the movie tape store , Angie will ask you to lend some people movie boxes , Accept her request and deliver them by looking to your map. After few chapters she will invite you to cinema and accept her invite too then you will earn the achievement.

Shutter Bug

In general store , The woman will give you a camera. Press C and take 12 random photo shoots , Then in September 13 you will deliver a box to general store again and you will earn the trophy.


Life in the Fast Lane

In the last chapter ( September 14 ) and final scene , Just decide leave P.O and let frank to drive you to the airport. Then you get the achievement.


Remember to have a manual save before ending your work at postal office in September 13.

Then after you got previous trophy , Just load the game and watch some cut-scenes in the restaurant and etc. then again in the final cut-scene , Tell the frank that you will stay in the town. Other dialogues with Robert are optional to choose.

Free Spirit

Important Tip : Remember that you shouldn’t give the RV to mechanic girl in September 11 , If you did you should load that chapter again and just tell her the RV will stay here for a while.

Then in final scene with frank choose that I want to have a road trip and by this way you will get the trophy.


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Written by Rexali_

Here we come to an end for Lake Complete Achievements + Walkthrough Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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