Kitaria Fables Complete All Achievements Unlocked + Basic Gameplay

Kitaria Fables Complete All Achievements Unlocked + Basic Gameplay 1 -
Kitaria Fables Complete All Achievements Unlocked + Basic Gameplay 1 -

In this guide I’ll tell you how to get all the achievements.


Welcome to my guide.
In this guide, I’ll list the achievements and how to get them. In case you need other useful information, please check out my other guide where I list a bunch of random, but useful information.
Kitaria Fables doesn’t have any missable achievements, so don’t worry about them while playing through the game and possibly spoil the story for yourself.

Story Related Achievements

The following achievements you’ll unlock by just playing through the game. For some, I added some more information, but most of them are just based on the main storyline. There might be a few more that unlock during the main quests but for the list below I’m sure that is the case.
The Journey Begins
Complete the first quest.
A New Duty
Learn the fireball skill
Defeat Wicked Shroom
Defeat Wicked Shroom
You’ll find him in the cave in West Paw Field.
Dutiful Soldier
Repair the broken bridge
For this quest you’ll need: 20 stones, 10 ironstones, 10 clay, and 10 hard shells. If you’re able to take all this with you at once you don’t have to go back all the time to the quest giver at River Bridge.
A Long-Lost Path
Open the tunnel.
Tricky Deal
Unlock pumpkin seeds.
Tricked by a Cheeky Merchant
Exchange a pearl for a pumpkin.
Mysterious Power
Find the ancient relics.
A Shocking Truth
Defeat an old friend.
This can be a very challenging fight, but if you get the meteor spell (highest level fire spell) it becomes quite easy.
Is this the End?
Defeat the final boss.
True Peace?
Complete all the main quests

Killing Bosses Achievements

The following achievements you’ll unlock the first time you kill a specific boss.
Defeat King Gooey
Defeat King Gooey
You can find this big slimy thing in West Paw Field. I defeated him with the first bow.
Defeat Orc Warrior
Defeat Orc Warrior
You can find this Orc Warrior in Forest Plantation.
Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier
Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier
You can find this guy at Blue Moon Lake.
Defeat Freddy o’Lantern
Defeat Freddy o’Lantern.
You’ll find this boss on the “Fort Outer Wall” map during the night.
Defeat King Cobra
Defeat King Cobra.
You’ll find him in West Sand Dune
Defeat Dracully
Defeat Dracully.
You’ll find him in the Mountian Tunnel.
Defeat Snowmonster
Defeat Snowmonster.
You can find him in East Karst Hills.
Defeat Chompy
Defeat Chompy.
You can find Chompy in Downstream River. I found him very challenging and beat him very late in the game.
Defeat Greed
Defeat Greed.
You can find him in the Sea Cove.
Defeat Crystal Guardian
Defeat Crystal Guardian.
You’ll find him in the Crystal Cave in the north area.

Crafting Achievements

The following achievements mostly are just a matter of crafting them. In my other guide, you can find the materials and costs of those upgrades.
Can I fly?
Craft a wing accessory
Extra Protection
Craft a piece of armor
Looking Good
Craft a piece of headgear.
Swift Armor
Craft Sniper Suit.
Bow of Heroes
Craft Cursed bow.
Sword of Heroes
Craft Holy Sword.
Heavy Armor
Craft Metal Alloy Armor
Big Spender
Purchase Immortal Sword.
You can find the Forest Guard Sword in a golden chest in the tunnel to the icy mountain and you can upgrade it for 75k Paw Pennies by the Pumpkin Potion Trader.
Big Spendor II
Purchase Falcon Eye Bow
You can find the Noble Hunter Bow in a golden chest in the East Freshwater Swamp, at the side where the teleporter is as well and you can upgrade it for 75k Paw Pennies by the Pumpkin Potion Trader.
Legendary Magic Wielder
Learn all magic skills.
I would highly recommend first go for the highest fire spell, because that one is insane and will help you out a lot. You’ll get a few spheres from sidequests but in case you’re missing spheres (which most likely is the case) you can trade 10 Vengeful Souls for 1 Sphere by Timmy in Paw Village. A good spot to farm those Vengeful Souls is by going back and forth between West Freshwater Swamp and South Freshwater Swamp, because on the border of the South Freshwater Swamp you’ll always find 6 enemies which you can kill very quickly if you use the highest fire spell, meteor.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Let’s Save Up!
Earn 10.000 Paw Pennies
I used farming for hoarding pennies and unlocking those money achievements. You’ll need more money than the money achievements let you to. I started with farming a lot of Corn, and after I unlocked pumpkin I switched to that one, it is harder to buy because you have to wait till it is night on the third day, but when you can buy a bunch it is worth it because they give the most money.
Let’s Save Up Some More!
Earn 50.000 Paw Pennies.
Unlock all inventory spaces.
Every third day you can find a Merchant in Paw Village during the night which will sell 2 backpack upgrades.
Have We Saved Enough Yet?
Earn 100.000 Paw Pennies.
Master Marksman
Learn all bow skills.
I got this after a fight on the beach, but I had also opened a lot of gold chests before that fight, so not sure if any of those contained a bow skill.
A Friend to All
Complete all the side quests.
Meat Lovers
Unlock shish kabob.
Master Swordman
Learn all sword skills.
I’m not sure where they all unlock but I had opened all the gold chests and got this very far into the story.
Skillful Soldier
Defeat a total of 1.000 enemies.
Exemplary Soldier
Defeat a total of 3.000 enemies.
This achievement took me some time to grind, even after done the grind for Vengeful Souls. I did go back to that same spot in the Frehswater swamp area to farm enemies as fats as possible.

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