In Silence How to create private lobby in game

In Silence How to create private lobby in game 1 -
In Silence How to create private lobby in game 1 -

Note: Now updated for the 10/30 patch which didn’t address the hacking issue at all, super disappointed in the devs. People can’t enjoy the new map if they get racists and dorks kicking them out of their own lobbies, how do you not understand this?
Note: as of 9/1, developers have recommended against this type of game modification. Use at your own risk.
This will provide the tools you need to create private lobbies for friends that won’t be ruined by some random joining and screaming the N-Word. Password protected lobbies don’t work, but this guide does work.


Hackers currently can run wild in this game. There is no anti-cheat, which means even password protected lobbies are not safe. In this guide I show you how to modify your game files to prevent hackers from joining your private lobby.
Essentially a change to one of your game files lets you create private lobbies that don’t show up in the lobby browser, so hackers do not see it and cannot join. Your friends are able to join when you use the “Invite” menu in game to directly invite them.
For this to work, you’ll need to be able to navigate to your game’s local files. You can right click on the game in steam and “Browse Local Files” or navigate there manually. The relevant file will be in a folder like: \Steam\steamapps\common\In Silence\In Silence_Data\Managed, the file is called “Assembly-CSharp.dll”

Backup your current DLL file

You should backup the PhotonRealtime.dll file before you make any change. To do this, simply change the name to “PhotonRealtime.dll.backup”. If you ever need to revert the change, delete the edited DLL and change the name of your backup file by removing the “.backup” portion of the name.

Download a new DLL or Edit it yourself

You will need to either edit the file PhotonRealtime.dll in your “steamapps/common/In Silence/In Silence_Data/Managed” folder, or you can download a properly edited file from my Github: – [] , then simply replace the file in your /Managed folder.
If you download the DLL from my github, it only has one change: You can no longer make public lobbies, any lobby you create will be private and for people to join you must be friends with them on steam and use the “Invite” menu to get them into your lobby. Use the official (or your own) Discord Server’s LFG channel to find people to play.
To edit the DLL file yourself, you’ll need a program like “dnspy”, which is by far the easiest method for making small changes. Once you load the DLL in dnspy, open PhotonRealtime ( > PhotonRealtime.dll > Photon.Realtime > RoomOptions then scroll down and change whatever sets the bool IsVisible to False. To see differences you can open my version of the file in dnSpy.


NOTE: There is currently no anti-cheat in the game, so you shouldn’t get VAC banned or game-banned for editing the DLL file. In the event the devs release a change, like adding anti-cheat, this file will get overwritten anyway. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any issues you have.
NOTE: if you have any issues with this fix, please report them to the official In Silence discord. If a hacker joins your game, and you think you’ve followed all the steps above correctly, post your DLL file in the discord when you report your problem – it doesn’t contain any personal info, it’ll just let me check if the file has the correct edits. Without this file, I CANNOT help you.

Here we come to an end for In Silence How to create private lobby in game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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