How to Get 144 FPS in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 for Maximum Gaming Performance

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How to Get 144 FPS in EA SPORTS FC 24 for Maximum Gaming Performance

So, EA Sports FC just launched, right? And, of course, with any big game release, there are always a few hiccups on PC. But not to worry! The devs were quick to send out an update to smooth things over. Let’s get your PC settings just right for EA FC 24 so you can play with zero lag or slowdowns, enjoying a silky-smooth 144fps.

How to Set Up NVIDIA Control Panel for a Smooth Ride

For those of you who’ve got the NVIDIA Control Panel, here’s a little walkthrough:

  1. First off, open the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. Head over to Manage 3D Settings.
  3. Click on Program Settings.
  4. Pick EA FC 24 from the list (if it’s playing hide and seek, you might have to find the .exe file manually).
  5. Next, set the Max Framerate to a whopping 999.
  6. Switch the Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance.
  7. Last but not least, turn on Vertical Sync.

Where to Tweak In-Game Video Settings

For Nvidia Control Panel Settings

  • Set the Resolution to a clean 1920×1080 (Full Screen).
  • Refresh Rate? Make it 144Hz.
  • Frame Rate should be set to No Limit.
  • Turn off V-Sync by selecting Disabled.
  • Also, disable Dynamic Resolution: Disabled.
  • Cutscene Quality should be at Full Frame Rate.
  • Strand Based Hair? Oh, absolutely Enabled.
  • For Rendering Quality and Grass Quality, go big with Ultra.
  • And Crowd Quality? Make it Ultra too.


And don’t forget to hit START/OPTIONS to make it all official!

If you notice you’re not hitting that sweet 144fps, play around with the rendering and grass quality settings. A fellow gamer (rocking a 3080Ti/i9 12900k) mentioned that EA FC 24 runs even smoother than FIFA 23 on these configurations. So go on, make those tweaks, and may your frame rates be ever in your favor!

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