Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List

Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List 1 - steamsplay.com
Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List 1 - steamsplay.com
My Personal Opinion Tier List. My playstyle is described in the larger guide.

Note. Always a work in progress. I only test in WAR mode so it takes a while to update after a patch.


The List

LMGS and ARs dominate as usual. 3hk, high rof for cqc, and good range = jack of all trades style assaulter. 
I only test in WAR mode so that’s why it takes a couple wars to fully update. In progress. 

    high S-tier “die beste”

  • STG44 (very stable and accurate atm. sights+maxrof+range internal if you wish. Becomes tough with the ammo. Run Marathon Man and run everywhere! ) 
    Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List 
  • M2 Carbine (Incredibly expensive but awesome. Vaporizes players with ammo+sights+max rof) 
    —mid S-tier— 
  • MG42 (You can zap fools at close range and midrange(less now after patch), and destroy long-range prone. Counter to PPSH and M2 Carbine. accuracy mods.You will never lose at close-range period. Can be annoying to fight M2s and AVSs without tight grip. Very difficult to control recoil but rewarding. Midrange nerfed. Fastest ttk so top of the food chain.) 
  • Captured FG42, with Fast Reload Gold (The recoil may make it seem inaccurate, but it lands many shots imo; first shot always perfect aim; good rof, dirt cheap, lots of ammo, but fast reload gold needed to lay down rounds. Drops to mid A-tier without FR, struggles somewhat in caps, making for the perfect light rifleman playstyle. Probably worth the grind but convert your paratrooper too, if you play war. A tad bit worse than the StG, which is what I’d consdier an OP weapon.) 
  • M1919 (Insanely good now with light spring + max accuracy. 100 ROUNDS OMG. Hipfire eats close-range, ads lowmid, prone long. Beats the stg at all ranges, unless they have amazing cover.) 
  • Maxim MT (M1919 reskin ^, godly with Marathon Man Gold. Max RoF plus Max accuracy standard bullet. A tad better than the M1919) 
    Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List 
    -low S-tier— 
  • MP40/PPS/Thompson (3hk heavy set gold at 34+ damage close up. You heard me right. That’s apparently a thing now. Tommy — Heard its the only one still 4hk? They’re easy to use and great at close quarters but lack range generally. Perfectly meta though so the t2 smgs are good noob guns. Buy em for 5 bucks! Would be higher if they weren’t cqc only. I find playing with these weapons good but incredibly simple gameplay. It’s more fun imo to destroy up to mid-range.) 
  • PPSH-41 (here because it’s great in super close combat, pocket MG42. Best easy cqc option to unlock. Bad past 15m but 71 rounds ensures many kills in buildings, where it is strong. Feels like it takes sooo many shots to kill at greater ranges so don’t even bother. Alter your H&G style to ensure you are always fighting enemies at close range, preferably multiple. Very close to being S+. Only usable in buildings and very close range, so I personally pair it with an unscoped SVT-40 using the hoarder badge.)


    high A-tier

  • DT-29 (sight obstructive but absolutely cooks; situationally S+ tier… Amazing prone, incredibly stable and accurate at max rof, get used to the hipfire cuz you’ll need it. You will lose 1v1s just out of hipfire range though, it can be hard to ADS at that short range. Joint highest RoF Soviet lmg but if they get the jump on you first, you have little chance. Best badge: Quick Pointer Fire for abusing hipfire because of the sight. You’ll find yourself missing close-range kills at times without it. Lots of ‘frustrating’ deaths that I don’t get with other weapons because of its sight though…Basically, delightful if you’re not quite the caprusher type. You will be in bipod mode for most of your kills with a few hipfires in there.) 
  • full rof SVT and Garand (High damage and accurate. “High skill” required to use at S-tier production. Biggest con? Not automatic, can’t abuse the ease of spray. I’ve stopped using scopes. The G43 just feels kinda anemic compared to the other two, sorry German players. Can make a mid-S-tier loadout when combined with an smg + hoarder badge — weakness cancelled. It’s just a lil more expensive and you gotta play carefully.) 
    mid A-tier— 
  • MG34 (not the 42 but has amazing stats at max mods.) 
  • DP28 (Thing was basically an AR but they made it a lil worse. It’s not a laserbeam anymore. I need to test a lil more. Could drop even further.) 
  • MG13 (was a COD gun at its release, somewhat underwhelming now. Can still compete with mods and badges, but life will be so much easier with the StG or MG42.) 
  • BAR (only 20 rounds but players make it work. At least for me, you can get kills in specific situations but you can’t carry your team with a BAR. Great prone, I get most of my kills at range. Its not great up close, you wont win 50-50s without the jump on em. 
    low A-tier— 
  • Flamethrowers (great at cqc, but useless everywhere else. Lots of camping and prefiring/area denial. Very situational but fun. Drawbacks are long ttk and complete lack of stealth. See main guide for optimal loadout. imo they should be a little stronger…) 
    Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List 

B-TIER These guns aren’t bad, players make them work despite usually 1 big weakness. 

    -high B-tier

  • OHK rifles (one shot one kill, usually. its all skill but becomes irrelevant if the opponent is using heavy set. You literally get countered once they all wear heavy set, hence the low tier. I stopped using scopes because they are horrible. Once the enemy team uses their heavy set gold guy, you’ll feel like a chump.) 
    -low B-tier— 
  • Johnson (terrible sights, countered by moving erratically; low max size; the m1919 is 100x better. Some players can make it work though. Maybe my screen is too small.) 
  • AVS (i need to test it more but saw mlg but doable footage using the scope. I didn’t like it at max rof iron sights :// rip the classic loadout. It might be a stock kinda gun. It feels ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, just the LMGs or the ppsh. You can’t really carry with 15 rounds, and it’s more of a mid-range only weapon.)


    -high C-tier

  • Grease gun/PPD (surprisingly decent but still a tier one smgs. PPD is actually very good at close range when modded. But it is more expensive to run than the ppsh-41) 
    -mid C-tier— 
    Max rof pistols (all about the same to be honest. Their use is niche.) 
    -low C-tier— 
  • g43 (Just feels bad compared to the other SA rifles)

D-TIER comprises of not max mods Semi-automatic rifles (you are the one getting farmed in WAR to be honest… get that scope for now, and grind to a good automatic weapon!) and other stuff I’m too lazy to list off. You can figure it out. 
F-TIER comprise mostly of non-max ROF weapons and start SMGs (excluding grease). Grind those up in staged so you have a good weapon to use in war. 

The Bigger Guide



This is all for Heroes & Generals WAR Mode Weapon Tier List hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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