Fetish Locator Week Two How to Earn More Points Tips – Tier List – Walkthrough

Fetish Locator Week Two How to Earn More Points Tips – Tier List – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Fetish Locator Week Two How to Earn More Points Tips – Tier List – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a detailed description of every opportunity to earn points from the FL App in-game.

Important Points (lol)

You stop earning points once you arrive at Min’s party, so in order to have enough points for everything that you can possibly use points for, you must have 80+ points by the time you arrive at the party. Points can be used to:

  • Buy a ticket to Min’s party
  • Trigger a Blitz Challenge to have s*x with Hana
  • Trigger a Blitz Challenge to have s*x with Iona

Maximizing your points is important for the following achievements:

  • Blitzkrieg
  • Pretzel Mustard
  • Spicy Pretzel Mustard

Fetish Locator uses a “path” system to open or close potential story lines. For most girls, you must have their path “active” in order to access that scene and earn the points. So it is in your best interest to have as many of them active as possible for the first half of the game if you want to max out your points.
After the party, the game scoring switches from points to total number of people ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I will post a different guide for that goal.
The most points you can possibly earn before the party is 94, but there are plenty of options that still get you to the 80-point goal without having to do absolutely everything available to you.
When doing a task for Samiya, the “Assistant” task is the only one that you can fail and still get points by choosing the “F**k the w***e” option. This allows you to get a total of 20 points from her tasks, assuming you also successfully complete either of the other options.
The Girls/Boys are separated into “Tiers” representing which page of the new-game questionnaire the person appears on. Those in the “other” section cannot be activated at the start of the game, but must be found and engaged during the game instead.

Tier 1 Girls

Day 9 (Task for Samiya)
• Choose the “Prank a MILF” task for Samiya
• Option: “Continue” 12 Points
Day 9 (Dressing Room)
• Dressing Room scene 6 Points
• Unavoidable if Stacy is active
• If you don’t let Stacy join you in the show in the first scene of the game, her path is closed.
Polly & Nora
Day 8 (Coffee Shop)
• MUST not have cuum in Nora in week 1 to earn ANY points
• Scene (Coffee shop blind date) 12 Points
• Unavoidable if Polly is active
(No points available)
(No points available)

Tier 2 Girls

(At least one, but no more than two of these can be active at the start of the game)
Day 9 (Visiting Min’s House)
• Option: “Drink from her Fountain” 18 Points
• Option: “Fill a couple of glasses” 18 Points
Lyssa (Romantic Option)
Day 8 (Court/Office)
• Option: “Little surprise” (handj*b) 8 Points
• Option: “Big surprise” (blowj*b)
> o Option: “Something Special” 12 Points
> o Option: “Your Turn” 12 Points
Day 10 (Claiming the Apartment)
• Mandatory Scene 6 Points*
> *The official guide says 12 points, but I only got 6
Lyssa (Dominant Option)
Day 8, Scene 12 (Court/Office)
• Option: “Forbid her to use her d**k (denial)” 12 Points
• Option: “We will see about that after you suck me”
> o Option: “Give her some pleasure” 8 Points
> o Option: “That was good enough” 8 Points
Day 10 (Claiming the Apartment)
• Option: “Good. Definitely good.” 6 Points
• Option: “Not my thing” 0 Points
Day 8 (Class)
• Option: “Fine” 18 Points

Tier 3 Girls

These are completely optional, but you cannot have more than one active in a single play-through
(No points available)
(No points available)

Other Girls/Boys

Day 9, Scene 3 (Undertable BJ)
• Options: Dog/Cuddle/Magazines 8 Points
• Options: Dragon/F**k/Condoms 8 Points
• Options: Any other combo 6 Points
Day 10, Scene 2 (Confronting Samiya)
• Option: “Have some fun first” 12 Points
Day 10, Scene 5 (Samiya Assistant Task)
• Option: “Be a sissy, sissy” 12 Points
• Option: F**k that B***h
> o Option: “Cuum inside that w***e” 8 Points
> o Option: “Cover the w***e” 8 Points
Day 9,
• Finish the scene with Creampie or “magic words” 12 Points
(No points available)
(No Points available)
(No points available)
(No points available)

Max Point Example – Walkthrough

These steps will result in 94 points by the time you get to Min’s party, more than enough for the party ticket (50 points) and two Blitz Challenges (15 points each)
New Game Setup
• AmRose is a S*x Slave
• All tier 1 girls active (Stacy, Polly, Vanessa, Jessie, Chloe)
• Tier 2 girls Min and Lyssa active
• Lyssa’s relationship option is “Dominate her”
• Dahlia is active
• All fetishes are “Yes”
• Did NOT cuum in Nora in week 1
Day 8, Scene 1, choose “Let Stacy Bathe with you”
Day 8, Scene 12, Chose to forbid Lyssa from using her d**k
Day 9, Scene 2
• Choose “Let’s have some fun first” with Samiya
• Choose “Be Samiya’s Assistant”
Day 9, Scene 3 Choose Dog/Cuddle/Magazines options for story
Day 9 Scene 4
• Choose “F**k that b***h”
• Choose “Be a gigolo” and complete the scene
Day 10, Scene 4, Choose “Good. Definitely good.” In bathroom scene with Lyssa.

Written by CentAurora

This is all for Fetish Locator Week Two How to Earn More Points Tips – Tier List – Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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