Farmer’s Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide

Farmer’s Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide 1 -
Farmer’s Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide 1 -
This guide will expand in the future



So you left the tutorial and there you are expecting to jump in the tractor and plow…Yeah not happening, Kashmir (Main Characters name) has sold everything. You got a Hunting Rifle, 5 Bullets and a pantry that is not gone last… So you looked on steam and found my guide.



Function Key
Forward W/Z
Backward S
Left A/Q
Right D
Run Shift
Sneak Cltr
Interact E
Alt Interact F
Inventory TAB
Map M
Journal J
Land Vision Z/W


Prepare for Winter

To survive the winter you need not much tbh, things you need is something to keep you warm, My choice was Coffee. (it’s the cheapest option) For food I choice Boiled Eggs comes in around 10 coin for 50% hunger bar. Now you gone hear your character complain a lot about wanting to drink but your broke so yeah… Let’s get you started.

First thing you want to do is get your self an Axe and a Bucket, but you need money. For that you need to look for Junk scattered around your farm to sell, just press “E” when prompt and you collect 5 Junk, collect 2 more for a total of 15 junk. (You may feel the urge to collect more but this puts you at your limit in weight.) Now travel to the Market Place (Press “M” for map to see where it is) and look for a vendor named Steve, Sell the Junk for 15 Coin a pop and now you got money to buy the stuff you need to get started.

Farmer's Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide

From there it just trying to keep your belly full and slowly buy more tools to help you in the direction of proper farming. Tanks and abandoned houses hide some more loot. For tanks you gone need a crowbar. Be careful when Exploring, there are wild animals around. To help you make some more money other then junk, might I suggest Hunting and fishing. I think that if you can survive your first winter your golden after that.

Free Bicycle

There is a free Bicycle that can be found north of the Marketplace, to get there follow the road over the bridge to the north till you come across the mine signs to the left of the road.

Farmer's Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide

Warning!!! there are actual mines there that take ½ of your life if you step to close, you can see one of the mines on the Screenshot. Some what deeper in the woods you find a WWII Bunker and in front of it there is a free Bicycle.

Disarming Mines

It is possible to disarm a mine, to do this you need to align each bar so its on the outside of the green circle.
Farmer's Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide

When you look at the Screenshot you notice there 6 of them to align, For easy understanding I gone put them in a clock format like 1 is at 12 o’clock, 2,4,6,8 and 10 o’clock. So to Align example shown I need to right click 12 two times, 2 is one time, 4 is one time, 6 is two times 8 is two times and 10 needs to be right clicked one time.

There is a time limit that starts after you start clicking, if you feel it’s to hard for the time limit you can reset and get an other configuration by exiting “E” and going back in “F”. If you disarm in time you have a mine in your inventory, if not…Boooooom!!! 50% health less.


I Try to include the fill rate of the hunger bar, It’s not 100% accurate (i am just looking an trying to see how much of the hunger bar is going up)


Slice Of Bread (10) 35% Food

  • Bread x1

Butter (10)

  • Milk x2

Slice of Ham (10) 10% Food

  • Ham x1

Sandwich (1) 25% Food

  • Slice of Bread x1
  • Slice of Ham x1
  • Butter x1


Boiled Eggs (4) 50% Food

  • Water x1
  • Egg x4

Broth (3) 50% Food

  • Water x4
  • Poultry Meat x2
  • Salt x1
  • Carrot x2
  • Onion x2
  • Jar x3

Cooked Ham (1) 50% Food

  • Water x1
  • Meat x3

Fried Fish (1) 30% Food

  • Fish Meat x1
  • Butter x1

Fried Meat (1) 50% Food

  • Meat x1
  • Butter x1

Pras and Cabbage (3) 30% Food

  • Water x1
  • Cabbage x1
  • Peas x10
  • Jar x3

Scrambled Eggs (2) 50% Food

  • Egg x4
  • Butter x1
  • Salt x1
  • Jar x2

Tea (3)

  • Water x1
  • Tea x1
  • Vodka x1
  • Sugar x1


  • Water x1
  • Coffee x1
  • Sugar x1




Name Price
Bread 30
Beer 40
Vodka 50
Snare 200
Ammo 10
Bottle Water 6
Salt 20
Butter 10
Milk 80
Egg 10
Tea 20
Coffee 20
Antibiotics 100
Sugar 40
Fuel 5
Jar 8
Bottle 4


Name Price
Axe 100
Hammer 60
Handsaw 150
Fishing Rod 400
Scythe 300
Bucket 100
Hoe 100
Hayfork 150
Lantern 50
Flail 100
Crowbar 250


Name Price
Asbestos Board 30
Plank 20
Junk 30
Fuel 5


Name Price
Chicken 30
Pig 1000
Cow 2500
Horse 5000
Chicken Feeder 50
Trough 100
Feeding Rack 250
Fodder 6
Cut Grass 6
Cut Oat 20
Straw 20
Brush 40
Horseshoe 20


Name Price
Meat 20
Fish Meat 10
Cooked Ham 100
Poultry Meat 40
Beluga 50
Karas 15
Carp 30


Name Price
Apple 10
Blueberries 8
Cabbage 30
Carrots 20
Onions 20
Peas 20
Mushrooms 6
Raspberries 8
Potato30 10


Farm Shops

Ann’s Farm Telka

Name Price
Hoe 100
Pitchfork 150
Scythe 300
bucket 100
Oat Grain 4
Cabbage Seed 10
Carrot Seed 10
Onion Seed 10
Pea Seed 10
Potato 10

Thadeus Farm Thadeus

Name Price
Bicyle 500
Small Cart 350
Plow 1000
Crowbar 250
Hammer 60
Junk 30
Wrench 250
Drivebelt 160
Exaust Pipe 250
Oil filter 300
Steering Wheel 400
Front Wheel 1000

Thadeus Farm Helen

Name Price
Distillery 1000
Bucket 100
Sugar 40
Apple 10
Potato 10
Blueberrie 8
Raspberrie 8
Oatgrain 4
Apple Mash 160
Blueberrie Mash 160
Oat Mash 160
Potato Mash 160
Raspberrie Mash 160
Moonshine 160
Vodka 50
Jar 8
Bottle 4

Lumberyard Ludvic – Ambrose

Name Price
Firewood Log 10
Log 20
Plank 20
Junk 30
Moonshine 160
Vodka 50


Save Location

Here you can find your savefiles, just remember that the “Username” depends on name given during windows installation


Written by xent

Here we come to an end for Farmer’s Life Gameplay Tips for New Players + Cooking + Market + All Information Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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