Expedition Agartha Crafting + Quests + Combat – Full Guide

Expedition Agartha Crafting + Quests + Combat – Full Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Expedition Agartha Crafting + Quests + Combat – Full Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Greetings! This guide will contain general information and tips I have gathered over the course of my playtime. It is intended to be a useful starting point, I hope.

What is a Freebooter or Mercenary?

You are not putting your gear at risk by playing as a Freebooter. As a Freebooter you can join an ongoing battle with junk gear. You can loot and fight just like normal, and your extraction will be a boat equipped with a bonfire. (explained below. Anything you had on your Freebooter can be extracted and placed in your stash.

The Mercenary is the main character. Most quests require you to use your Mercenary character (. You can also do some quests later). You can equip your Mercenary with any gear from your inventory and bring any consumables, such as food or healing vials, into the raid.


Each expedition lasts for 30 minutes. Failure to extract within the given time will result in your death and everything being lost. This can be different for Freebooter Games. A warning will be given every 10 minutes, a 5 min warning, and every minute thereafter. In the last 10 to 15 minutes, the sun will begin setting and it will become night until the expedition ends. Nighttime is terrible.

There is one extraction point on an island. It is a small boat on the shore that will always be at the farther end of the island than where you spawn. If you spawned at a southern end of the island then your extraction would be at the northern side. There will be a bonfire nearby the boat, and smoke can be seen from far away.

Once you have spawned you should keep your back towards the water and use your compass to determine the direction. This is the direction that you should aim for when searching for extraction.

NPCs aboard the ship*

If you are not in a raid but you are on the ground, go towards the bonfire (. This bonfire is also near extractions). You will see a boat that will transport you to the ship. There are seven NPCs that can be found on your ship. You should explore the ship and become familiar with where these NPCs are. Maximinus, the guy in a tavern, only gives quests. The first item in the shop will always be a parchment to that NPC’s quest, (more on this later version). The rest depend on which NPC you are speaking to:

  • KWAHU (Barkeeper,): Sells food or food-related stuff. (East below deck)
  • OJORE (Weaponsmith) Weapons, Weapon Kits, Weapon Recipes etc. (Northeast below the taverne)
  • STRAPS (Armorsmith) – Armor related stuff and refining substances like acid solvent, fluxing agents etc (Northeast below the tavernee)
  • GOTTO (scholar) Runes and seals to enchant equipment. (West below deck)
  • BUANA BUANA Alchemist) (: Medical and alchemy stuff, (West, above decks)
  • CHING (Shipmaster – Bags, contracts** and drinks

*: There is a total of 2 NPCs that can be found on land, but they do not serve any purpose in the early game.

**: Contracts are a way to recruit AI-controlled allies. I have not used them.

Crafting stations

There are 4 crafting stations available on your ship: Equipment, Cooking, Artificer, Alchemy and Equipment. Follow the quests to learn everything I know about crafting. This is all I have to say except:

Expedition Agartha Crafting + Quests + Combat - Full Guide - Crafting Stations - 638E6D7

You can find pages that contain recipes. If you complete a set, you can create them into a single slot book using the artificer station to conserve space.

The pages are not necessary to make the crafts. When you interact with a station, you will see a swap button. This allows for you to access your stash without having to search through your inventory for the right materials.

You will see the materials needed to upgrade your station in the top right hand corner. Some recipes will require higher-level stations to craft.


Each NPC has a questline. To increase their level or unlock more of their stores, you will need to go through each quest one at a. 7 NPCs will give you 7 quests. The captain’s journal is not included in the questline.

I will separate the quest types into 2: Gather Itemquests & Mercenaryquests.

This separation is necessary because Gather Item parchments may remain in your stash. You can move them to inventory after obtaining the required items and then turn them in. This allows you to use your Freebooter to collect the items and complete your quest in your ship.

The Mercenary Quests are those that have objectives such “exploreX” or “kill Zombies”. These parchments must be present in your inventory at the time you are exploring or killing to move on to the next quest. This means that (, i) must be played as The Mercenary in order to bring the parchments to the raid. (, ii) will mean that you will lose your parchment if you die. You need to get a new parchment from an NPC to start over.

You should ensure that you have enough inventory space for crafting-related quests. The first two quests that teach you crafting will reward you with the materials you need. If your inventory is full, the rewards will go to stash.

Container Items

You can buy backpacks or crates from shops. These containers have more storage space than backpacks, but they can only hold one type of item. These can be used to organize your stuff or to carry loot into raids.

Backpacks can carry anything so they would make the best raid bags. A document case that Gotto (, the scholar) sells is another good option for raiding. You can keep your quest papers in it and any new recipe you find in there.


I feel that the gear stats in this game have some depth. A guide should be created to explain rarity and tier breakdown. There seems to be some RNG involved in items having a variety stats. I’m not sure how rarity and tiers impact these. The stats are fairly self-explanatory, so I will only give you the main characteristics.

As far as I know, there are no bonuses for wearing a particular type of armor on each slot. Here are the main characteristics:

  • Light Armor will reduce projectile and blunt damages, and increase dodge speed and stamina.
  • Medium Armor is a rarer type than the two others, or I haven’t been lucky enough to find them. They have base damage reduction and bone resistance as main stats.
  • Heavy Armor will always reduce your dodge speed and provide some projectile damage reduction. You will also find bleed resistance.
  • Shields: A shield reduces your speed and stamina. It also increases your block resistance, which allows you to block projectiles.

Weapons are more straightforward. Large means slower but more damage, while small means faster but less damage. If it’s sharp, it may cause bleeding and deal blade damage. If it’s not, blunt damage can be inflicted on the victim. Crossbows can deal projectile damage.

One thing is important, secondary weapon damages are only half the primary weapon’s. They are not worth the extra attack speed, so I don’t recommend them unless you are using crossbows.

The clothes do not have an impact on stats. You are free to go in nak*d and then find royal clothes.

Food and Consumables

Potions are a great way to quickly recover. I haven’t seen any healing or energizing potions. They restore health and stamina. ‘Tincture” is the lowest-tier potion while ‘vial’ is one of the higher.

The food choice is what I consider more important. Because it increases stamina, dried fish is my preference. For the same reason, dried meat would be my second choice. It provides maximum health for the duration. These can be bought at Kwahu the Barkeeper or found in raid. You’ll find many different recipes with similar buffs when you start cooking. Try different recipes to find the best one for you.

I would recommend having one of each. Once you are satisfied, you can then use the other to get 2 food buffs. I usually extract these buffs when they wear off. Warning: If you eat too quickly, you will get a debuff that reduces your stamina for 400 second.

Medical consumables can be self-explanatory. Bandages are used to stop bleeding and splints are used for broken bones. These debuffs stack and you might need multiple meds in order to get rid.


Combat in Agartha has a Rock Paper Scissor mechanic. This mechanic is Attack Block Kick.

Attackis replaced by Block

Blockis rebuffed by Kick

Kickis rebuffed by Attack(, a type of)

Important things to keep in mind are:

  • Blockalone does not have the same counter power as Attack. If you have only Blockyou can run out of energy and die. Blockshould be used to counter Attack. Parrywill make it difficult for your enemy to attack and allow you to launch counter attacks.
  • Kickwill interrupt an charged Attackaswell as Blockbut will not work against regular Attack
  • You can cancel a Attackinto an Kickor a Block
  • In my opinion, knowing the range of your weapon against the reach your enemy’s weapon is the most important aspect of a fight. This will be something you have to experience firsthand.
  • There is friendly fire so don’t hit your friends.

The last option is Dodge. Dodgebeats all.

If you press the dodge key alone, it will cause you to dodge backwards. You can also dodge sideways if you hold the direction key and dodge. Dodging forward doesn’t exist.

You can run backwards to give yourself breathing room or to get some stamina. Sideways dodges are a great way to confuse your enemy or to flank them if they outnumber you.

Heavy armor can reduce your dodge animation speed, while lighter armor can increase your dodge speed.

More tips and techniques

Any tips or tricks I come across that aren’t listed above, I will share them here.

Please let me know if you have any additional information or if I have missed something important.

Thank you so much for reading.


Written by FenrirG

This is all for Expedition Agartha Crafting + Quests + Combat – Full Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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