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This Guide is about effective gameplay with Characters. This guide will inform you about how to use characters and META. I’ve been playing for around 500 hours at the moment, so I thought I would bring good to the table.

List of META things

META Heroes:
Jester, for upgrading and Mana swirling, also amazing for Lab Assaults
Initiate, for aura stack (Slow, Electric, Strength Drain)
Monk, for tower boost, hero boost, and DPS (Use Super Legendary Costume)
Huntress, for Gas Traps, Eternal Lightning Traps
Adept, for Lightning Towers (LT) and Deadly Striker towers (DST)
Summoner, for Archer, Spider, Mage minions (Use Demoness Costume) / Boosting LT’s and DST’s
with Huntress and Apprentice Guardians
Series EV, for Buff beams, Reflection beams, Physical beams, and Proton Beam Charge (Don’t
use costume for builder, use EV 1.75 for DPS)
Barbarian, (if used correctly) for DPS (bursts out large damage at once) (Use Tarven Impostor)
Not META Heroes:
Countess, unless you really want Harpoons
Apprentice, Adept is better builder and better bomber. Simply outclassed
Builder Jester, who would want jester as a builder?
Tip: Do not use male characters for building, and do not use female (for most parts) for DPS purposes (Jester not affected by this). Use costume recommended above
Squire: Works as a DPS, but Monk is so much better for support and teamplay
Ranger: Possible DPS hero, just maybe outclassed
Huntress: Possible DPS hero, also outclassed
Move Tower Jester: Not much use, but have tower range stat on 0
DPS Adept: Bomb works good, but concerning low Health
DPS Jester: Really Optional, but fun and deals good amount of damage
What General Map play should Look like:
*make sure to build everything under EV buff beam*
Step 1: Place Aura stacks (Slow, Electric, Strength Drain) where you want to hold (Near crystals or somewhere else)
Step 2: Place Gas and Lightning Traps under the Aura stacks
Step 3: Place buff beams where you placed your aura and traps. Place another buff beam somewhere else, and place reflection beams, surrounding the buff beam (give some room)
Step 4: Place Lightning towers and Deadly Striker Towers under the extra buff beam (You won’t need a lot of buff beam for Adept Towers if you have “Stack Script”)
Step 5: Place Archer Minions under where you placed Aura stacks and Traps. Put them right on the buff beam. Make sure to place a spider minion in middle and add a mage minion right on top (No stack script required)
Step 6: Go upgrade with your jester, using Mana Swirling technique. Always focus on upgrading Buff beams before upgrading anything.
For Boss Fight: Either take out a good DPS hero of yours and unleash a lots of damage, or (for multiplayer option only) take out your tower boost and boost the LT’s and DST’s.
Or, if you have 7~9k stat and you have your own build, you can place just Aura stacks and Adept Towers.
META: Pets
Builder Pets: Diamond, Animorphic Ember, Turkey On Treadmil, Treadmil or Treadmil, Skeleton on Treadmil.
DPS Pets: Dragon, Fenix, Seahorses, Goblin Cupids
Event items are superior version of normal items. Use them if their stat or need pleases you.
How to build for Each Character
Upgrader Jester: Get your Wheel O Fortuna stat on 3750 as it’s boosts will be super effective late game. Once that is out of the way, focus on casting rate stat, (Shouldn’t be much problem if you don’t have high casting rate since jester casts extremely fast) Use a high projectile gun like lupine bow and a genie pet to get mana when you deal damage.
Builder Adept: Put your stats fully on tower attack damage, focus all on attack damage.
Builder Huntress: Put your stats all on tower attack damage and then focus on tower range if possible
Builder Initiate: Focus on either tower range or tower attack damage, or focus on both
Builder EV: Simple, all of tower damage and put some in tower health if you are ever going to use physical beams
Builder Summoner: Focus on Either Minion Health or Minion Attack and always put them on Hold Defensive status
DPS Monk: All on damage, it’s all about damage
Booster Monk: Focus on either one of the boosts, it’s that easy.
Lab Jester: Jester built for Lab Assault Map only, use BF Drill for destroying crystals from distance and use a good DPS staff for secondary weapon.
Well I think that’s about it I can explain for now. This was my first guide so it’s extremely lazy and unorganized. I am planning on remaking or make a whole new guide with all of late game progression infos. Comments down below would be Appreciated!


Written by reynardfox

Hope you enjoy the post for Dungeon Defenders All Meta Heroes, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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