Don’t Starve Together Tips How to Survive

Don’t Starve Together Tips How to Survive 1 -
Don’t Starve Together Tips How to Survive 1 -

Welcome. We hope that you find this Don’t Starve Together Tips How to Survive Guide.


First, be ready for dangers like hunger, seasons or enemies.

  • For hunger: Pick up berries. It’s much easier to cook when you have a base. It’s a good idea to have at least one meat, three fillers for meatballs, and lots of fillers such as ice and even birchnuts. You could also try 1 and 1 monster meats, as well 2 morsels. Wilson can make both meats and morsels so he would be a good character.
  • For winter. Thermal stone, torch essentials. To warm up, you can torch a tree and then heat up by running in the tree. Wilson’s upgraded insulation beard, which is 70%, and the other winter survival build tab options are great to have.
  • For spring: Get an umbrella using pig skin. Explore the spring survival building tab. You can also dry while you rest (a tent, siesta or lean-to).
  • For summer A: Live in the Caves. To avoid your base burning down, if your base has a large size, then please see the summer survival build tab. You can set-up 1-2 ice machines on your base to keep it occupied.
  • For enemies. Typically, a spear with log armor is sufficient for your backpack. A pig helmet would be nice. Another good thing to have is a plan for when there’s too many hounds. You can put up spike traps or guide the hounds to fight strong enemies like swamp monsters or beefalo. You need a plan to combat the hound attacks that become more frequent as the days go by.
  • There are many ways to revive. If you’re going into survival mode, you need to ensure you have a way you can revive. A meat-effigy might be the best, especially if you want to keep your winter beard. Although it may not be necessary, it is nice to have a way for your body to survive.

Secondly, fill the inventory to the levels below. It’s important to limit your inventory to the minimum. But it’s also good to have enough to go beyond that.

  • Grass 20-40
  • Sticks 20-40
  • Wood 10-20
  • Wood 10-20
  • Rocks 20-40
  • Flint 10-20
  • Gold 5-10
  • Charcoal 10-20
  • A backpack containing 8 tools such as: spears, log armor, pickaxes, axes, pickaxes, shovels, pitchforks, torch, and hammers

The third thing is to create a basic foundation. I recommend this setup:

  • Place a firepit at the center of a tile. (Use a pitchfork to reference)
  • Wood floor for all parts
  • Alchemy engine at the tile right side of the firepit
  • Place 2 Crockpots under the firepit. After that, place a refrigerator between them. Later, you’ll sleep in 1-2 tiles under this one.
  • Chests in tile to the left from the firepit (one chest, but can accommodate 4-9 other chests, your choice). Only build a second chest if the room for the previous one is gone.
  • There are many backpacks that can be found in the tile above a firepit. Each backpack is intended for a different activity, such hunting, work, or whatever else you might be doing.
  • You can put everything close to each other, so if you want to build a beefalo farming operation, place it right next to this base.
  • If you decide to expand this structure add tiles up/down/left/right, in a kind or plus sign with the varying lengths and the firepit center. You could add two more tiles of chests on one side, and more science buildings on another. If you would like to place signs near chests or backpacks, You can place anything that heals stats and revives you on the bottom. Anything that is arousing action, such as backpacks at the top.
  • This base design can be used to start with a low budget. With more resources, there are many other ways to make it look nicer.


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