Borderlands 2 Video Guide – Florentine Weapon Tips

Borderlands 2 Video Guide – Florentine Weapon Tips 1 -
Borderlands 2 Video Guide – Florentine Weapon Tips 1 -

An informative companion guide to my youtube video by the same name, explaining my opinions within a variance of the text format.


Borderlands 2 Video Guide - Florentine Weapon Tips - WELCOME TO MY GUIDE! - AFAA497
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Borderlands 2 Video Guide - Florentine Weapon Tips - THE FLORENTINE: INTRODUCTION - D53FEA1
The Florentine is a very unique seraph rarity E-tech SMG which attributes much of it’s uniqueness to it’s innate Slag AND Shock properties!
The way in which this weapon is capable of having both elements is possible due to the initial projectile being a slagging projectile, while it’s splash damage has the shock property at 50% of the damage of the initial projectile!
Because of the fact we have this E-tech barrel, the projectile is relatively slow-moving, compared to what you would expect from something like a Jakobs revolver, this also means that it consumes an extra bullet per shot.


Borderlands 2 Video Guide - Florentine Weapon Tips - BUT WHY DON'T YOU JUST USE MUH SLAGGA? - 7E3C177
Ok, so with this section, I will directly conflict the argument which is put against the Florentine, if you aren’t as into the game as myself and others, you may be unaware of how polar the opinions of this gun’s usage really are!
The Florentine is not a Slagga, it is not comparable to a Slagga, and it will never be nor replace the Slagga.. Though we actually have multiple upsides to the Florentine which can make this essentially a DPS sidegrade to some people, with it’s usability being determined by the play skill of the user in collaboration with how their character plays.
First of all; The Florentine inherently generally has more synergy with a number of builds, whether that be general splash damage inclusion, making stacking elemental effects with Krieg easier, whilst multitasking for the slag, or Gaige’s shock builds boosting the damage (multiplicatively) and the comparable benefit of a shock bone of the ancients also granting a huge multiplicative buff to damage. This weapon WILL wreck a lot harder than a Slagga.
My second argument being; The Florentine really works well in all-purpose loadouts which appreciate having one gun slot effectively making use of two tools, being a slagging tool and a damage-dealing tool. This effectively gives us an extra gun slot, a very unique trait that you cannot acquire otherwise. +25% weapon slots!
The last argument I will shortly mention here; The Florentine really really shines where you have these micro game decisions which you need to make. An example is in FFYL (I don’t go into FFYL you do I’m a god) which gives you extra time to get up because you just don’t really need to switch weapons, slagging the thing, and then killing them to get up with the same weapon. It promotes real advancement in-game skills and non-linear playing.
The Florentine’s biggest advantage is that it is effectively two guns, and you just don’t really get that anywhere else, this feature is a whole lot more relevant than you can say prior to getting reps in with this weapon!


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