Bee Simulator 100% Achievement Guide

Bee Simulator 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Bee Simulator 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
(Hopefully) The last guide you’ll ever need for Bee Simulator.



The story is approximately 2 hours long and has 8 chapters; We Are Family, Lady Flower, Winter Is Coming, Funny Farm, Bee Hero, Intruder, Our New Place, and Exodus. These chapters contain 14 story-related achievements: 

  • Changing Point Of View 
  • Hyperdrive 
  • To Bee Or Not To Bee 
  • Bee To The Rescue 
  • Early Access 
  • Hello Friend 
  • You Shall Not Pass! 
  • Expert Collector 
  • Rebeelious 
  • Access Granted 
  • Bee Hero 
  • Flight Of The Intruder 
  • Roof Over Your Head 
  • The Exodus

All other achievements aside from Great Hunger and It’s A Zoo Out There can be completed after the story during free-roam, however I suggest working on The Sweet Stuff, Basketcase, Ready To Retire, Escape Artist, and Active Bee as you go. Get Close Examination and The New Me out of the way early and then put all of your knowledge points toward Gotta Catch ‘Em All. 

There are 13 side quest achievements, 2 of which are missable. Side quests are marked with a stylised v-shape: 

  • Great Hunger – THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS MISSABLE. It is first available after unlocking the trophy room and is located in the hive. You will need to play this mission multiple times to get the achievement. To reset the mission, quit to the main menu and re-enter the game. 
  • It’s A Zoo Out There – THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS MISSABLE. It becomes available after completing Intruder and is located in the queen’s room. 
  • Interspecies Relations 
  • Spider’s Lair 
  • Across The Big Water 
  • The Great Crossing 
  • Dodge The Tongue 
  • It Came From Beneath 
  • Lord Of The Flies 
  • O-Bee-Wan 
  • Hackerman 
  • Chicco In Trouble 
  • Foster Family


There are 5 challenge achievements: 

  • Bully-Free Zone – Bully challenges are marked with a fist icon. 
  • Fast Bee – Chase challenges are marked with a flag icon. 
  • Dance Revolution – Dance challenges are marked with two bees facing eachother. 
  • Furious Bee – Fight challenges are marked with a wasp icon. 
  • I Won’t Do This? – Unlocked automatically after getting the rest of the challenge achievements AND completing all of the gathering challenges. Gathering challenges are marked with a floral icon. Unfortunately there is no way to track your progress towards them, but I believe you need to complete 18 for this achievement.


There are 20 misc achievements: 

  • To Infinity And Beyond – This will come naturally whilst playing the game. 
  • Basketcase – The flower-ladies carry 2 pollen at a time. The pollen resets when they are out of range. There are multiple flower ladies on the map. Some of their locations include the zoo, amusement park, and boat house. 
  • The Sweet Stuff – Land on food 30 times. 
  • Easter Egg – The Easter egg is found on the top floor of the chicken coop. Sting it to get this achievement. 
  • Active Bee – Sting computers, boomboxes, street lamp bulbs, and balloons. The latter will also count towards Bee-Zilla. 
  • Bee-Zilla – Sting 20 balloons. 
  • Deluminator – Sting a street lamp bulb. 
  • Bee-J – Sting the top of a boombox. 
  • Unbearable – Sting a bear. Bears are located in the zoo. 
  • The New Me – Buy a skin. 
  • Close Examination – Buy an animal in the glossary. This is under Extras, Archive, Glossary. 
  • Bee Of The Ring – The ring is located by the seals. Sting it to get this achievement. Stinging it will reveal the password for the Enigma achievement. 
  • Enigma – Sting a laptop and enter “poikol”. 
  • Your Honor – Sting the lawsuit located on the table by the amusement park entrance. 
  • Little Bees – Find all the little bees. 
  • Escape Artist – Fly into and escape 19 spider webs. Spider webs respawn when exiting to the menu and re-entering the game, so this can be easily farmed. 
  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Find and buy all insects in the trophy room. 
  • Flower Power – Collect pollen from 1000 flowers. 
  • Ready To Retire – Collect pollen from 3000 flowers. 
  • A Real Achiever – Automatically unlocked after finishing all other achievements.


Congratulations! You’ve completed Bee Simulator! 


General tips / Things To Remember


  • The Great Hunger and It’s A Zoo Out There achievements are MISSABLE. Make sure you get them before it’s too late, otherwise you will need to restart the game. 
  • Difficulty does not affect trophies, so the game can be played on easy. 
  • Failing something twice will give you the option to skip. 
  • Achievements can be checked in-game by going to Extras, Archive, and then Feats. 
  • Some animals/insects can only be found during missions. 
  • There is a fast-travel menu which goes to 7 different locations; Tree Hive, Picnic, Zoo, Amusement Park, Hill, Boathouse, and New Hive. I believe these can be unlocked at any time by flying to the area, however the unlock parameters are a bit iffy, so you’re better off waiting until you visit them during the story. 
  • Bee Facts are not required for any achievements. 
  • Looking up or down and flying is faster than using the selected buttons to ascend and descend. 
  • You regain Beetro by staying grounded.




  • The New Me seems to be slightly bugged and won’t pop with some skins. I’m unsure if challenge reward skins count for this achievement. 
  • Chase missions are a little janky, and the AI will not always follow its set path as a result. 
  • Some insects/animals, such as the Yellow Garden Spider, do not register after being found. This makes it impossible to get the Gotta Catch ‘Em All achievement, and the A Real Achiever achievement as a result. Some people have been able to get the achievement by starting a new game in a different save slot and purchasing trophies already earned in the other save, however this did not work for me and I had to resort to more complex troubleshooting. 
  • At a certain point, the game will stop displaying mission/challenge icons on the map. I believe this is linked to completing the story, but I am not sure. If this happens to you, simply exit to the main menu and it will respawn most challenges, side quests, and spider webs. The ones you’ve already completed will still be counted in your feats, so you can replay the same challenges and spider webs multiple times for their respective achievements.


If you get stuck or lost at any point in time, Cheevo Guides has some great tutorials on his Youtube channel. 


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