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Ginny a.k.a. Regina Gadea Acosta (female combatant) is a specialist in sea infiltration. Her unique appearance makes A.V.A. one of its most recognizable members. 's most iconic poster children and most loved characters.


There are currently nine characters in the in-game shop.
Ginny is among them. One of the original (asian) versions of the game (. However, she is the first female rifleman-based character.
Regina Gadea Acosta is her full-name.
Ginny "works within the Intelligence section, but is known for her excellence in Sea Infiltration special operations and Sea Infiltration. She wears a suit because of this.
(could have had other characters than those based upon historical characters). However, the in-game description might have been more detailed. I haven’t found anything majorly different with Ginny yet.


A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Profile - 3773416
Name: Regina Kadesh Acosta
(Regina Gadea Acosta) aka 'Genie (Ginny)'
Age: 26
Height: 169cm
Weight: 54kg
Eye colour is blue
Born: Lima, Peru (Lima, Peru)
Affiliation to the EU Army forces
Occupation: Roval Navy Special Forces
Currently deployed in the 7th Platoon, Dutch Marine Corps Special Team.
Ginny is equipped with a special suit that is both designed for her operations, and for combat use.
It has been modified to carry small bags that she can attach to her waist and legs. This is because she cannot wear a backpack due to her Buoyancy compensationator.
She carries a small, but not insignificant device on her left arm. Her regulator, also a watch.
She has nightvision goggles on her head. Additional armor plates have been mounted to her shoulders and knees to provide protection.
Last but not least, her weapons are a knife at the right end of her right foot (mostly to utility) and a FN 57, which she holstens and is mounted at her right thigh.
This personal rule is only applicable to her Summer skin, which is located on her left thigh.
Depending on the skin, the design and/or materials of the wetsuit may change dramatically.

Ginny's story


Important Note The lore of Ginny is not available on any English websites, wikis, or other sources. These were translated using a translator software from korean, or japanese.
Based off: http://ava.pmang.com/index.nwzmKey=5&sKey=4&bserial=8&ano=39073827#board/read/8/N/39073827/199/8 – [pmang.com]
So, I had to restructure most sentences so they would be more cohesive.
There may be more lore about her out there. However, one of the sites was unavailable and I don't speak japanese nor Korean nor do I know if it is feasible to restore these old webpages. This will suffice.
The following material was taken directly from a transcript of an interview conducted with A.V.A.'s Art Designer and Game Designer. It also included notes about her background that were taken from an interview with an Art and Game Designer at A.V.A.


She was born as the youngest of three daughters between her father, a middle manager office worker at a multinational oil company, and her mother, a full-time housewife.
At 3 months of age, she and her family moved to England due to her father's career.
Growing up in London, Ginny acquired the British nationality due to her family's naturalization to England.
Although not a particuarly outstanding student, Ginny was still quite intelligent.
She had a normal and stable adolescence, went on to college, majored in broadcasting and journalism and in general went through a good childhood and adolescence.
Meanwhile, while continuing to decide about her future, Ginny applied for the public recruitment of the employee of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service, Ministry of Information Bureau, aka [MI6]), which she accidentally discovered. To her own and her surroundings surprise, Ginny passed it without much effort .In SIS, she showed a talent she had not even realized herself at that point.

The ability in analyzing information and performing special missions, and after being recognized for this, she immediately began to participate in special operations abroad with the approval of the handling of first-class secrets.
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Ginny's Story - C2F668C After participating in several secret military operations in Iraq and Southeast Asia, she gained quite a sense for these kinds of military operations and applied for dispatch missions for joint operations with SBS (Special Boat Service, British Navy Special Forces).
As the only woman, she passed SBS's selection training and achieved a feat of being recognized as a formal operation agent.
From this point on, she began to engage in special operations with limited exposure to the outside world. Although she is not tall, she has a strong body and is good at underwater infiltration, and she is recognized by other colleagues for her expertise and overall operational performance.

As of the current state (or 2008 for the previous iteration), she is dispatched to the 7th platoon of the Dutch Marine Corps Special Team under the direct control of the European EU Command, and is devoted to the anti-NRF special operations across Europe. She is also an active part in helping and training newcomers as well evaluating their information and performance.

Currently, she lives independently from her family and lives with a female nursing officer she met at a military hospital hospitalized for injuries during a past (2006 for the previous iteration) operation.



A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Ginny's Story - 2B50A4A

The image of a typical South American beauty with blue eyes and a captivating look is strongly underlined, but the character behind these looks is as emotionally rich, sensitive and kind hearted, while often, when first met seeming like she is reserved or withdrawn from the ongoings of the world around her, which is in stark contrast to her look.

Ginny is a skilled and competent infiltrating enemy networks and gathering intelligence. Her marksmanship skills also count for her ability to handle and interpret data.
Her contributions quickly made them an unreplaceable soldier/agent.

Design and Character History

Initial design idea
This is the transcript from the interview with Art and the Game Designer. Translated into english with minor changes to be more cohesive. (… are comments. They are not part of the original transcription).
GMN – What kind of concept is this particular character?
Art Designer: Ginny is an art designer who is a strong young agent equipped with weapons and clothing for naval infiltration operations.
It was designed with the concept that a beautiful person can have an intelligent brain in any environment.
GMN – This is the second female character following Ray (meaning Lei) What were your changes?
Game Designer: It was designed to blend female characters into battlegrounds, which is usually reserved for males.
Our top priority is to not damage the game balance but use the attractiveness of the outside.
I have tried to achieve balance in areas where these two conditions meet.
Ray's basic skeleton has been significantly expanded, and the missing parts have been filled with armor.
GMN: Are there other credits and benefits? (refers to the economic benefits skins offered at that time.)
Game Designer: Other than the looks, the overall balance of the game is the exact same as the base character.
As with the characters released, special perks were offered such as lucky strikes and experience points.
GMN – What would you say?
Art Designer: She wears an outfit which reveals her voluptuous physique when she is fighting an enemy
It causes intense excitement in frontal lobes of the enemy's brain which makes it difficult for them to shoot and makes their legs tremble.
It will make it so you have to kneel before her. (She is being dramatic.
Game Designer: We made mistakes, but we continue to work on character updates. We collect different opinions.

Ginny was introduced back then as the second female character in the game, with being purposefully an eye catch. It is hard to say if the english voice all female soldiers share is orginally Lei's or Ginnys, since I can't confirm who was released first in EU and NA. In japan Ginny seems to have her own voice actor.
In the beginning of her appearance on the battlefield Ginny was like Lei differently balanced then the male soldiers. These tweaks were to armor and speed with Ginny being faster but more vulnerable reflecting her appearance and giving some more realism and risk to the situation she found herself in. These changes however were reverted later, probably due to streamlining all characters as well as no femalce base characters being available and technically hiding a different kind playstyle or least character attributes (and gender) behind a paywall.
Therefore when Ginny arrived in the european and north american servers, she was already adjusted with these tweaks in mind.
Ginny didn't receive any changes after this besides the introduction of new skins and a visual overhaul, when the game graphics were updated. This last chance also had an interesting side effect, since before Ginny's eye colour (blue) was difficult to see and often looked like brown. This graphic update fixed that issue, giving a small "buff" Ginnys looks.



Ginny had a wide selection of skins in the previous version.
These skins were (. Her default look) was not available: Ginny Leopard or Ginny X, Summer Ginny, Ginny Valentine (/), Ginny Halloween and Ginny Sci-Fi.
Note: The images in this article were taken in the previous iteration.
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 879C31A
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - BE6C04A

A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - C6CC21F
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 841F9F4

A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 7B72E2C
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - CF3D674

A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 389D02B
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 64494D1
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 668875B
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 9B59D74
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 7B66EE6
I didn't have as much footage for the Halloween) skins and her(Valentine skins. As soon as I have access again to these skins, they will be replaced by the same kind images.
A.V.A Global 9 Characters Detailed Overview - Wetsuit-Skins - 77FED30


* In the japanese old version of the game, the in-game description showed her origin
* In the original A.V.A. Ginny was able to enjoy unique bonuses on her battlefield: Lucky Shot Occurrence probability + 2%, Experience Acquisition+ 20%, Grenade throwing
Reduced preparation time by 5%
* The appearance of the character will not be altered by changing, removing, or adding armor (-sets). Masks are the only exceptions.
* Ginny is often associated chastity or purity.
*,,Genie" is her original nickname. It stands for Jinn, a type or ghost, and may be a reference to her intelligence-collecting work under radar. In german it simply refers to genius.
* Ginny doesn't have the ability to swim or dive in maps without water access, even though she is wearing a wetsuit.
* Ginny appears to have many similarities with a character from Resident Evil Revelations, called "Rachael foley"


Written by Finni

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