Zombie Army 4: Dead War All Collectibles in Campaign Mode – Gameplay Tips

Zombie Army 4: Dead War All Collectibles in Campaign Mode – Gameplay Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Zombie Army 4: Dead War All Collectibles in Campaign Mode – Gameplay Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a guide of where to find all the collectables in the base game’s campaign

Dead Ahead


Reporting In Collectables Guide

Document: Turn right after speaking with Bruno, then look to a desk to the left of the stairs that are in front of you. This document is on that desk.
Comic Book: After grabbing the previous document, head up the stairs and go through the boarded-up door ahead of you. Look to a shelf at the back of room for this comic book.
Zombie Hand: When you get to radio tower, look down to the horde of zombies below. The hand is in the group of zombies walking from the left-hand side towards the train.
Upgrade Kit: After the radio tower, go to the infirmary and turn right. Break through the boarded-up wall and grab this kit from the table at the end of the hall.

Locomotive Lockdown Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: Exit the saferoom and head down and left to the shooting range. Complete the resistance fighter’s challenge and he’ll unlock a saferoom containing the kit.
Upgrade Kit: Head upstairs and go left towards the workshop. The kit is on a table in front of Edie.
Comic Book: Unlock the first demonic seal and enter the wooden train terminal. Look to a bench on your right.
Zombie Hand: Leave the train terminal and go left through the train car. On the other side, look to the top of the train car ahead of you — this is on up there.
Upgrade Kit: After the pack of suiciders, look for a building with a red and white pinstripe awning, to the right of the “Binario 345” sign. Climb up the building and look towards the back.
Document: Look for a metal shack after the upgrade kit — the document’s inside.

Off the Rails Collectables Guide

Document: To back towards the right-hand side of the opening area and look for a railway car with a teapot sign. It’s beyond that on a table.
Heroic Action: Defeat all of the zombies attacking two resistance fighters — use the shack.
Upgrade Kit: After the earthquake tremor, take the stairs on the left, then turn right at the bottom. Head down the alley for the kit.
Zombie Hand: Head back up the stairs, go across the trains and kill the horde on the slope. Head up the slope but don’t jump across; look to the right and you’ll see the hand in the fenced area.
Comic Book: Go to the room where you switch the train tracks, then turn left and look to the table in front of you.

Death Canal


Carnivorous Canal Cruise Collectables Guide

Document: Head to the right of the boat you’re refuelling, then into the building. Head to the third floor and look to the right of the glowing chest.
Zombie Hand: After refuelling, leave the boat and head into the building when tasked to work the bridge controls. Head up the stairs, turn left and then turn around when you’re at the top. Look to the table.
Upgrade Kit: When tasked to get the cogs, head straight into the square, crossing the bridge. Head right and follow the canal, then head left into the open area. Look to a grey building near a distraction device; it’s on the floor inside.
Comic Book: After placing the cogs, turn to the right and look for another grey building. Head inside, up the stairs on the right and look to a chair on the right-hand side of the room.

Ghosts and Gondolas Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: Head left through the alleyway at the start. Enter the square and go left, down towards the chain link fence (through the water). Look to a bench nearby.
Document: After the Flamer – look for a while at the back of the square, head towards that, then take the stairs to the right of a sink. Go through the window (after killing the zombies) and then turn left. Look for a crate.
Zombie Hand: When you see commanders resurrecting zombies, go the back of the room and turn right. Head forwards, then right, and look for several beds in front of you. The hand’s there.
Comic Book: When you meet Dutton, go to the back of the room, then up the stairs to the left of the statue. Go up, then turn right and climb up. Climb through the nearby windows and look to the foot of the beds.
Heroic Action: After surviving the horde, go toward the safe room and turn left into an alley before the bridge. Save the resistance fighters.

The Shadows of Venice Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: Turn right and cross the bridge at the start of the level. Go to the back of the area, turn left and then left again at the fence. Head up the steps into the building and look on a stool.
Document: Go into the yellow building in the area at the blood fountain. Look on a create near the bar.
Comic Book: In the area with the poison-spitting zombies, head right, then left at the green door. Turn right into the next room and look for a pizza poster — the comic’s on a chair under it.
Zombie Hand: Go past the room with the Christmas lights, then go through the next room, taking at right just before the stairs. Shoot the metal bucket to reveal the hand.

Gates of Hell Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit:Head down the stairs after releasing the first generator charge. Turn left and look to the left side of the next room.
Zombie Hand: Go towards the boat slip and into the water. Look to a boat circling nearby.
Document: Exit the water on the left-hand side, then look for a bench.
Comic Book: Go to Generator B and head into a nearby boathouse.

Meat Locker


The Hunt for Dr. Schweiger Collectables Guide

Comic Book:Head through the checkpoint, then the truck and head towards the light on the right. Inside the house, you’ll find the comic on a bedside table.
Document: Head inside the leftmost house when getting to the fortification in the woods. This in on a chair inside.
Zombie Hand: In the undead half-track area along the right-hand side. Look for a tree branch hanging over the spotlight.
Upgrade Kit:Look inside the railroad cars near the tank and vehicle chassis.

Into Darkness Collectables Guide

Comic Book: Head toward the research wing after turning on the lights. Take a right before the stairs and look towards the back.
Upgrade Kit: Head up the stairs and take a right to the room called “America.” Go past the range and immediately turn right; look towards the bottom of a rack.
Zombie Hand: Leave the boxing ring and take the first right in the adjacent hallway. Look towards the whiteboard.
Document: When looking for the termite charges, go upstairs in the square mess hall with the
Nazi flags. Turn left into the next room and look towards the table.

Supernatural Superweapon Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand:Head down the stairs in the first main area you get to. Look to the sky to see the hand crawling on a wire, near the rocket and the Tesla towers.
Comic Book: Head to the far right side of the red area, and look to the nearby wooden crates. The comic’s on a table.
Upgrade Kit: To back to the red area and follow the path, looking for a secret room on the left. The kit’s there.
Document: Look for a room with five cryotubes; enter, turn right and then left and loo to a desk.

Schweiger’s Revenge Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand: Look to the top of the bunker in front of you right when you start.
Heroic Action:Help the next resistance fighter you see — an armoured zombie will be attacking.
Comic Book: Continue on and head under the raised train track, then head left. Look towards the sandbags.
Upgrade Kit: Look to a barrel under the overpass when you get to the next burning half-track area.
Document: Find the pillbox with a heavy machine gun in the bunker; the document’s in the left-hand corner.

Zombie Zoo


Trouble at the Zoo Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand: Enter the electric fence area and turn right — look to the birdcage nearby.
Comic Book: After defusing the second breaker, go through the door that all the zombies will emerge from. Look to the back.
Upgrade Kit: Head towards the cages on the way to disable the third breaker. Go through the first cage and unlock the second for the kit.
Document: Look for a wheel sticking straight up after the cages. Look towards the left-hand side of the nearby picnic table.

Welcome to the Jungle Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: In the bunker with the second screamer.
Zombie Hand:In the area with the two armoured giants and grenadier. Head to the back, then right into a small grove; look to a nearby picnic table.
Document: At the creeper nest, head to the back left-hand corner. Look for a bench and some crates.
Comic Book: After the creeper nest, you’ll fight three armoured zombies and two grenadiers. Beat them, then go towards the hutch at the back. Look to a table on the right.

Don’t Tap the Glass Collectables Guide

Document: On the ground at the first shark tank.
Zombie Hand: In the area with the resistance fighters, look to a terrarium to the right of the hanging shark. The zombie hand fishing on a rock inside.
Comic Book: Go to the opposite side of the room from the hand. This is on the edge of another terrarium.
Heroic Action:Protecting the two resistance fighters on the balcony in the next area.
Upgrade Kit:In front of you inside a safe to the right after leaving the Heroic Action area.

Planetarium Assault Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand: After the snipers and necromancers, go up stairs and down a long hallway to get to
a grove. Look towards the birds perched on the awning ahead of you.
Comic Book: Go past the right and look for a kiosk with a green awning. Grab the book off the bench.
Document: Head up the stairs and grab the documents off the green box on the left.
Upgrade Kit: Go to the top of the stairs, but turn left before the objective.

Rotten Coast


Compound Resistance Collectables Guide

Document: Go right past the upgrade bench, then up the ladder. Look on the bed.
Comic Book: Head left in the next area, past the electrified gate. Head left past the tank, then through the archway and the barn. Head right and look for a small shack near some logs.
Zombie Hand: After defending the detonator, turn around and head to the stone ruins. Turn right and look to the roof of the building.
Upgrade Kit:Head toward the bottom of the resistance compound, and then to the right past the tank. Go into the house and look inside.

Village of Darkness Collectables Guide

Comic Book:Head into the cellar, then left, then right. Look to the back on a crate.
Heroic Action:Kill the suicider summoner and run to the bell tower. Protect the sniper there.
Upgrade Kit: You’ll get this after a successful Heroic Action. Look in the safe.
Zombie Hand: Exit the bell tower and turn left, past the red building with the “Aim for their Heads” poster. Then, turn right and then left at the wrecked car. Look up and to the left of the fence — the hand’s running along a railing.
Document: On a table inside a house right before the safe room (look on the right-hand side, across from the statue).
Upgrade Kit:To the right of a safe room, on the second floor of the house with ivy on it.

Trouble in the Styx Collectables Guide

Comic Book: Head into the water near the ferry, then finish the fight in the graveyard. Go through the graveyard toward the beached ship and look to the right railing of the nearby pier.
Zombie Hand: Before crossing under the bridge in the graveyard, look up along the top of the bridge itself.
Document:This is on the third story of the church.
Upgrade Kit: Go past the signal tower and look to a small house on the left.

The Best Laid Plans Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: After the buzz saw zombie fight, head through the doorway, then left, then left again and look toward the left.
Document: After the altar, head down the path and then through the opening on the right. Head up the left-side steps and look behind the tree.
Comic Book:Head outside and look at the base of a statue in the water.
Zombie Hand: This is near that same statue; the hand is running along a fallen tree located to the right of an iron gate.

Molten Nightmare


Come Hell or High Lava Collectables Guide

Document: Exit the safe room, go up the stairs and turn right. After the armoured zombie, turn right through a break in the railing. Jump across and grab the document on the bed.
Comic Book: Head toward the ruined abbey and look to a small house beside it. The book’s on a table inside.
Upgrade Kit: Turn right in the area where you repair the water pump, and into the house with the blue doors. Go upstairs, then left and onto the balcony. Enter the room to his left and get the kit off the floor.
Zombie Hand: Defend the water pump, then head to the two-story building. The hand is on a rope overlooking the lava ahead of you.

Hot on the Trail Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand: Kill the cultist, then go through the room and across the bridge. Stand in the doorway and look into the next room; the hand is walking across a nearby lattice.
Document: Go down some stairs, then turn left and into the first doorway on the left. Kill all the zombies and look to a couch.
Upgrade Kit:Drop down to the docks and then down the stairs to your left. Turn left when down, vault over the stone wall and look nearby for the kit.
Comic Book: Head towards the yellow and blue boats behind you. This is on a nearby rack.
Heroic Action:After the boat battle, take the explosives — before ending the level, though, escort the resistance fighter back to the boat.

Night on the Town Collectables Guide

Zombie Hand:Get to the dead demolition crew, and then the fortified base to the left, around a statue. Look for the restaurant called “Il ♥♥♥♥♥♥”; it’s on the bar in here.
Comic Book: After defeating the zombies in the fort, go up the stairs and forward. Turn right into the room near the metal gate — the room should have “Hell Awaits” written on the wall. Look for this on a sofa.
Document:Continue on, up some stairs. Turn and go up another set of stairs and look to some crates for this.
Upgrade Kit: Enter the graveyard, and enter the first crypt on the right. Turn right into the alcove when inside and look to the bottom, right-hand shelf; this is near a skull.

The Final Hell Tower Collectables Guide

Comic Book: Head outside, then turn left into a house. It’s in the back.
Document: When the castle and turn right, then head into the stone building ahead. Turn left inside, then into the next room. Turn right and look near the crates.
Zombie Hand: Head out of a window and go left, then head through the entrance on your right. Look on the floor.
Upgrade Kit: Head up to the castle ramparts and go into the room the armoured giants came out of. Look to the right-hand corner.

All roads lead to hell


Reaching the War Room Collectables Guide

Comic Book: Drop down into the water, then turn left and head to the end of the corridor.
Zombie Hand:Regroup at the hut — then look to the roof of the hut marked as the objective.
Upgrade Kit: Go behind the hut and through the entryway. Look to near the glowing gold crate.
Document: After the Flamer fight, to left instead of right and into the safe room. Stick to the far left and look for a pool of blood.

What Lurks Beneath Collectables Guide

Document: After the first drop, look for crates (it’s in the same room as the screamer).
Upgrade Kit: Defeat the screamer and turn right, then through the water and up the stairs. Turn left.
Comic Book: Destroy the door valve, then turn around and head across. Head through the water and look for two blue barrels.
Zombie Hand: Head along the right path after the comic, through some more water. Turn left, through a stone archway, then right. Look up to the pipes.

City of the Dead Collectables Guide

Comic Book: Fill the blood fountain, then go into the room on the right. Look on a small table.
Zombie Hand: At the top of the obelisk in the area filled with armoured zombies and grenadiers.
Heroic Action: Fight alongside the nearby resistance fighters.
Document:Head up the stone steps toward the safe room, then take a left and go up the stairs near a smiley face. This is on a crate.
Upgrade Kit: Turn left and cross over to the other side of the rooftop from the last document. This is nearby.

Hitler’s Welcome Party Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: Head down the stairs and turn right at the start. Go through the first entryway and look nearby.
Document: In the same room as the kit, head forward, then turn right. Look toward a crate.
Comic Book: Follow the path around, Look to the right-hand side, on a barrel.
Zombie Hand:Look up to the power line after collecting the comic.

Hell Base


Not in Kansas Anymore Collectables Guide

Heroic Action: Filling the blood fountain and head through the gates. After the radio message, go to the cliff edge and begin to defend the resistance fighters.
Comic Book: Break the seal, cross the bridge and into the building ahead. This is on the second floor near an artillery gun.
Zombie Hand:Power on the gate and survive the horde, then cross the bridge and turn right. The hand is running around a small crate on a metal platform.
Document: Turn right at the bottom of a ramp and look to the lower bunk of a bunk bed nearby.
Upgrade Kit:Activate the switch to the door and then exit. Turn right at the drainpipe (rather than left) and go around the building. Enter the wooden door and head right..

War Machines Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit:Kill the butcher, then go past the gate and into holding cells. Go to the back.
Document: Go through the gate, then down two sets of stairs. This is on a crate.
Comic Book: Clear out the creepers, then head to the flooded factory area. Defeat the enemies guarding the seal, then head into the room at the back. This is on a table.
Zombie Hand: Exit the room with the comic and head right toward the objective. Look up near the objective marker to see the hand circling the machine.

Let’s Get Out of Here Collectables Guide

Document: Go up the ramp after starting. Head towards the silo and grab this off a crate.
Zombie Hand: Look to the stairs on the left. This is running around under a light.
Comic Book: Look for the large eagle symbol on the wall near a truck. This book is on a crate nearby.
Upgrade Kit:Call the elevator, then defeat enemies. Once done, look through one of the rooms the zombies broke through from; it’s the leftmost one.

Steal the Relic Collectables Guide

Upgrade Kit: After the throne room fight, go into the control area. Look to the right of the computers.
Document: On a chair as you continue.
Zombie Hand: With Schweiger to your right, look out to the left — the hand is running around a platform, near an overturned barrel.
Comic Book: Go to the far side of the platform and turn left at the dead end. The book’s to the left of a door.

Hell Machine


Obliterate Hitler’s Army Collectables Guide

Document: Turn around after spawning and look to an area off to the right. Grab this off a table.
Heroic Action: Leave the safe room and turn left — protect the nearby resistance fighter.
Zombie Hand: Enter Hitler’s sandcrawler reveal the second heart. Then, climb the stairs on the right, then stop and look at the pipes in the distance.
Comic Book: Enter the sewer and go to the far side of this open area. It’s on a crate.
Upgrade Kit: Exit the pipe, then turn right and to another pipe on the top platform. Climb the nearby ladder and this is at the top.

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