Zero Gear How to get Route 66 the easy way guide

Zero Gear How to get Route 66 the easy way guide 1 -
Zero Gear How to get Route 66 the easy way guide 1 -

Blasting down one of the most famous roads in the United States with unimaginable speed!

When this baby hits 88 miles per hour…

So, you need to drive 2,448 miles in game. This is not easy with the karts and their rinky-dink engines. We’ll have to do some tinkering to get that engine up to speed.
Go to Settings, Graphics, and set the following settings:

  • Shadows: No
  • Full Screen: Yes
  • VSync: Off
  • AA: 0
  • Resolution: 800×600 (As low as possible. Can be higher if you’re not comfortable with it, but it’ll be less effective.)
  • Texture Filter: Bilinear

Quit the game. Disable any frame limiter you may have set, including VSync settings in Nvidia’s or AMD’s Control Panels. Close any programs that may use GPU or CPU power while in game.
Start the game. It’ll seem like the game is frozen on a black screen. No worries, that means it’s working as intended. Be patient.
Start a private server with the map “Fallout”. Add no bots. It’ll take some time for the server to start. Like I said, be patient.
When the game starts, find yourself a good place to constantly circle around, preferably around the giant hole in the center of the map, and open up the developer console “~” while holding “W” and “A” (or “D”, if you’re going to keep turning right).
Now watch the achievement progress fly.

You’re gonna see some serious ♥♥♥♥.

What’s happening?
Well, it looks like the game calculates distance not based on the actual distance you make, but on how many frames have passed during motion.
With a high enough frame rate, the game thinks we’re making so much distance, it’s as if you’re driving a kart with jet engines!
The horrendous performance in menus and loading screens seems to be related to the same variable, your frame rate. I don’t have enough programming background to state what’s wrong, but if I were to take a guess, I’d say the wait times use the inverse of your frame rate. No clue how or why though, don’t ask me.
Regardless, you should reach 2,448 miles relatively quickly with this. Stronger CPUs & GPUs benefit more.

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