Zero Caliber VR How to Ascend + Preparation + Advanced Weapon Guide

Zero Caliber VR How to Ascend + Preparation + Advanced Weapon Guide 1 -
Zero Caliber VR How to Ascend + Preparation + Advanced Weapon Guide 1 -

Forgo boring ladders and strike fear into your enemies by transforming into an attack helicopter and ascending to a new level of existence with one or more friend of your choice


It might have been fun pretending to be spider man and attaching yourself to walls to reach places you shouldn’t be, but this guide will take you to a much higher level (literally) by allowing you to LITERALLY FLY.
This guide a*sumes you have a friend, but it can be done with strangers as long as both parties knows the trick.
Preparation is simple, jump into a multiplayer game with a co-pilot.


The key to ascending (literally) is the power of friendship, which can be established by making physical contact (grabbing on to) each other.
The best way to establish friendship is with a handshake, follow the procedure below to conduct the most effective handshake.
1. Both pilots raise one hand above their head in high-five position
2. Grab on to each other’s hand
3. Both pilots lower their arm while holding on to each other’s hand
If conducted properly, friendship will be established and both you and your friend should begin ascending into the air like a human aircraft.
To ensure safe flight, pilots should understand the following:
– If either pilot let go, you will all fall back down.
– Ascending too high may result in moving out of bounds and being yeeted back to the checkpoint
– Other pa*sengers can join the party by grabbing on to either pilot


This advanced section covers legendary maneuvers for the most esteemed pilots
Controlled Flight
The power of friendship will launch you straight up, but a true pilot can control the direction of flight.
By moving your arms around, you will be propelled in the direction opposite to your co-pilot. For beginners, this is best done by having the co-pilot stand still while you move around your arm to experiment with flight paths.
For example, lowering your hand further will increase ascension speed, while raising your hand will slow ascension. Raising your hand even further will cause you to descend instead.
While it’s possible for both pilots to be steering the human aircraft together, it’s difficult to pull off and requires good communication between pilots
Skilled pilots can rain down death and chaos while hovering menacingly above the battlefield. While maintaining the handshake, both pilots will have one free hand, any pa*sengers on the aircraft will also have one free hand. This means every pilot and pa*senger can operate a firearm while flying.
However, that is not all. The best pilots can pull off the legendary mid air reload maneuver, where one pilot reloads the other pilot’s gun mid air.
That said, enjoy being a human aircraft fueled by the power of friendship before the developers fix it.
I will be very sad if they remove this wonderful feature.

Written by AnonymousBluejay

Here we come to an end for Zero Caliber VR How to Ascend + Preparation + Advanced Weapon Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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