Yesterday If you’re bothered with censorship and/or audio glitch

Yesterday If you’re bothered with censorship and/or audio glitch 1 -
Yesterday If you’re bothered with censorship and/or audio glitch 1 -
For the players of year 2021+ who decide to refresh their memory before or after playing Yesterday Origins but stumble upon an audio glitch which makes half of sounds disappear or are sad because of the lack of certain pictures and animations (ahem Paulene alem) .


For starters

So if you’re here, you probably want to completely experience John Yesterday’s story (which is still quite decent, unlike the gameplay of the first installment). You launch the first Yesterday game and you can’t help but wonder… Why are the cut scenes so silent? And why on Earth did they implement censorship in the era of games like Subverse successfully making it to Steam?? 
So far, this is what you can do: 

Audio glitch

If you think “is it just me or the game appears to be too silent most of the time?”, know this: it’s not just you. 
There is evidently some weird bug with the game engine which cuts out one of the audio streams when you Atl+Tab out of the game. 
And while I’d be glad to give you something more useful, It’s unfortunately all I have: just don’t do Alt+Tab. After all, this game is old enough to be loaded in nanoseconds, so quit when you need to do something else, launch it again when you’re in mood for some Yesterday. 


Yes. For some unknown reasons, this game WAS censored. So while you play it, you might’ve been missing a few things from your previous walkthroughs, like I did (also I must admit, Paulene’s breasts do not look as decent to me as they did when I was 18 yo…) 
But it’s not all that’s been removed. Even weirder thing is that they had to remove BLOOD from the game that obviously has horror elements in it. 
Two glitches combined can have you confused on some occasions. Like in that scene when the fake French guy shoots American couple in the antique store. The shooting sounds were never played, and the blood was never shown, so to me it looked like the couple just collapsed on the floor with no apparent reason. 
Not good at all. 
But you can remove the censorship. Just follow these steps: 

Done. Enjoy the original level of gore and nudity of Yesterday. 
Oh, and the password? Since we’re talking about Yesterday game here, I couldnt’ve just hand it to you without any brain excercise, right? For the password use the name of a certain crazy old satanist from the beginning of the game, all small letters. 

Written by toomanynights

This is all for Yesterday If you’re bothered with censorship and/or audio glitch hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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