XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock

XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock 1 - steamsplay.com
XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock 1 - steamsplay.com

A description of all the new game options so that you can choose the best option for you.


XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock - Difficulty - 79186FF

This game can be difficult. I recommend starting on Veteran difficulty and moving up to Commander and Legend.

Legend is significantly harder than Commander. Legendary difficulty

  • Instead of having 3 health, the advent soldiers start with 4 health. Start grenades do between 3 and 4 damage so they are not guaranteed to kill advent troops.
  • More corpses are needed for research and more corpses are required to make products
  • Many items are more expensive to make.
  • To rank up, soldiers need to have more experience


Advanced Options

XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock - Advanced Options - 6A6566A


  • Grim Horizon is exactly what it says. Permanent dark events make it more difficult to play. This option isn’t something I would use, but some players who have played it before love it.
  • Lengthy Scheme requires that the aliens complete twice the progress required to complete the Avatar Project and trigger the game’s end countdown. If the Avatar project is too difficult to control, you can use this option. I don’t use this option as the pressure to complete missions to reduce Avatar Project is too much for me in the middle of the game.
  • Time Turner“, doubles your number of turns on timed missions. This is the option I use most often. Some missions can have very tight timers, which increases the risk of you failing the mission or taking terrible casualties trying it out on time. Although many in the community think that the turn times are fine when they are short, I don’t enjoy the game with too short turn timers. You will feel very little pressure if you have double turn times. A compromise is to use a mod like Timer Tweaks WOTC – [steamcommunity.com]

    . Experiment to discover what you enjoy the most.

  • Precision explosives Eliminates potential for rolling max damage against units near the explosion’s edge. This is a major nerf to explosives. Not recommended.

  • Some mods provide gameplay options here in Advanced Options

    . Here are some examples.

    • If you select “Lost and Abandoned“, you will see the ” Optional narrative content and Integrated DLC” section in this guide). Your choice of an ally will be ignored, and you will not begin with a faction ally.
    • If you don’t activate 23A27273446A, and do not choose a faction ally from the Advanced Options, then a random ally will begin with your Gatecrasher-team.
    • The easiest way to begin is to choose a Reaper ally. The most important thing in tactical success is movement. A reaper’s concealed scouting greatly helps you make better choices. There are advantages to all faction hero starters, so I recommend experimenting with other faction hero starting allies.




  • The tutorial isn’t normally playable at the legend level, so I don’t usually play it. I recommend only playing the tutorial after you have finished your first campaign.
  • The tutorial’s first mission has been wholly scripted. So you can simply follow the instructions.
  • A mod enables you to use the tutorial at legendary difficulty. I don’t recommend it. Your Avenger won’t have a room that has been excavated. Legend tutorial Enabler – [steamcommunity.com]



After clicking “Next”, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to Ironman

XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock - After clicking “Next”: To Ironman or not to Ironman - 5FBCD4C

  • I recommend saving your time going through Veteran, Commander and Legendary difficulties and moving on to Ironman Veteran and Commander. Legend Ironman requires you to be comfortable with the game.
  • You’ll need to slow down and take the time to read through each soldier’s turn. This slower game may not be as enjoyable for you.
  • Poor movement choices that cause multiple pods to be activated are the most likely to end your Ironman campaign. To consistently make good tactical decisions, you need patience, paranoia, and practice.
  • Ironman can punish even innocent misclicks by imposing harsh consequences.
  • If you feel less irony and more manly, Xcom 2 will immediately shut down if you press Alt + F4 simultaneously after a tragic error. This can usually be prevented from saving the game.
  • Mods can make the game unstable. Ironman saved has been corrupted, rendering it unplayable. This was very disappointing.
  • Ironman mode is enabled in the game’s end-of-game summary. This will read “IRONMAN”, so you can take a screenshot and show Reddit. It feels great to beat the game in ironman finally.


  • Alternatively, you might try “honestman,” which doesn’t enable ironman mode and does not casually allow you to reload to undo actions. If your game save gets corrupted, you can reload an older save. In cases of genuine misclicks, or in any other situation you consider appropriate, you could allow yourself to reload. It can be tempting to reload when you make fatal mistakes. You won’t get the “IRONMAN” at the end-game victory summary.
  • Some people play “bronzeman“, where they can only reload a whole mission from the beginning. If they make an error and wish to reload, they will reload the save from the mission start and then play through the entire mission again.


Optional Narrative Content (Integrated DLC)

XCOM 2 Ghost in the Ship Achievement Unlock - Optional Narrative Content and Integrated DLC - 3459533

This section contains spoilers.

Lost and Abandoned

  • Allow this series of missions at least once to access the content. It’s a scripted sequence of missions that you won’t otherwise experience.
  • I recommend disabling Lost, and Abandoned in most playthroughs. When you play “Lost and Abandoned“, your first faction soldier will always become a reaper, and your first chosen will always remain the Assassin. This will change the flow of early campaign missions and the Gatecrasher mission.


  • You can enable “Lost and Abandoned” to gain a faction alliance on the Gatecrasher missions, even if your Advanced Options choices had a different faction ally.

Integrated Downloadable Content

If Integrated downloadable content is kept checked

  • To obtain the Alien Hunters Weapons, you will need to research Experimental Weapons with Tygan. The Proving Grounds will then be used to build each Alien Hunters Weapon. This is the most complex and costly way to get these weapons. This is a fair way for extremely powerful weapons.
  • Alien rulers will guard avatar facilities as they are built. Each facility guarded and marked by an Alien ruler will have a yellow warning text about a powerful enemy at the facility. The Viper King will be at the top of the list, followed by the Berzerker Queen and the Archon Kings. Note the location of each ruler as each facility is built. This will help you to identify where they are located. This makes it much more dangerous to attack the Avatar facilities at their earliest levels. It can also make it more difficult for the Avatar project to control.
  • SPARKs can be built in the Proving Grounds if you choose the “Mechanized Warfare” option.

If you uncheck Integrated Downloadable Content:

  • (E27275193A will give you an early scan). This will allow you to grab the frost bombs, bolt casters, shadowkeepers, and hunter’s axes immediately. There are no construction costs or time requirements. These weapons are handy early on. However, upgrading to higher-tech weapons will require a later “Triangulate Position”, mission.
  • The alien rulers are behind a later “Triangulate Position” scan mission (. When it does, skulls will appear on the world map). So if you don’t click on the Triangulate Position, you can still conduct any mission and strike any convenient facility without worrying about rulers. You can either wait until all three chosen are dead or do the Triangulate Position task whenever you like. You will need to can’t upgrade the shadowkeeper, bolt caster, or axe until you complete the Triangulate Position task. It does not affect the frostbomb, which is extremely valuable from the start. However, the other weapons still feel useful because of their increased aim even though you have magnetic weapon choices. The unupgraded blade does as much damage and has one free attack. It is recommended that you use it at least until tech tier 2.
  • The Triangulate Position mission includes the Viperking and a few dozen junior vipers. Central can melee to death with his reaper skill in the Triangulate Position mission. If you bring enough soldiers (e.g. You can kill the Viper Kings with a reaper equipped with an expanded magazine, repeater, or banish skill).
  • The Alien Rulers will likely appear on future missions at random* after the Triangulate Position mission. If the Shadow Chamber is up and running, it will be easy to tell if an Alien ruler is on the mission if there are unusually few enemies.
  • The alien rulers may appear on your following missions if the Triangulate Position mission is not completed by the end of the campaign. If you didn’t kill him at his Nest, the Viperking may be on cooldown. But the Berzerker queen and Archon Kings can appear on your next missions.
  • If you don’t want to play the Alien Hunter’s weapons and rulers, you can disable the Alien Hunters so that they never scan the Location Beacon.


  • If you enable the “Alien Hunters”, spoilers for (will follow)
    • The Alien Rulers will eventually appear randomly in missions
    • Each Alien Hunters weapon can be individually built at any time by selecting “Build Items” from the Engineering tab, and paying the appropriate amount. You can use the supplies to upgrade weapons as you progress in technology.


  • You can enable Shen’s last gift to get a mission scan that will allow you to explore the “Lost Towers.” The mission will end with a free SPARK. You can also build additional SPARKs in Proving Grounds.
  • SPARKs can be constructed in the Proving Grounds if Shen is not enabled. Choose the “Mechanized Weaponry” project. This will work exactly the same way as if “Integrated Content” was chosen.


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