Wyvern “Autobag” and the importance of bags

Wyvern “Autobag” and the importance of bags 6 - steamsplay.com
Wyvern “Autobag” and the importance of bags 6 - steamsplay.com
Hello! Krosom here with my 2nd guide. In this one I’ll be explaining the different types of bags, and the important roles they serve.


The different bags


There are many different bags in the world of Wyvern, to hold your potions, reagents, gems, and looted gear. These are important because items inside bags get a weight reduction, allowing you to come out of your favorite dungeon with even more treasure! Let’s look at each kind.
#1: Bags of Holding


Bags of holding are easily recognized by their blue coloration and angelic wings. These bags are for storing weapons, armor, and magical books. From greatest to least they go: Bag of Vast Holding>Bag of Great Holding>Bag of Holding. Greater bags will be able to store more items, as well as providing a better weight reduction. Depending on your play style, one may not be enough! (More on this in the autobag section).
#2: Potion Elixir Pouchs


Elixir pouches are used for storing potions, proving a weight reduction as well as an organized spot to keep them. They go from greatest to least: Archmages Elixir Pouch>Master Wizard’s Elixir Pouch>Elixir Pouch. (Note: Even if you have a potion in a bag, using the command “apply potion of X” will automatically use it, rather than make you take it out of the bag. How convenient!)
#3. Reagent Pouches


Some spells are so big and bad, they say “Your mana isn’t enough, go get me some ashes(Or powdered dragon bone, or sulfur, or… you get the point). These reagents can add up in weight, and also be hard to keep track of for a diverse mage who pursues many elements. That’s where reagent pouches come in! Like the others, they provide a weight reduction as well as an organized place to store your precious reagents. From greatest to least they go: Archmages Reagent Pouch>Master Wizard’s Reagent Pouch>Reagent Pouch.

There are also quivers for arrows, scroll tubes for scrolls, scabbards for your weapon, pouches for sling stones, the list goes on!

Autobagging and why it’s important

What is autobag? Autobag is a feature that automatically stashes picked up items for you. This is handy because it saves you the trouble of individually stashing each item (the “stash all” misses a couple items in particular). You can see the list of autobag commands you can apply easily with “Autobag shortcut”, but it doesn’t show you everything.

For example, to automatically stash your armor you’d put autobag INTO “the name of your bag(with quotes)” WHERE type is armor CALL RULE “armor” and for weapons you’d do
autobag INTO “the name of your bag(with quotes)” WHERE type is weapon CALL RULE “weapon”

Now let’s say hypothetically speaking, you wanted to have two seperate bags. one for weapons, one for armor. But both of your bags are “Bag of vast holding”? Not a problem! With the bag renamer you can change the names of your bags for easy use of the autobag command! You can find a bag renamer in any workshop, it looks almost like a square gumball machine: Wyvern
Just drop each bag onto the machine, rename one to “weapons1” and the other to “armor1” (or whatever you’re comfortable with). Now you can do autobag INTO “armor1” WHERE type is armor CALL RULE “armor” and autobag INTO “weapons1” WHERE type is weapon CALL RULE “weapon”.
Keep in mind that having two separate bags is rarely necessary and is more of a preference thing.

Don’t forget about the shortcuts! Autobag shortcut gems, Autobag shortcut reagents, autobag shortcut magic, will save you the trouble of figuring out the complicated commands (Which you can easily copy and paste, just replace the proper space with your bag name!

That’s it for this guide. Feel free to leave a comment if it helps you, I’m always looking for feedback (and recommendations for future guides.)

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Written by Krosom

Here we come to an end for Wyvern “Autobag” and the importance of bags hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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