Wrestling Empire Official Guide and Gameplay Tips for New Players

Wrestling Empire Official Guide and Gameplay Tips for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com
Wrestling Empire Official Guide and Gameplay Tips for New Players 1 - steamsplay.com
Get started at Wrestling Empire the right way with this guide that covers General Tips, Career Mode Tips, and Match Tips.


General Tips

1. Money means nothing. It’s just a “high score” thing at the moment. 
2. The most important contract clause – Creative Control. You can almost always get it by taking a big pay cut and working extra weeks. This is important unless you want your Vader to be renamed Swoops Mghee, dressed like El Matador, and being forced to take the moveset of Molly Holly. These can not only hamper your fun, they can undo hours of work that you put into a character. When you finally redo it how you want, it will be changed again and again – Creative Control protects you from this garbage so you can enjoy the game. 
3. Skill is the most important attribute. Pinfalls, Submissions, Reversals, etc. are all pretty much RNG. Some of the grapples/submissions let you pull your joystick in a direction to crank the move, roll into a different move, or slide toward the ropes or middle of the ring. Skill contributes to the RNG. That said, even if you’re Bret Hart, you can still be subbed or pinned by Enzo Amore when you’re at half health, and held in a move for 1/4 your health, while everything you do gets reversed into a chokehold until you submit. The only real protection is 99 Skill, which doesn’t help much but an inch is better than no inch. 
4. Running attacks and running attacks with weapons are good to use. 
5. Some of the diving/flying moves have an animation that hits the enemy easier than others. Splash and flips are usually half and half, but I have banged myself into the stairs and tables and objects more times than I like. Look for moves that don’t have too many complex animations happening, especially with how the worker lands. I prefer double stomps, flying kicks, flying clotheslines, super punches, spears, leg drops, etc. Foot stomp is good because you have minimal width to accidentally bang yourself into something. 5 Star Splash will always feel like you hit everything around where you land. 
6. Submissions do work – it’s wonky. I have, as Doink, subbed people Bret Hart at half health, and as Bret Hart, failed to sub Enzo Amore who was at 10% health. If one of your finishers is a submission, it feels like about 2/3 of the time, you will get the big crank which usually results in a submission. I have had times where it did not tap, but I have had other times where pinfall finishers didn’t pin. 
7. Goes without saying – drag people away from the ropes before pinning them. Corollary; If you are lower in health and it’s not looking great, stay near the ropes or at the ropes and focus on submissions. If you get reversed, it will get rope break. 

Match Tips

1. If you want to win most matches, take the fight outside and beat your foe up with weapons until they’re about dead. You can also jump in-out a few times so their count-out meter is 7 while yours is 2. 
2. In a tag team match, you can get the legal man DQ’d and sent to the back so it becomes 2v1. Same with 6 man tags and handicap matches. You can use this to even the odds. 
3. First Blood sucks – just beat your opponent down with a weapon and put them through the table or stairs. They will bleed and you will win. Don’t get reversed or you might lose because a move under their control breaks you through the table. 
4. Battle Royals: Throat Toss, Belly To Belly Suplex, Suplex, Choke Slam, Crucifix Power Bomb; Release German Suplex, and Reverse Suplex from behind are your friends. Focus on moves that keep you where you are. You don’t want some move that has a bad movement leaving you exposed to elimination (such as the step-through RKO move from behind). DO NOT EVER be on the outside of the ropes. You are eliminated when you touch the ground. You will self-eliminate while crawling and staggering around like an idiot. You want to eliminate people very quickly because once people pile into the ring, they all target you and it becomes unmanagable as no matter what you’re doing, there are 2-5 people targeting you and retargeting to you every few seconds. 
5. Multi-Man Matches: Look for opportunities to hit your finisher in a way that you knock other wrestlers down to buy yourself a few seconds for the pinfall. I love doing this with Power Bomb and angling myself toward a foe. 
6. Cage Matches: Disable opponent. Climb cage. Push d-pad or joystick toward the direction you wish to climb. You will fall off a LOT of times, this is relative to your Skill attribute. Even at 99 skill, you will fall off a LOT. You just need to beat the guy up a little and try again. 

Career Tips

1. To challenge for a title: You must go to the Roster screen, check the title holder, and challenge to a match. If they lose the belt, challenge the new champion. One flaw is you can’t challenge someone you faced too recently, so if a recent opponent wins the title, target a different title. 
2. Roster Screen is your friend. Use it to direct your career. Do not be passive and wait for the story to come to you. You must make the story by challenging people. When you visit people, Attitude goes down, so don’t do it too often. 
3. Attitude is important. You increase it by winning, being right on commentary and the podcast show, and saying yes to your booker’s stupid requests. Take the pay cut, referee the match, work commentary, work the second match. Basically, say yes to stuff. Depending on if you are Face or Heel, you should challenge wrestlers of opposite alignment and ask those of same alignment to be your partner or manager. You should agree to accompany workers of your alignment to help them win, and accept all confrontations. 
4. If you’re told to put someone over, just use a weapon to get the DQ. You don’t lose too much health in the process this way. 
5. NEVER go out drinking. You will be depleted. 
6. Train your attributes: Every tick you put in one spot decreases ticks in the other spots. Before you start, look at what you have going on. If you have nothing, you can go to 1/4 health in most cases. If you have a match, think about the match type before training. 
7. Increasing STR might have a bad impact on AGI and vice versa. Pick two strong spots to increase, 2 to maintain as well as you can. You should only need 1/2 to 3/4 health meter depending on what you’re doing. EVERY attribute loses ticks every week, so you have to put some ticks to prevent decay – add to this, the decay which happens to other attributes when you put a tick into one. So add them with slow, gentile taps and pay attention to increases. You can get a few sweet spots that lets you, at minimum, maintain yourself and grow a little over time. 
8. If you get a Game Over, your character is sent to the Hollywood screen. You can go to editor and put them back. 
9. If you want to play someone who starts in a different promotion, you can attempt to get Creative Control. Edit the wrestler’s profile, go to Relationships to set their promotion. Look on the roster screen to see their contract, then adjust their popularity/attitude and 1-2 of their skills. Move them to wrestling school then back to see if there is a change. Tinker in small numbers and watch the contract terms change. You can fish for the one you want this way and usually find it, even if you have to compromise on some of your skills to get it. 

Written by Old School

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