Wrestling Empire Clauses Guide and Information

Wrestling Empire Clauses Guide and Information 1 - steamsplay.com
Wrestling Empire Clauses Guide and Information 1 - steamsplay.com
Understanding the clause that provided by your bookers!



Everytime the booker decided to sign you up, be sure to check out their clause. By default they will give you good clause but sometimes they give you a bad clause. Here’s the list of good and bad clauses. 

Positive Clauses

+ Creative Control: You CAN refuse any changes that your booker suggest to you. This is a VERY good clause that everyone needs to get it since the booker will mess up your creation and your moves. 
+ Iron Clad: You CANNOT be terminated prematurely by your booker, kinda useful when you encounter with pay cut event which there’s a chance that they will kick you out from their company if you refuse to cut your payment. It’s also useful in case if you failing the booker’s task (Citation needed!). 
+ Win Bonus: The Booker will pay you more if you win and pay less if you lose. 
+ Downside Guarantee: Every week, you’ll paid no matter what even you’re free. You didn’t get paid if you injured. 
+ Health Insurance: You’ll get paid if you injured but it’s really useless since you RARELY getting injured at small chance. 
+ Favoured Nations: Your salary would be matched with another wrestler or EVEN the booker themself. But it’s RNG based so you’ll ended up getting bad payment from your original payment. 
+ Nepotism: Partner or Manager in your side will joining as well with the same term as you. 
+ Title Push: The booker will guarantee you to be booked for title shots. A good and quick way to earn your achievements quickly. 
+ Part Time: You’ll less being booked for the match so you’ll have plenty of time for training. 

Negative Clauses

Incentive: You ONLY get paid if you win the match. Losers didn’t get paid so be careful! 
Enhancement Talent: You ONLY get paid if you lose the match. This is the easiest way to earn money by just chickening out from the match without caring about your popularity/attitute. 
Not Compete: You cannot be recruited by the other bookers until your contract expires! 
No Creative Control: You CANNOT refuse any changes that the booker provided for you. 


That’s all for now. There would be any updates if I see any errors or I missing something. 

Written by CloudzChow

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