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Welcome. This WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition Bjorn’s Saga Full Walkthrough Guide.

This is a tale about Bjorn. One of my favorite character parts is this one. Part 1 depicts some of his youth while he is still imprisoned.

As explained in Part 1, Bjorn is a puppy. He has brown-gray ears, copper-colored irises, and ear notches. He’s a little larger than the typical puppy.

This is my first story/guide. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
Part 2 could happen depending on how the community reacts to Part 1!

(Chapter 1) Waking up

Bjorn opened his eyes and at last noticed the outside world. Nothing but a dimly lit chamber could be seen when he turned around. He had to use both his senses—his sense of scent and his sense of touch—to navigate the room because he couldn’t see through the dense shadows. The walls and the floor were both extremely chilly. The puppy garment was pointless because Bjorn lacked a warm coat. Bjorn chooses against continuing to look around the room in the dark.

No distinction could be made by Bjorn. Two hours had passed. The entrance to the tiny space was undoubtedly opened by a human. It’s time to meet some new pals, the guy muttered. His tone wasn’t at all friendly. Bjorn barked. Less loud than a puppy’s squeaky grumble


Bjorn was unconcerned as he moved the puppy. He was violently thrown around the kennel and transported to another location in the wicked place. He walked into a square and empty chamber. Hay was all over the floor, as were two other cages.

The human positioned Bjorn and his crate in close proximity to the others. When the entrances to each of the enclosures opened, Bjorn’s pupils constricted.
Each cage housed a puppy. The two pups were roughly the same age as Bjorn. The first dog to appear was from the kennel to his left. It was a girl, about his size, with vibrant yellow fur and teal eyes. She appeared tense.


(Chapter 2, Meeting New Friends

Bjorn was watching the pups. The female puppy remained approximately one meter from Bjorn, the male and the other male. “Who are they?” The female asked, her gaze narrowing suspiciously.

“Bjorn,” Bjorn replied flattened,

“Gilli. Gil, for short,” said the male, his tail swishing behind both of his hips.

After a brief pause the female said, “Siv,” “Sorry, I’m cranky. But it’s rarely that you wake to find two strange yearlings in your dark room as the nearest living creature.”

Gilli, seated on a hay-covered floor, murmured, “I can verify that.”

Bjorn looked suspiciously at Bjorn, as he moved his eyes around the female. “Does this place have any secrets?” He asked, his gaze not straying far from Siv.

“No. I just came here. Siv replied, glaring in Bjorn’s direction, “The only thing I remember is playing outdoors with my brothers or sisters.”

Bjorn puts down his staring and looks around. “Then, we’re looking for a way out.”

Bjorn couldn’t tell how many hours passed, but he felt his stomach was about ready to start eating all his organs. The trio had been searching tirelessly for a way out. But each minute passed and nothing happened. They finally sat in silence near their kennels and planned for an escape.

Siv grumbled, pawing at the dry grass on his floor.

Gilli said, shaking his heads, “I’d recommend against it.” “It doesn’t smell any good.”

Bjorn frowned. “You ate my hay?”

“Ofcourse, I did!” Gilli exclaimed, proudly waving the tail.

Bjorn said, “I don’t have the right to judge you for that.”

Siv’s ears wiggled as she scanned the metal door. “All that security for three puppies?” They were planning to make this room bigger for a bigger creature or they’re staying with us for a while.”

Bjorn was not a fan of any of these options. “What do we do?” Gilli asked, his ear tucking towards his skull nervously.

“We wait,” Bjorn declared, his tone as firm as it could be. “The humans wouldn’t keep us here. They want to see us do something.”

The other two pups nod. Siv said, “Might have to get some rest while they’re at this,” and then curled into a ball on cold ground. Gilli follows Bjorn’s lead.

(Chapter 3 — The First Fight

Bjorn awoke just a few seconds after opening his eyes. Siv jumped up, Gilli followed. He wasn’t all that was hearing that sound.

“What was that?” Bjorn stared at the entrance and asked, “What was it?”

“How am I supposed know?” Siv grumbled, shaking her fur.

The metal door was opened 10 seconds later. A man walked in. It wasn’t quite the same man as before but he wore identical clothing. He dropped a steak on to the floor. It was large enough for the three dogs to share. “Eat,” the human said, moving back out of his room and closing the door. “You’re going need the energy.”

Bjorn stops growingling as the man moves away. “HOLY CHICKEN NUGGETS!” FOOD!” Gilli screams, sprinting towards the steak without hesitation before getting in. Siv couldn’t resist a chuckle while she followed. Bjorn shook their heads and took small bites. It felt wrong. It felt wrong. He pondered the matter as he ate.

Gilli flopped onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. “I. Am. So. He smiled in delight and said, “Full.”

Siv shakes off her head. “It’s nice if you have a full belly, but what do they want from us? Is it to keep them captive or for something else?”

Bjorn takes the blood of the steak and licks it off his lips. “I don’t know. “Maybe they’re watching us?”

Before Siv could say anything, the door reopened. The man said nothing and placed the three puppies in a large kennel. “Gil! Get your paws off of my face! Siv grumbled as his ears flickered backward.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Gilli squeaked, scrambling after Siv.

“Where’s our family?” Bjorn asked, without looking at the two other puppies.

Siv huffed as she looked around, shaking off the dander from her coat. “The question is: Where’s the Kennel taking us?”

A few moments later the pups were removed from the kennel. The kennel was in a circular configuration, with wood planks forming a sort of half wall. Bjorn grunts, with his ears tucked against the back of his head. The floor was made with sand, which felt rough against his pads. The other dogs seemed to be in agreement. Before Bjorn could see the whole area, a fox was taken from another kennel to be placed in the little arena. The fox ran at the puppies, teeth bared, and didn’t hesitate.

The pups dodged off to the side and the fox went for the wall instead of its prey. Bjorn bit the foe’s ankle and wrapped his jaws around his thin leg. Siv noticed the change and bit on another one of its legs. “Gil!” Go for the throat! Siv shouted, her voice muffled from the fox fur in its maw. Gilli nods to the fox and pounces on its throat. Although his bite wasn’t very well placed, it did the job. The three puppies stayed in place until the fox fell on its knees.

Bjorn said softly, “It’ll be bleed soon,” before stepping back. His maw was dripping with blood, as were the rest.

Siv said outrageously, “They brought them here to battle.” “They’re no running tests or keeping them as trophies. They’re making people fight to pay money to view it.

Gilli shook it off. “No! From three puppies?” That’s bad!”

Bjorn looked down at the sandy ground and said, “We won’t be puppies forever.” “We’re just going to be here for awhile.”

(Chapter 4. – Midnight Talk

The days went by quickly since the puppies had their first fight. It had been only three weeks. As Bjorn sat there in their holding area, dry blood remained on his muzzle. The creatures that he killed… did the animals deserve it? Were they mindless beasts? Or did they have a conscience. He pondered these thoughts for hours. He wondered if Gilli had the same thoughts as Siv. Bjorn was able to make friends with the two of them over the next few weeks, and he learned more about them daily. He glanced at the side to see where the others were sleeping. Or so he thought. Siv was out and About, but Gilli was still in bed.

Siv moved next to Bjorn, tilting at his solemn expression. “You alright?”

Bjorn looked at him, but hesitated. “Just thinking,” Bjorn replied. “The humans keep our fighting spirit alive. We will be too old to defeat foxes. They’ll challenge us against bigger animals. It’s only an issue of time.

Siv looks thoughtfully at her surroundings. “They will. But we’ll prepare for it.”

Bjorn tilts her head. How could she feel so confident? Any of the fights could see any one of them die. One faulty dodge or hesitation, or even one misstep could result in their death.

“How can you know?” Bjorn asked.

“Because you can be sure of it. We will practice in between fights. We will be running around this room in order to stay fit. Siv nodded firmly. “We will win, but we must work for it,” Siv said. Bjorn tried to believe her but his realistism won. “Alright. He agreed to practice even though he had doubts.

Siv smiled and nodded. She stood and walked back towards her sleeping spot. She curled up into a ball and fell asleep quickly. Bjorn was silent for a second. He looked back at his metal door. Its height was a demeaning sight to him. Bjorn promised that he could do it but it felt wrong. “But we must strive for it.”

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