What is Time Scales and Speed in Cities Skylines 2

What is Time Scales and Speed in Cities Skylines 2 1 - steamsplay.com
What is Time Scales and Speed in Cities Skylines 2 1 - steamsplay.com

What is Time Scales and Speed in Cities Skylines 2

Hey, ever sat back and thought, “How does time even work in Cities Skylines 2?” I mean, do the minutes in the game match the minutes in our real world? Buckle up, friend, because we’re about to embark on a time-traveling journey through the streets of Cities Skylines 2!

Understanding the Ticking Clock: Game Time vs. Real Time

First, let’s break it down. In Cities Skylines 2, time is marked by months, and there’s a speed control to amp up or slow down the pace. Think of it like a music playlist, where:

  • 1 game month = 24 game hours (That’s like one song on your playlist!)
  • Speed 2? That’s double the beats of Speed 1. Dance faster!
  • And Speed 3? You’ve guessed it, double of Speed 2. Super turbo dance mode!

So, How Does Game Time Sync with Our Watches?

You ever tried to match your footsteps with the beat of your favorite song? Let’s do that with our game time:

Duration Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Hours: 3 minutes 1 minute 30 seconds 45 seconds
Months: 1 hour 12 minutes 36 minutes 18 minutes
Years: 28 hours 48 minutes 14 hours 24 minutes 7 hours 12 minutes

Putting Time to the Test: From Schools to Smog

Okay, now the fun part! How do these time scales affect our in-game city life? Let’s imagine:

  • Education: Imagine a city resident’s educational journey as a movie marathon. From elementary to university, it’s a 48-months-long binge-watch. In Speed 1, that’s 56 real hours. And in Speed 3? A quick 14-hour marathon.
  • Pollution: Picture pollution as ice cream melting on a sunny day. Air pollution? Gone in a game month or a real-hour scoop. Water pollution takes a game year or 3 real hours to dissolve, and ground pollution? That’s one sticky sundae!

A Note on Speed: It’s Not Just About Time

Remember, just like how sometimes our music skips if there’s an issue with the player, Cities Skylines 2 might slow down if your PC’s gasping for breath. If you sense a hiccup, head over to Options » General » Performance Preference. Give priority to Simulation Speed, ensuring your game beats remain steady!

Wrapping Up Our Time Travel

Time in Cities Skylines 2 is more than just ticking hands on a clock—it’s an intricate dance that adds layers of fun and challenge to your gameplay. The key? Stay in rhythm. Know the beat. Plan your moves. And enjoy every step of your city-building journey! Ready to conquer time? Let’s dance, mayor!

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