Weed Shop 3 Basic Guide Gameplay

Weed Shop 3 Basic Guide Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com
Weed Shop 3 Basic Guide Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com
In this guide i will be helping you get your weed shop poppin



The best way to gain some extra cash while getting your shop started is to go around to each and every trash can and pick up the trash can money 


First off if you are not wanting to deal with the headache of having every weed in stock then olny buy one strain of seeds to grow if you grow a bunch of random seeds the customers will come in and ask for different strains. for example if you grow og kush and life is good og then you will have customers coming in asking for both if your wanting to switch strains do to a higher harvest or stronger thc lvl then sale the remaining of what you have and start growing your new strain. 

Gaining customers

So far from what ive seen the olny customers that will come to your shop is the burntouts the best way to get people to come to your shop is to go around to the trash cans grab the crappy doobies olny give them to the burntouts and ask them to come to your shop 

Making extra money after gaining customers

Again go around to the trash cans collect a load of the crappy doobies try giving them to the tourist/locals and make the sale there you can usually make more money off them cause you can set the price of your grams.(note)the locals/tourist wont come into your shop because it is too ran down and not nice enough 

(More to come guide in progress)



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