Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Hidden Secrets Natural Bond – Gameplay

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Hidden Secrets Natural Bond – Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Hidden Secrets Natural Bond – Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com

Natural Bond has a lot of hidden benefits. Let’s talk about them.

Survive With 1 HP

Natural Bond has a chance to let you survive a killing blow with 1 hp.
I’m not sure how it works, but it happens from time to time. It might be that if you go down on the same second that you gain health, you heal and survive.

THP Competition

When 4 people are running Boon and all are fighting to keep their THP up, you run into a problem called competition. There will always be an underdog who doesn’t get the THP they need, and they will bleed out slowly.
With Natural Bond, you will gain health constantly, with no strings attached. You will gain this health no matter what you do. This makes you independent and your Boon teammates can have more THP.
Here’s a little math for you.
1 HP per 5 seconds. 12 HP per minute. A run lasts about 15 minutes.

180 HP gained during a run.

If you play safe or are just good at the game, that’s a lot of free healing.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you gain THP, your top line increases. However, your bottom line is static. This means that you are constantly losing health and have to fight to maintain it, since the bottom line is not increasing.
Natural Bond changes that. With Natural Bond, your bottom line is increasing too. THP increases your top line and Natural Bond increases your bottom line. Overall you are increasing health, temporary and permanent.


At certain times, there is THP famine. During certain bosses or encounters, you won’t be able to kill things and get the THP that you want. This means you are losing health or sitting still.
If you use Natural Bond, you will heal during the famine. This grants you a bit more HP to work with, and might be the difference you need to survive.

Itemless Deeds

If you’re doing an itemless deed, your health is completely limited. You cannot heal, outside of THP. There is also a limited amount of THP. Only so many enemies are being spawned, and you are constantly losing it. Divide it among 4 people.
Natural Bond gives you great insurance by making sure that your permanent health is stable and increasing. In the case that your THP drains for a while, you aren’t left vulnerable.

You Don’t Lose Your Healing

Contrary to the description, you don’t lose your ability to heal.
If you are in an emergency with 10 hp, you can heal. Temp health is fully functional during an emergency. A temporary heal will save you just as well as a permanent heal.

Freedom of Build

If you use Natural Bond, you have more freedom with builds.
For example, you can use weapons with poor THP generation. Instead of relying on THP gains, you will rely on Natural Bond instead.
Another example, you can use heal-share. Heal-share disables THP gains. So, NB gives you healing instead.

Pro Tips

Don’t get hit.
Learn to use combos that keep you safe. Most weapons have them.
Play defensively if needed.
If you have a near-death experience, let your teammates take point while you regen.

Written by Ghoul Hunter

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