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This is my personal references for where to get materials. 
Comments on updates are encouraged. Open to suggestions/insight on new locations to get materials. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 
Thank you for reading. 

Planetary Resources

Warframe Resource Masterlist - Planetary Resources 
*Rare resource 
♡ Rare, may require bait 
✧Tradeable for standing 
PR: Pre-requisite
Alloy Plate – Gabii, Ceres Survival 
Amino Nav Beacon – Minthe, Pluto Mobile Defense 
*Argon Crystal – Ani/Mot, Void Survival 
Circuits – Gabii, Ceres Survival 
*Control Module – Hepit, Void Capture 
Credits – Index, Neptune Arena 
Cryotic – Hieracon, Pluto Excavation 
Cryptographic ALU – Salacia, Neptune Archwing Mobile Defense 
Endo – Vodyanoi, Sedna Arena 
Ferrite – Apollodorus, Mercury Survival 
Gallium – Wahiba, Mars Survival 
Hexanon – Cameria, Jupiter Survival 
Judgment Points – Yam, Sedna Arena 
Kuva – Taveuni, Kuva Fortress Survival 
*Morphics – Wahiba, Mars Survival 
Nano Spores – Terrorem, Deimos Survival 
Nav Coordinate – ANY mission 
*Neural Sensor – Themisto, Jupiter Assassination 
*Neurodes – Tycho, Lua OR Everest, Earth Survival OR Excavation 
Nitian Extract – Nightwave Creds (PR: Completed Some Nightwave Quests) 
Omega Isotope – Sechura, Pluto Defense, Steel Path 
*Orokin Cell – Terrorem, Deimos/Gabii, Ceres Survival 
Oxium – IO, Jupiter Defense 
Plastids – Assur, Uranus Survival 
Polymer Bundle – Assur, Uranus Survival 
Rubedo – Hieracon, Pluto Excavation 
Salvage – Cameria, Jupiter Survival 
Steel Essence – ANY Steel Path Missions (PR: Completed Starchart) 
*Tellurium – Salacia, Neptune Archwing Mobile Defense 
Vitus Essence – ANY Arbitration (PR: Completed Starchart) 
Void Traces – ANY Fissure Mission 

Cetus & Plains of Eidolon, EARTH

Warframe Resource Masterlist - Cetus & Plains of Eidolon, EARTH 
*Rare resource 
♡ Rare, may require bait 
✧Tradeable for standing 
PR: Pre-requisite
Found in the Plains of Eidolon, Earth 
Breath of the Eidolon (Eidolon Bounty, All Hours) 
Cetus Wisp (Night, preferably) 
Condroc Wing (All Hours) 
Grokdrul (All Hours) 
Iradite (All Hours) 
Kuaka Spinal Claw (All Hours) 
Maprico (All Hours) 
Nistlepod (All Hours) 

Sentient Core (Eidolon Bounty, Night) 
Eidolon Shard (Eidolon Bounty, Night) 
Brilliant Eidolon Shard (Eidolon Bounty, Night) 
Radiant Eidolon Shard (Eidolon Bounty, Night) 
Mining in the Plains of Eidolon/Crafted Alloy Variant 
Auron/Auroxium Alloy 
✧Azurite/Tear Azurite 
Coprun/Coprite Alloy 
✧Crimzian/Star Crimzian 
✧Devar/Esher Devar 
Ferros/Fersteel Alloy 
✧Nyth/Heart Nyth 
Pyrol/Pyrotic Alloy 
✧Sentirum/Radian Sentirum 
✧Veridos/Marquise Veridos 
Fishing in the Plains of Eidolon/Dismantled Variant » www.thegamer.com – https://www.thegamer.com/warframe-fishing-guide-best-spears-spots-get-started/ 
Fish Meat/Any fish 
Fish Oil/Any fish 
Fish Scales/Any fish 
Charc Eel/Charc Electroplax 
Cuthol♡/Cuthol Tendrils 
Glappid♡/Seram Beetle Shell 
Goopolla/Goopolla Spleen 
Karkina♡/Karkina Antenna 
Khut-Khut/Khut-Khut Venom Sacs 
Mawfish/Mawfish Bones 
Mortus Lungfish/Mortus Horn 
Murkray♡/Murkray Liver 
Norg♡/Norg Brain 
Sharrac♡/Sharrac Teeth 
Tralok/Tralok Eyes 
Yogwun/Yogwun Stomach 

Fortuna & Orb Vallis, VENUS

Warframe Resource Masterlist - Fortuna & Orb Vallis, VENUS 
*Rare resource 
♡ Rare, may require bait 
✧Tradeable for standing 
PR: Pre-requisite
Atmo Systems – Little Duck, Fortuna 
Gyromag Systems – Little Duck, Fortuna 
Repeller Systems – Little Duck, Fortuna 
Vega Toroid – Spaceport, Orb Vallis 
Sola Toroid – Temple of Profit, Orb Vallis 
Calda Toroid – Enrichment Lab, Orb Vallis 
Gorgaricus Spore – Orb Vallis 
Mytocardia Spore – Orb Vallis 
Tepa Nodule – Orb Vallis 
Thermal Sludge – Orb Vallis 
Fishing/Dismantled Variant » https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/9wpbjq/fortuna_map_map_of_locations_and_such_from_me_to/ 
Scrap – Any fish 
Crewmen’s Boot 
Brickie/Brickie Muon Battery – WARM 
Charamote♡/Charamote Sagan Module – CAVE HOTSPOT 
Echowinder/Echowinder Anoscopic Sensor – WARM 
Eye-Eye/Eye-Eye Rotoblade – COLD 
Kriller/Kriller Thermal Laser – WARM 
Longwinder/Longwinder Lathe Coagulant – WARM 
Mirewinder/Mirewinder Parallel Biode – CAVE POOL 
Recaster/Recaster Neural Relay – COLD 
Sapcaddy/Sapcaddy Venedo Case – COLD 
Scrubber/Scrubber Exa Brain – CAVE POOL 
Synathid♡/Synathid Ecosynth Analyzer – CAVE HOTSPOT 
Tink/Tink Dissipator Coil – COLD 
Tromyzon♡/Tromyzon Entroplasma – COLD 
Mining/Crafted Alloy Variant 
✧Amarast/Star Amarast 
Axidite/Axidrol Alloy 
✧Goblite/Goblite Tears 
Hesperon/Hespazym Alloy 
✧Noctrul/Heart Noctrul 
✧Phasmin/Smooth Phasmin 
✧Thyst/Marquise Thyst 
Travoride/Travocyte Alloy 
Venerol/Venerdo Alloy 
✧Zodian/Radiant Zodian 

Necralisk & Cambrion Drift, DEIMOS

Warframe Resource Masterlist - Necralisk & Cambrion Drift, DEIMOS 
*Rare resource 
♡ Rare, may require bait 
✧Tradeable for standing 
PR: Pre-requisite
Fass Residue – Cambrion Drift 
Ganglion – Cambrion Drift 
Lucent Teroglobe – Cambrion Drift 
Pustulite – Cambrion Drift 
Scintillant – Cambrion Drift, Isolation Vault Bounties 
Seriglass Shard – Nekralisk, from Grandmother for family tokens 
Vome Residue – Cambrion Drift 
Fishing/Dismantled Variant » https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2211132083 
Amniophysi/Waxen Sebum Deposit – ALL HOURS 
Aquapulmo/Biotic Filter, Pustulent Cognitive Nodule – FASS 
Barbisteo/Dendrite Blastoma – ALL HOURS 
Chondricord/Spinal Core Section – ALL HOURS 
Cryptosuctus/Pustulent Cognitive Nodule – FASS 
Duroid/Biotic Filter – VOME 
Flagellocanth/Ocular Stem-Root 
Glutinox/Sporulate Sac – VOME 
Kymaeros/Saturated Muscle Mass – ALL HOURS 
Lobotriscid/Parasitic Tethermaw 
Myxostomata/Cranial Foremount – FASS 
Ostimyr/Saturated Muscle Mass – VOME 
Vitreospina/Dendrite Blastoma, Spinal Core Section – ALL HOURS 
Mining/Crafted Alloy Variant 
✧Adramalium/Adramal Alloy 
Bapholite/Tempered Bapholite 
Dagonic/Purged Dagonic 
Embolos/Cabochon Embolos 
✧Heciphron/Purified Heciphron 
✧Namalon/Devolved Namalon 
✧Necrathene/Stellated Necrathene 
Thaumica/Thaumic Distillate 
✧Tiametrite/Faceted Tiametrite 
✧Xenorhast/Trapezium Xenorhast 
Isolation Vaults 
Orokin Animus Matrix 
Orokin Ballistics Matrix 
Orokin Orientation Matrix 
Damaged Necramech Casing 
Damaged Necramech Engine 
Damaged Necramech Pod 
Damaged Necramech Weapon Barrel 
Damaged Necramech Weapon Pod 
Damaged Necramech Weapon Receiver 
Damaged Necramech Weapon Stock 


Warframe Resource Masterlist - Railjack 
*Rare resource 
PR: Pre-requisite
Found in ANY Railjack Mission 
*Aucrux Capacitors 
~Cubic Diodes 
~Gallos Rods 
~Ticor Plate 
Anomaly Shard – Sentient Anomalies, Veil Proxima 
Bracoid – ANY/Veil Proxima 
~Isos – Earth Proxima 

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Here we come to an end for Warframe Resource Masterlist hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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