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War Thunder Su-7BMK Basic Info 1 - steamsplay.com

Although there is a learning curve, the Su-7BMK can mow down enemies and bomb bases.

War Thunder -is a multi-platform, free-to-play MMO military game focused on aircraft, tanks, and ships. It covers the entirety of the twentieth century, from the earliest military formations to the cutting edge of today’s warfare. You are now open to big fights on land, sea, and air.

Basic Info

The Su-7BMK is an elite rank 6 vehicle for the USSR with a battle rating of 9.3. It can be purchased at the Gaijin shop for USD 59.99 and includes 15 days of premium and 2000 golden Eagles.

It comes with the rocket- and ballistic cannon computer, but it does not have countermeasures.

It also comes with a standard Radar Warning Receiver, which is inoperable for this br range.

If you’re ever lost in terms you are unsure of, check out the glossary at the bottom!

If you want this plane after reading this guide, I recommend buying it only when it’s available for sale.

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