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War Thunder Basic Loadouts 2 - steamsplay.com

Game information, basic loadouts, strategies, enemy, and tips and tricks.

Basic Information

The Su-7BMK premium vehicle is a rank 6 and has a battle rating of 9.3. It can be purchased at the Gaijin store for $59.99 USD. This includes 15 days of premium, and 2,000 golden Eagles.

It comes with a rocket/cannon ballistic computer, and does not contain any countermeasures.

It also comes with a basic Radar Warning Receiver, but it is objectively unusable at this br band.

If you’re ever confused by terms, refer the glossary at its bottom!

If you’re still indecisive about buying this plane after reading this guide I recommend that it be purchased only when it’s available for sale.

Loadout Options

The Su-7BMK can carry an extensive range of air to ground ordnance. It is capable of carrying 4 unique bomb loads, and 4 unique missile loads. This vehicle is capable of carrying NOT customized loadouts.

War Thunder Basic Loadouts - Loadout Options - 3A5E93F

The Missiles

Air RB has a relatively small number of missile loadouts. You are unable to attack ground units on most maps at 9.3 without being interrupted by an enemy using all-aspect weapons.

The Bombs

Air RB’s bombs are more useful because they can be used to bomb base. However, the real question is which bombs to use.

It’s easy at first glance to jump to the 4x FAB-50M-54s and 2x OFAB250, which equate to about 1 ton of total TnT. A base map with 9.3 bases requires 1.4 tonnes per base. However, the ZB-360s 4x are the best. Tonnage-wise, they’re not nearly as heavy as other loadouts. However, they are incendiary Bombs and can cause tick damage.

Dropping all 4 ZB-360s from a single base can cause it to explode, giving you 0.077 tonnes on the statistics board as well as approximately points

When it comes down to:

Offensive 30mm Belts. I take Air Targets. They pack a big punch against the air targets, while still being capable of destroying ground units.

Gun Targetting Distance. I set mine for 600m

Fuel Amount: I take max fuel. Your engine is very fuel hungry and it’s easy not to use it all

Bomb Fuse: 1.5 seconds. However, this aircraft can be purchased from a dealer. Your fire bombs are unlikely not to cause any damage to other bases.

Bomb Series: All, because it is essential to hit a single button to ensure all four bombs are close to one another in high-altitude bomb runs.

Strategy 1: Rush

The Su-7’s speed at the ground is so high, it is easy for us to assume that we should rush takeoff and then bee-lining it as a base.

This strategy can be used by:

  1. Get to WEP as soon spawning in is complete. If you have 2 keys set to throttle control, hold both. Alternately you can increase the Multiplier setting in your throttle controls to get WEP faster.
  2. Retract your flaps. They will slow your takeoff, and they start at Take Off
  3. Call a base, if possible, and ask your team members to respect the call.
  4. Drop the 4x ZB360s down at the base.
  5. If you’ve made this far, I’d personally zoom-climb to gain an advantage over the enemy at altitude and then proceed to orbital strike any unsuspecting foe.

This strategy is often the fastest. If you are intercepted, it will usually be early in a match.

This strategy has too many pitfalls to me to make it worthwhile.

  • It is quite common to be intercepted. This strategy was a pain for AV-8As. They take off quickly and their missiles are (Aim-9Gs). This is due to the Su-7s lack in countermeasures.
  • Tornados will sweep you to the top of an uptier.
  • Even in a low-tier area, it is possible that other Su-7s will take your base. This could make your rush useless.
  • It’s not a fun task. It’s not enjoyable to hold down your throttle key and move your mouse just once before hoping that you get far enough to explode. It becomes tedious and repetitive quickly and makes you angry when it is intercepted.

This strategy is more effective in a low-tier area, where almost all planes are faster than you.

Nonetheless, I believe this tactic, while not optimal, really wastes the Su-7’s potential.

Strategy 2: Climb

You can also use your powerful engine to climb higher than most people. At 10km high, you will find that no one dares to reach your (although they do sometimes happen, so keep an eye out!)

This strategy can be used by:

  1. Side Climbing at full throttle, climb at 25-30° until reaching 5km
  2. Continue climbing to 8-10km by lowering your climb angle to 15
  3. Keep your feet on the ground and move in the direction of what you are trying to achieve.
  4. Once you reach the target, decrease throttle to 0%. You have a balistic calculator that is very accurate.
  5. Once your bombing targets are in line, drop all 4 ZB-360s.
  6. You should aim for a height of 4-5km.
  7. You can make your guns deadly with practice.

    Alternatively – If enemies are sparse, your ballistic computing can be used to destroy almost any ground target (I avoid using pillboxes since they take quite some rounds to destroy and don’t have many spare)

This strategy has been my go-to. It allows you bomb consistently (I’ve only been intercepted at height 4 times in my 300+ matches), and allows you participate in the combat afterwards.

This doesn’t mean that this strategy doesn’t have its problems. Strategy 1 is more active. This strategy requires that you pay more attention and be more aware of everything around you. If someone tries getting behind you, you must be alert.

Other drawbacks to this strategy include

  • Your bombs could be misplaced. Dropping at height is difficult and may prove to be difficult. With practice, you’ll learn how the bombing reticle works and when it makes sense to drop your payload from high up in space.
  • It is possible that all bases may already be taken when you get to altitude and are ready for bombing. That’s alright. You can wait for the second round of base spawning up to 10km away.
  • It’s time-consuming (but rewarding).

This strategy is equally effective regardless of which BR bracket the match is in. It works with some effort, regardless of whether it is a full-uptier (10.3 -) or a lower-tier (8.3+).

Notable Enemy planes

The following planes will not be missed

  • A10A: Aim-9Ls cannot be used.
  • A-6E TRAM: See above
  • AV-8A. Aim-9Gs have a slightly higher chance of being dodged than Ls. They aren’t.

These are the most dangerous planes I have seen and they pose a serious threat to me. Avoid getting in front of them. (Shoot their heads from behind!) The A10 A is easily dismantled if it cannot lock onto you with its Aim-9Ls.

Other planes or notes:

  • J35A is usually faster. If you make sharp turns, the delta wings can slow down your speed and cause you to run away.
  • F-104 : You are slower than you think, so try to force an oblique into a reversal if at all possible
  • F-5: Generally, you are not faster than that, see above.
  • A4N is very easy to outrun. However, be aware of its missiles. Aim-9Ds may be avoided, but they pose a threat.
  • F-100 is usually faster. It’s missiles deserve respect.
  • Harrier Gr.1 (You are faster). If it launches an AMRAAM, continue moving in a straight line. It has a limited effective range (1.5km-2km) so it is difficult to dodge. It is however easily evaded! Don’t let it slow you down. Get on board!


Tips and Tricks

  • It will take time to learn how to aim your guns. They aren’t the most difficult to aim but you’ll need to spend a while to get the trajectories right.
  • Use your free camera! (Default: ‘C” key) Maintaining situational awareness in this plane is vital! If you have an A-10A or an AV-8A behind, you might as well J out. Avoid this scenario at all costs
  • Increase your pilot’s G-Tolerance, Stamina, and Stamina. It is easy to fall asleep in this plane. You also need to be able manage hard Gs. You don’t necessarily need to be an Ace the grew or Expert.
  • Keep an eye on your speed! You will damage your wings if your speed exceeds 1,200km/h
  • As with the previous point, use your air brakes. They can help you manage your speed.



Zoom-Climb. At low altitudes, reach Mach 1. Then, pitch up to a sharp climbing angle (60°) until you reach the desired altitude.

Orbital Strike refers to a technique of diving to attack an enemy directly below you at a high level (with the intent to climb to your starting altitude after destroying them)

Calling a Base If you do it over an enemy bombbase, this will alert other bomb-carrying pilots that your plane will be going to that location. Respectful partners will choose to go to other bases.

Bee-Lining is to ignore all threats and focus on a single goal. A bomb base is the goal in this guide.

Defensive Maneuvers. I dodging missiles in the Su-7BMK by reducing throttle to 90% and making a hard turn at any direction.

Black Out. Pilots who pull too many positive or negative gases will eventually become unconscious. The pilot will then lose control of his aircraft and you will lose your control until he regains consciousness. This leaves you vulnerable.

We hope our War Thunder Basic Loadouts guide was informative and enjoyable. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions for improving this post, please share them with us in the comments below. Kind regards, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this lovely day! Creator and writer Decisive was the inspiration for this article. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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