VIVIDLOPE – List all cosmetics and Apparel

VIVIDLOPE – List all cosmetics and Apparel 1 -
VIVIDLOPE – List all cosmetics and Apparel 1 -

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This guide will provide a list of the cosmetics available in VIVIDLOPE and how to unlock these cosmetics.

List of Apparel

To unlock Fashionista You will require 22 berets and 20 hats. Some of them are available through the normal procedure, while others require you to step out of your comfort zone to obtain these items. Here is a list of all the pairs:

Beret (Cerise) Hat (Ecru) Unlock Requirements
Red Beige Default
Blue White Clear Level 1
Green Red Clear Level 1
Pink Green Clear Level 1
Orange Yellow Clear Level 1
Purple Blue Clear Level 1
Beige Gift Wrapping Clear Level 1
Denim Clear Level 1
Tracksuit Clear Level 1
Wooden Wooden Clear Level 1
Zig-Zag Zig-Zag Clear Level 2
Buoy Wet Clear Level 3
Contrast Camo Clear Level 4
Sunshine Charcoal Clear Level 5
Snowflake Ice Clear Level 6
Flannel Polka Dot Clear Level 7
You can also look through our other products. Tin Foil Clear Level 8
Arcade Arcade Clear Level 9
Angelic Angelic Complete the game
Lollipop Twist The complete Gauntlet in one lifetime
Pastel Chicken Cerise or Ecru can be described as S, S+ or V at a certain level.
Black Golden Cerise or Ecru is the S, S+ or V level for all levels.

Cosmetics that are locked behind achievements can be re-unlocked by both characters. The cosmetic progress locked behind game progression can’t be shared. Two playthroughs are required to unlock both sets of cosmetics.

This guide will provide in depth how to unlock certain sets of clothing.

Black Beret/Golden Hat

You don’t have to have a V-rating to purchase the clothes. If you are only interested in the aesthetics of the game, you can play it on Easy and try to earn S/S+ rankings. This game can take some time due to its length and difficulty. I’m not able to give any suggestions on the difficulty of the game, except to wish you good luck!

Lollipop Beret/Twist Hat

The most efficient method to navigate Gauntlet Mode with a single stock is to select the option that has the most resistance. You’re not trying to earn points, you’re just trying to make it through. To this end I discovered that one method that worked for me was to go through the majority of the levels, with a few modifications according to the level.

VIVIDLOPE - List all cosmetics and Apparel - Lollipop Beret/Twist Hat - CC78AE7

You might find that your mileage is different and you should attempt to figure it out yourself!

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