Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest

Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest 1 -
Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest 1 -
Is the game too hard? Do you want to figure out some glitches? Or maybe just make screenshots? Well, luckily for you – the developers have left some useful cheats.



Alright, before we start. Ask yourself, do you really need to cheat? After all, the developers have left plenty of options to configure your gameplay experience. Maybe just pick a lower difficulty? There is no shame in that (unless you are a journalist). You are going to be ruing your own fun and having your “Cheat Used” counter increase (although I am not sure what it does). 

Originally posted by Awesreek (game developer):

It is worth noting some of these could also break chunks of the game when used under certain conditions, and they are not and intended part of the experience so issues tied to them will not be fixed. Use them at your own discretion with the knowledge you might bug out the game.


Developer mode

To enable cheats, you have to enable a developer mode. To do so, navigate your own Steam library. 
Find Viscerafest on the list, right-click on it, and select Properties… 
Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest 
In a newly opened window, under launch options type in: 


Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest 
Close the window and launch the game. 

Hotkey cheats

After enabling developer mode, you can use following hotkeys: 

EndStops a dialogue during boss fight (I think)
Enter (Return)Make a high-res screenshot without HUD and stores it in <Game folder>\Viscerafest_Data\screenshots – warning, a folder has to be created manully!
BackspaceToggles Noclip (when in Noclip, Mousewheel adjusts FOV). Q/E is up/down.
Right arrowFinish the level
Down arrowGo to the hub
Comma (key)Speed up the game
Period (key)Slow the game down
Slash key – /Show debug stats?


Cheat codes

These cheat codes you use, by just typing them in as you play. Obviously, you need a developer mode enabled (see #2). 

Cheat codeResult
awesreekSet Awes Face… lol
frespectsKills all enemies
amghpToggles invicibility
4everAdds 50 save becons
mounlockingGives you all 3 keys.
sarapocketsUnlocks all weapons.
fpgapSets maximum ammo for all weapons.


Written by Suicide Machine

Here we come to an end for Viscerafest Glitches in Viscerafest hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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