Vent jump from CT Spawn to Snipers Nest

Vent jump from CT Spawn to Snipers Nest 1 -
Vent jump from CT Spawn to Snipers Nest 1 -
this guide will teach you the mechanics behind the CT Spawn to Snipers Nest vent jump



This guide will teach you how to complete the vent jump from CT Spawn to Snipers Nest. I’ll be posting more useful CS:GO guides so make sure to follow me, With that aside let’s begin 

Getting Started

~ Don’t practice this in public lobbies! People will just kill you and you won’t make any progress. 
~ Start a private match on Mirage in Deathmatch mode. 
~ Paste these commands in the console when you load in. 

sv_cheats 1; mp_roundtime 60; sv_autobunnyhopping 1; mp_restartgame 1; bot_kick

~ It is also a good idea to bind a key to noclip in case you get stuck in the vent, to make it much faster to repeat a jump. You can use the following command in console to bind a key, if you want to bind a different key just change C to whatever key you want 

bind c noclip



this is the easiest jump to start with, but if you want to do the Ladder to Snipers Nest jump apply the same tactic, with this jump you can only go one-way so only practice from ladder to snipers nest. 
~ to transfer through the vent quickly you want your hop to land inside the vent and then continue to bhop 2-3 times through the vent if you used the commands above this will be much easier to accomplish. 
~ Once you successfully hop through the vent repeat it from the other side, until you can vent jump from each side on the first try as shown in the image below. 



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