Vecter Pause Menu – Explanation

Vecter Pause Menu – Explanation 1 -
Vecter Pause Menu – Explanation 1 -

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Vecter is a fast-paced runner and shooter game where your goal is to survive by the skin of your teeth and raise hell in your path. You get in your ship, you push the throttle on max and then try to survive for as long as possible by annihilating anything that gets in your way.

Pause Menu

Vecter Pause Menu - Explanation - Pause Menu - A1FF678

1. Options Menu

2. Color Picker Menu

3. Resume run

4. Restart run

5. Exit run

The following will display which button on the keyboard/controller does what actions

6. Steering

7. Boost

8. Shoot

9. Accelerate

10. Brake

11. Accept

12. Cancel / Go back

13. Pause Game

14. Change Camera View

15. Next Song / Previous song

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