Vecter Options Menu – Explanation

Vecter Options Menu – Explanation 1 -
Vecter Options Menu – Explanation 1 -

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Vecter is a fast-paced runner and shooter game where your goal is to survive by the skin of your teeth and raise hell in your path. You get in your ship, you push the throttle on max and then try to survive for as long as possible by annihilating anything that gets in your way.

Options Menu

Vecter Options Menu - Explanation - Options Menu - 7105F13
1. Decrease display resolution

2. Increase the resolution of the display

3. Change the quality of graphics Presets

4. Turn the full screen on / off

5. Turn off VSync and choose the amount of framerate limit you want to set.

6. Animations of the turn-ship triangle on/off

7. Turn on/off Post-Processing


9. SSAA (Render the game twice the resolution and reduce the scale to look less choppy).

10. Switch off reflections and choose the quality of reflections

11. Adjust the intensity of the reflection

12. Adjust the draw distance (5KM – 30KM)

13. Turn the CRT filter on / off

14. You can turn the game’s user interface off or on.

15. Turn the overhead player’s crash position on/off

16. Adjust the brightness of all game lights

17. When you hit something, switch off the shake on your screen.

18. Adjust the volume of sound effects

19. Adjust the volume of the music

20. Turn the music visualizer off or on

21. If you pa*s away, you can restart the song from the beginning.

22. Shuffle the songs while playing them

23. If the pause menu is in use, the game’s music will be stopped

24. Stop the music if you crash.

25. Rotate the camera with the ship in first-person mode (can cause motion sickness)

26. Auto-accelerate means you don’t need to press the accelerator button.

27. To add custom mp3s to your playlist, open the music folder.

28. Return to the menu that you were on.

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