Valheim Gameplay Tips for New Player in Valheim – June 2021

Valheim Gameplay Tips for New Player in Valheim – June 2021 1 -
Valheim Gameplay Tips for New Player in Valheim – June 2021 1 -
A few helpful tips for anyone who’s just starting out in Valheim!



A) Make a Stone Axe! (Gather materials and hit Tab, its one of the items you make with your hands) 
B) Make a Hammer (Gather materials and hit Tab, its one of the items you make with your hands) 
C) Make a Crafting Table where you want to build your first camp! (Use the hammer to craft structures like the Crafting Table) 
D) Make a Camp (defend yourself with your Axe and continue to gather!) 
E) Make a Flint Axe, and maybe upgrade it at the crafting station! 
F) Make a bow and craft arrows at the crafting station 
G) Hunt deer / boar for materials to craft armor at the crafting station! 
H) Continue building up your first camp, food supplies, gear upgrades etc 
I) Fight the first boss! At his summon alter (normally in the outskirts of your starter meadows biome) you can burn Deer Trophies obtained by killing deer. 
J ) After you kill the boss you can hang his trophy on the initial spawn stone structure and gain his special ability! Now your onto crafting and building up to fight the other bosses in the other biomes across your world. 

Helpful Tips For a Beginner

1. There are multiple Biomes in your world but you always start in the Meadows. 
2. Being sheltered and around a fire increases the rate that you heal. 
3. Don’t build your house too far from the stone structure you spawn at, you’ll need it later. It is however important to consider building your camp with access to the ocean, as you will absolutely be sailing from island to island during the game. 
(ALSO Don’t build your first camp too close to the BlackForest (Biome #2) at night enemies spawn in large numbers and can be overwhelming) 
4. Don’t try and fight in the rain at night, both of which lower your stamina recharge rate. 
5. The bow and the flint axe are your best friends early game. Once you have a bow, hunt deer! 
6. You wont starve if you dont eat, and repairing structures and gear is free (Less Chores YAY!) Except there is a downside. Without eating, you will have less of a health pool and a stamina pool so keep your character fed! Repairs are free but the rain will damage any wooden structure that’s not properly roofed. The rain will deteriorate buildings without a roof but will not ever damage them fully, only making them squishy for enemies! 
7. Beehives (usually found on abandoned natural spawn structures) when destroyed will drop a queen bee! This will let you build a beehive and collect honey over time. It’s not the best food but it requires zero effort and can give you a free source of food! 

Helpful Tips for Mid-game and Sailing

1. Ore’s and Metals for crafting cant be taken through a portal, but the nails to build a ship can. You can rebuild a boat after passing through a portal to save yourself half a world-trek. 
2. Upgraded Bronze armor or Troll Armor at max will give you decent armor compared to the Iron set. Iron is tough to get and sometimes frustrating, consider getting iron hatchet / pickaxe while upgrading your previous tier set and skipping the armor until you get the Silver set. 
3. When your in the swamp, dont run and jump everywhere. You will always be wet in the swamp so your stamina will decrease in restoration speed. Consider walking at a higher pace than the enemies (they are not that fast) and only running when you are right near them. And most importantly stay out of the water! 
4. The plains is extreamly tough without full silver gear, consider taking a shield to protect from Deathsquito attacks. 
5. The Iron Pickaxe is currently at the time of this writing the best pickaxe in the game, and is the first thing you should craft with Iron. 
6. The Wolf Fur Cape is the first item to be made at the Mountain biome. It will protect you from the freezing temperatures and let you dig for silver far easier than having to craft frost resistance meads. 
7. Sailing around an island can help you avoid wasting time, if your on the hunt for a specific resource try sailing around the entire island to make sure its large enough to be worth stopping. 
8. Do not sail off the edge of the world, you’ll die and will not be able to recover your gear. 
9. Consider using the finewood bow maxed out at level 4 even into the late game. It’s not very much weaker than the iron bow and it can be repaired with a level 1 crafting station. This makes it perfect for using and repairing on the go when exploring and sailing around the world. 

Gear Progression

Basic tools and Leather armor -> Meadows 
Troll Hide Armor / Bronze Gear -> Black Forest 
Iron Gear -> The Swamp 
Silver Gear -> The Mountains 
Inbetween The Mountains and The Plains is a good time to craft end game weapons like The Fang and Frostner. 
Black Iron / Padded Gear -> The Plains 

Boss Summon Materials

Meadow Boss – Deer Trophies (Elkthier) 
Black Forest Boss – Ancient Seed’s (The Elder) 
Swamp Boss – Withered Bones (BoneMass) 
Icy Mountain Boss – Dragon Eggs (Moder) 
Plains Boss – Fuling Totems (Yagluth) 

Wood Types and Location (Excluding plains, by then you know where all the wood is!)

Beech (Regular Wood) 
Birch (Fine Wood) 
Oak (Fine Wood) 
Black Forest: 
Fir (Regular Wood) 
Pine (Core Wood) 
Fir (Regular Wood) 
Ancient Tree (Ancient Bark) 
Fir (Regular Wood) 

Written by siphodia

Here we come to an end for Valheim Gameplay Tips for New Player in Valheim – June 2021 hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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