Useful Basic FAQS in Studio Bot Maker

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Useful Basic FAQS in Studio Bot Maker

Where to Find Those Old SBM Versions

Got a soft spot for old-school versions? I feel you. Though you can’t grab them from Steam, there’s still hope! If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, just hop over to the update log entry section right here.

Getting the Hang of Slash Commands

1. How Do You Even Mention Slash Commands?

Want to mention those nifty Slash Commands? It’s easy peasy. Drop into an embed, message, or bio, and you’re golden.

2. Ditching that “Application did not respond” Buzzkill

“Application did not respond” popping up too often? No stress. Just use the “Reply To Interaction” action and send it packing!

3. What’s the Deal with Parameter Types?

Think of parameter types as Discord’s own little grammar police. Bots can count on these to double-check if everything’s in order. Here’s a quick peek at the types you can play with:

  • Text: Just your everyday piece of text.
  • Number: Got digits? That’s a number.
  • Boolean: It’s either a yay (true) or nay (false).
  • Role: Think of a guild’s title or rank.
  • Channel: Where the chit-chat happens in a guild.
  • User: That’s you or me or anyone using Discord. Paired with “Role,” “Channel,” or “User,” these spit out variables, not just simple values.

4. Making Sense of Required Parameters

Required Parameters sound fancy, but they’re just Command Options that need a bit of input from you. Perfect for when you’re using commands like kick or ban. Saves you the trouble of double-checking if everything’s filled in right!

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