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Unturned Cheat Codes + Commands 1 - steamsplay.com
Unturned Cheat Codes + Commands 1 - steamsplay.com

A quick guide to show newbies the basics of cheatcodes, and some helpful ones

The Basics

Cheats in Unturned are simple first you need to open chat by pressing ENTER then, for this example, you will need to type @give 15 or /give 15 (this will give the player a med-kit) every item has an ID (the med-kit’s being 15) you can find them here – [fandom.com]  or here – [unturnedhub.com]  (the following contains a more complicated guide to all cheats) simply replace the 15 with the item ID of the item and it will be added to your inventory, or equipped if the slot is available.

Other Cheats

The cheat most people will use is give but there are other helpful ones listed below

  • /vehicle (vehicle id)
  • /kill (player)
  • /cycle (day/night cycle length)
  • /animal (player) (animal id)
  • /airdrop

A list of useful cheats (including /give) next

Useful commands

Ghost: /vehicle 123
Industriul Gas Can: /give 1440
Tank: /vehicle 120 – 121 – 137 – (different colors)
Medkit: /give 15
MRE: /give 81
Water Bottle: /give 14
Energy Bottle: /give 93
Pine Barricade: /give 46
Horde Beacon: /give 1194
Portable Generator: /give 458
Spotlight: /give 459
Campfire: /give 362
Changes Cycle Length: /cycle [duration]
Makes Day: /day
Makes Night: /night
Katana: /give 1036
Camp Axe: /give 16
Zweihander: /give 1503
Butcher Knife: /give 137
Chainsaw: /give 490
Desert Falcon: /give 488
Desert Falcon Magazine: 489
Bulldog: /give 1369
Bulldog Magazine: /give 1371
Shadowstalker MK.II: /give 1441
Shadowstalker Mk.II Drum: /give 1443
Flamethrower: /give 3059
Napalm Tank: /give 3057
Rocket Launcher: /give 519
Rocket: /give 120
Maplestrike: /give 363
AR Magazine: /give 57055
Sawed Off: /give 1143
20G Shells: /give 381
Alicepack: /give 253
Spec Ops Vest: /give 1169
Cap: /give 425-432 (different colors)
Gasmask: /give 1270
Sry if I made errors or you didn’t find what your looking for this is my first guide THX.

Written by Pr_Toast_356

This is all for Unturned Cheat Codes + Commands hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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