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Until We Die General game Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Until We Die General game Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Please note this guide is a work in progress.
This game is hard, and going in with experience from games such as Kingdoms you expect a very different experience. I hope that through this guide I can rebuild any lost confidence after a spectacular defeat and reduce the stress of realising you need to manage so much more than similar games.
I’ll be adding to this guide over time as I work through the missions.

Please feel free to give any feedback or your own findings in the game.



This game is ruthless and brutal, go in knowing that and you will have a better time. It expects you to die, to be irrevocably set back after a strong attack, or to lose half your people from being too slow on bringing up a shield, or to simply overreach your supplies and be unable to upgrade what you need to. 
This guide tries to outline as much information as possible to help you keep cool and make the right choices. 
What’s Unique about Until we die? 
Some of the things that set this game apart from it’s competitors that you need to keep in mind: 
An unfortunate side effect of the pink gas is that your people are effectively brain dead. Your role as the player is to shout at them until they do something productive, always remember they will stop once they’ve completed or been interrupted in their task, don’t expect the level of autonomy that games like Kingdoms has for your units. 
Interesting units 
While most of the game you will have diggers, some engineers and maybe a dweller while waiting for a tool; mid game you also open up the sniper and stalker classes, both completely changing how you deal with the enemy. 
That’s not to say your base digger and engineer become obsolete, as most bonuses and tech in the game deals with them. Giving your engineers offensive capabilities and making your diggers super speedy gatherers. 
Death and Destruction 
Most important to keep in mind is that you will die, you’ll die after spending an hour micromanaging your people, slowly building up your base and carefully controlling your spending; and that’s okay. 
When you die, if you made it past the checkpoints (survive day 7, 18 and 28 (25 of nightmare) you get some upgrades and access to new buildings. 

Gameplay tips

The games tutorial lays out your controls pretty well, so here I will talk about some of the other features and tricks I’ve found during play, hopefully they save you some trial and error. 
The night lasts just shy of 2 minute on normal and seasoned, around 1:30 on Nightmare 
Every night you get attacked by ever stronger waves of enemies. You’ll know the attacks are done when the pink fog starts to dissipate. Thus, even if it’s still night time so long as the Fogs gone you can send your people out to do jobs at night; keep in mind once finished they will run back to the walls because it’s still night though. 
Exploring the Fog 
Don’t, unlike Kingdoms where all enemies come in one wave and spawn at the farthest point of the map, in this game they spawn about 50ft out from your walls and will double back to attack you. 
In addition, the crawler enemies tend to spawn in the fog too. 
Stopping for the few seconds to rebuild your stamina works out quicker than just walking on, so spare a second to catch your breath. 
These tasty treats grow where there are leaves on the ground. As you expand your base, and as the mutant corruption takes over beyond that there is going to be less and less space for them to spawn. 
Be sure to clear away growths and expand carefully, it’s tempting to push right up to the enemy’s front lines but this will kill off a lot of food production. 
While it doesn’t save much time, if you build a wall then any mushrooms now in your area area immediately dug up and become food for collection, same doesn’t happen to scraps i’m afraid. 
Annoyingly you lose a unit to man the station, but this removes them from your total population at least, so keep this in mind that once a building is made you need two dwellers to get 1 of that unit back. 
Once input to a class station that unit cannot be retrieved and won’t help with defence. 
Growths and Eggs 
Growths: White and red, pulsating masses that only either diggers can shovel to death or stalkers can molotov to death. During a raid these spawn special units depending on their size (small or large), there size increases the longer they are around for, so clear them up when possible, especially in the days before a raid. 
Eggs: Blue and purple, reappear daily around a growth but can be shot by the player to destroy them. Kill these whenever you pass them as they spawn into extra enemies come night. On seasoned and nightmare mutants burst from these when your nearby. 
Combined fire 
As matt1934 states in the comments, if you have stalkers or snipers in your squad they will shoot when you do; also Snipers will set up to shoot specialist enemies when with you. 
This becomes handy against the swarms, keep a stalker with you and have him through Molotov at the oncoming enemies. 
Shooting enemies in the back does bonus damage, as displayed by the term ‘Baskstab’ appearing at the impact site. 
Use this to your benefit when attacking the moving mortar enemies that can attack your walls, Move behind them and open fire. 

Character Selection

When starting up the game before selecting a level you can select your character. 
I’d suggest the best starting character, every 5th shot is explosive dealing more damage to enemies. In your first game your people are weak and your walls are a pile of pallet boards so you will need to be backing up one wall each night, if not both; extra damage makes this easier. 
She gets a stamina boost when picking up food but her gun is single shot; having stamina is a huge boost in this game but the amount you gain is pitiful, her gun is fairly powerful though and can kill standard mutants quickly. 
I’d suggest once you’ve had a couple of plays with Ivan you switch to her, she can kite enemies better as her weapon is a one shot kill (on normal, it can take 2 shots for standard mutants on seasoned and nightmare). 


Your units 
In the game you have access to 5 units, I’ve included a short description of each and guidance on them. 
These are the base class of your units; they can gather, build and repair any walls they are assigned too but other classes do each of these jobs better, so your going to want to change most of these to the other classes asap, as they don’t get any upgrades themselves and are pretty weak. 
To return a unit with a class to a dweller (you may have too many engineers and want another worker) head to the workstation just left of the generator and they will trade in their class returning to the base dweller class. 
These are vital for your survival so as soon as you can get one researching. These units research, repair walls and build faster than the rest, but cannot do combat. 
As the game progress they unlock the following abilities: 

  • Open doors – they bash open doors in the side of the tunnel leading to special rooms full of loot. 
  • Auto turret – Added defence to your walls, while an engineer is deployed they shoot oncoming enemies. 
  • Shields – When you get to shields you can use an engineer as a personal bodyguard to carry a shield for you. He stays in front of you and cannot be placed on a wall to help defend with his shield. These are the only viable way to kill of the mortar type enemies.

Far better in combat than your dwellers, they also get upgrades to gather faster, trade off is they cannot repair walls and build very slowly. 
These guys are used to clear rubble away in the tunnels which open building slots, also they can dig up grabs for food later on, and destroy the eggs. 
At a certain point they start levelling up in accordance with how long they’ve been around (1 rank every 5 days) 
Tool tip states they excel at protecting walls and can gather but slowly. Still testing these 
Tool tip states they do alot of damage but have a low rate of fire. They are great at protecting walls from large mutants 
He is your lifeline early game for scrap, research vials and new recruits, but be aware he is on a timer so the longer you take before sending him back down the tracks the longer it will be before you get this much needed support. Be advised the unit he drops off doesn’t stop if your at the population cap which is great. 
Once you build the recycler he drops off some extra scrap each visit. 
Tip: Between his visits make a point to gather up the food you need ready for him. 
Tip 2: As soon as he arrives send the new worker to collect up the scrap so you can send him back down the tracks asap. 
These are unclaimed dwellers, give them an order to claim them, note you need to have enough population space to take them in, so be sure to build enough tents. 


These are flat out bonuses you get with no choice like bonuses, they occur at certain points in the game and are researched by an engineer. 
Note: there are certain triggers before you unlock more research for the engineer, usually a generator upgrade. 
Diggers gather supplies faster 
Comment: This sets the apart from dwellers and makes them the bread and butter of your force, strong fighters who can gather quickly, brilliant. 
Durable walls 
You can now build more durable walls 
Comment: each of these are the same, big help to your forces and soon become needed. Make sure your outermost wall is the highest tier it can be at all times, with the one behind it being either the same or a level below. 
Durable walls 2 
You can now build more durable walls 
Durable walls 3 
You can now build very durable walls 
You can build a warehouse. The merchant will leave more scrap. The speed of looting scrap near the warehouse is doubled. 
Comment: Pretty handy, make sure you finish it before the merchant leaves as he has to see it to start bringing extra scrap. 
Engineers can break open doors. 
Comment: These doors unlock rooms with loads of loot but a big monster to fight too, note you can loot them first. The first two are on the right side not too far from your base but the next two are past the gap on the right side (opens up after day 8). 
Auto Turrets 
Auto turret – an imposing weapon against creatures. Auto turrets are automatically deployed while engineers are deployed to a wall. 
Comment: Amazing, your going to want to keep an engineer on each wall as they heal it and do damage to attackers! If you can combine this with the double turret perk you are onto a winner. 
Mines are produced by engineers and are automatically placed against the walls. 
Comment: I’ve not played with this much, they are certainly handy though. 
Once researching all the above research it becomes a ‘drone port’, these collect scrap 


Throughout the game you get a choice between one of two bonuses, I’ve listed them all here with a brief comment advising on each one. 

Triggers for a bonus


  • Starting up the Generator 
  • Expanding to 6 walls total 
  • Building the warehouse 
  • Upgrading the generator



For the next two trips the merchant brings an additional follower. For each dwelling at the 4th level one tramp will come to base. 
Comment: don’t go for this one, it’s a small boost for a far off payout. You only get 2 extra characters in the first few days, you really don’t need them and by the point your at tier 4 housing the extra tramp isn’t huge as you will have a soup kitchen already. 
Engineering approach 
The merchant will bring an additional engineer next time. Engineers will build faster and place two turrets instead of one after researching the appropriate tech. 
Comment: This one is great, the double turret is a powerful buff and a big help, I’d go for this over most any other. 
Flash-Bang Traps 
A flash-bang trap will be placed at each wall. The trap will be triggered when the wall’s health falls below 30%. Once triggered, the trap stuns enemies for a short time. 
Comment: Really powerful, especially if you are defending a wall and the flash-bang goes off, shoot a few rounds then retreat back behind the next walls. 
The Last Stand 
Mutants attacking the generator will be blown up by a mine. 
Comment: This one’s a push, it’s certainly handy but is probably only going to delay defeat by a few seconds if your walls are broken and your people dead the closest enemies to the generator blowing up won’t save you. 
Shelter Network 
Comment: great for early game when you may lose the odd wall, burns all enemies that pass the bonfire for a period but then needs relighting. It also increases your maximum unit cap which is great. 
Followers work faster when close to the commander and gain significant resistance to all types of damage. 
Combat Training 
The merchant will bring an additional digger next time. New diggers get veteran status immediately. Diggers clear rubble faster. Dash will consume less energy (thanks @Rodri964 for detailing) 
Comment: This one’s pretty good, but if you’re caught between this and ‘Engineer approach’ I’d go engineer. Your workers will get to Veteran eventually anyway. 
Bonus for building the warehouse 
The warehouse is replenished with 1 scrap for every second shield, mine or Molotov cocktail produced. 
Comment: This is a pitiful trickle that isn’t enough scrap often enough to take. I can’t think of a situation you’d take this as the alternative bonus will always be better. 
Tools, Shields, Molotov cocktails and mines will be produced 30% faster. When full, the workshop will generate scrap. 
Comment: Not bad, I’d pick this over Sorting but not great. Your workshop won’t be full as often as you think, and it takes a full cycle of tool production to make any scrap. 
Bonus for getting / making upgrade walls 
Barbed wire 
Enemies take 2 points of damage for every 2 seconds inside the barrage line 
Comment: Really good, especially if you couple this with all the increased barricade strength bonuses. 
The outer walls will be reinforced with a tire barricade before each nightfall. Barricade Durability will be equal to 50% of the wall durability. Barricades will reduce explosion damage. 
Comment: Get this, it’s amazing. It’s auto replenishing, guaranteed to be used every night, reduces explosive damage done to walls. Probably best bonus in the game. 
Bonuses for getting the first generator upgrade 
Scientific Approach 
The cost of all future technologies will be reduced by 1 blue flask. Walls will become 5% stronger for each technology 
Comment: Powerful if you’ve been keeping up with tech, an immediate 20% boost to wall strength is great. further testing required to see if it’s 20% of total health or base health (i.e. do the barricades increase this) 
Bonus for searching the surface 
Civilian supplies 
Gain several blue flasks and medicine. When near death, the commander will throw a flash-bang grenade to stun mutants and will heal himself. This ability can be used once. 
Comment: This ability would be great if not for it’s one usage. Some extra resources are nice but this is really weak. 
Army Cache 
Gain several mines and 4 Molotov-cocktails. The mines will be placed both sides of the generator. 
Comment: great, if you haven’t got mines earlier then this is a good opportunity to. 
Bonus for 3rd Generator upgrade 
Third generator upgrade 
Strengthening the Borders 
Walls of all levels become stronger by 20% and barriers further slow down the advancing. 
Fire Traps 
A fire trap is placed at every second wall. The trap is triggered when the health of the wall falls below 50%. 

Scenario -Electrozavodskaya

Until We Die General game Guide - Scenario -Electrozavodskaya 
Difficulty levels: 
no modifiers 
Until We Die General game Guide 
Until We Die General game Guide 
As you can see at nightmare there are slight trade offs, you get a slightly shorter night but overall it’s all stuff that’s going to make the game harder. 
Mission Goal: 
Survive 28 days (normal) 
Survive 25 days (Seasoned and nightmare) 
Sub goals: 
Survive 7 days (there is a wave from the right on day 6) 
Survive 18 days (there is always a big wave of enemies from both sides at day 17) 
Things to note about the level: 
Headed right are two doors (quite far apart), once you unlock the engineer tech you can open these for loads of loot and the shaft to the surface. Also outside the first is a cowering Dweller (if on normal) that will join if you have the population capacity. 
First door on the right 
This has a pile of loot and a dweller in, followed by a big enemy plant to fight beyond that. Use your workers to dig it up, as per the tool-tip methodically pull them back outside the red area when he goes to attack, then send them back in, just before it dies a wave of enemies drop down to attack you. Note it regenerates health when not being attacked, so be sure to bring 3 or more diggers ( I found 2 was just faster than it’s regen’ ability and took along time). 
Once defeated you’ve got more crates to loot and open up a shaft to the surface where 3 stalkers can for a huge cost of food get you scrap and on the second visit fuel needed to upgrade the generator to the third level. Note you can keep sending them each day after this. 
The second just has loot and a dweller, potential Easter egg one of the dead guys in here sometimes looks like Tarma from Metal Slug in zombie form (brown hair an sunglasses corpse). 
Right side bridge 
Once you reach day 12 a bridge is formed of tentacles / vines on the far right side, quickly go to it for a free stalker unit and a dweller on normal. 
Far off either side of the tunnel is an opening, for 18 scrap you can have an engineer close it up, doing this before day 7, 17 or 24’s makes surviving the swarms a lot easier. 
At day 20 a foreman appears outside the warehouse, for some scrap he will upgrade the trolley and let you ride it. It has 3 stops, the left most wall, your warehouse and the right most wall; each of the walls has a device that lets you call the trolley. 

First playthrough

Rolling in on a burning mining cart your met with the tutorial; you can skip the tutorial by holding ‘s’ at the start of the game. As Plantszaza points out time is stopped during the tutorial, so when playing on normal that puts you in a better position sooner and is worth doing. 
Following the tutorial you want to gather as much food and scrap in the surrounding area, don’t worry about leaving your people unattended as they will return to the walls at night. The first night has 3 mutants attacking from the left which your units can easily deal with. 
Each time the merchant returns he will bring you another dweller as long as you’ve got population capacity for them, so be sure to have food ready to send him off with. If possible try to always be available with a digger when he returns to speed up collection of the scrap as he won’t leave until it’s collected. 
Keep one person as an engineer to research (building to the left of the generator), have at least one digger at each wall with a view to upgrade your dwellers soon to diggers too. 
Keep exploring further out, mushrooms pop up every day in the early areas close to yours base covered in leaves, but later you will be relying on the worms / grubs as the mushrooms don’t have space to grow when you expand. 
Build your walls, make sure to build the bonfires and houses between them too, waiting by a bonfire heals you and your nearby units and regens your stamina quicker. 
He is your lifeline early game for scrap and new recruits, but be aware he is on a timer so the longer you take before sending him back down the tracks the longer it will be before you get this much needed support. 
Tip: Between his visits make a point to gather up the food you need ready for him. 
Tip 2: As soon as he arrives send the new worker to collect up the scrap so you can send him back down the tracks asap. 
You’ve got a few types of people, early game you will only have 3, but this expands further on. 
Generally you are going to want your population split as such: 

  • 1 Engineer – to do constant research 
  • 2 Engineers – one at each front 
  • 2 Diggers or more – at least one at each front 
  • 2 Dwellers – less important and probably want to swap for workers at the earliest chance.

Later in the game your going to want to replace your dwellers and diggers with Stalkers, and just keep a few diggers on hand to do the digging and foraging. Once you unlock snipers, one or two on each wall help get rid of the bigger enemies. 
I’d advise as the different workstations (molotov, shields, cement and ammunition) open up to put an engineer on them, Note the cement and ammunition are unlocked on your second play through. 

Strategy 1 – Greedy turtle

So named as you take a defensive stance and horde resources. 
The strategy: 
Build your base out to the second layer of walls and stay there for the first 5 days, we go to the second wall as it gives you one bonfire and one tent for some increase population and healing. 
Do this asap as your going to be at level 1 walls for a few day. During each day you want to bounce between each front, shout your orders then rush back to the other wall to gather resources and set up new orders. 
At night, pull back, defend one of the walls and rinse and repeat. 
If you want some extra manpower at normal there is a cowering dweller outside the first door on the right. 
If you can spare the manpower to make a engineer go for it, their research makes diggers a lot more useful at the cost of one member of your force not doing much. Better yet if you get engineering approach the trader brings you one for free. 
Once you’ve got a dragons horde of scrap, rush with some diggers and engineers all the way to the left, hopefully this is between day 5 to 7, as we are trying to block of the horde that comes on the 7th night. Note blocking the tunnel costs 18 scrap. 
Ignoring the growths and piles of debris head for the open grate at the far left and block it up, you may be ambushed. Just pull back and kill as you retreat. 
Once the grate is in place, fall back to main base to regroup, expand out a level of walls and upgrade them if you can, then start your way down the right side. 
In this time you want to be upgrading buildings, gathering your forces and clearing the plant behind the first wall on the right to do a search or two of the surface, it takes 3 stalkers and costs a lot of food but gives tons of scrap. As we haven’t expanded out far mushrooms should be growing plentifully to pay the food price. 
When day 12 comes and the bridge on the right is made hopefully you’ve enough resources to go straight to the gap just past the bridge and close it, doing this gives you a free stalker too. 

Strategy 2 – Digger train

So named as you will have a conga line of diggers backing you up as you race down one tunnel. This one is very effective but more daring than strategy 1. 
Build one wall at each side of the base, on the first few days go left with your dwellers, focus on collecting food and scrap to pay the merchant and get the diggers built ASAP. If you’ve collected it all, or had to come back to base for a new dweller tell someone to dig up mushrooms on the right too. 
Once the digger hut is built convert all your dwellers to diggers (when possible), each day take all of them (maybe leave one at the right side wall) and work your way down the left tunnel, gathering all the mushrooms, slugs and scrap you can. 
Tempting as it is, don’t kill the pulsating red and white growths just yet. 
If your confident in your ability, stay out in the fog at night for the first few days with your people, there aren’t many enemies and you can keep your diggers working, once they finish they will run back to your lines though. 
Goal here is to gather resources and charge the left side grate to close it before day 17 attack, If you can do before day 7 then even better. Be daring and ruthless, get all the food and scrap you can, stay up late and annoy the hell out of the mutants. 
Once you’ve blocked up one side, head over to the other and do the same this one is available from day 12 onward; then you just need to survive until the end which should be a lot easier without the big raids. 
Once you’ve blocked up both tunnels purge the area of growths, expand if you can afford it but mostly consolidate your position and keep the growths away. 

Growth Guardians

After a while these monsters start to appear, hidden between growths in the corruption. You can tell they are there by the spines on their back (picture pending). 
Their behaviour 
They jump up when you get too close or start attacking the growths, they only have one attack which is 3 ‘mortar’ style explosive shots. 
There is a cool down between these attacks (count pending). 
Damage from these mortars can quickly kill you and your units, so be careful. 
It should be noted they cannot move. 
Further down the tunnels where you get a lot more growths you can get two guardians within site of each other, which makes it tricky to kill. 
Killing them 
Most reliable way to do this is get a bunch of Diggers, get in close and order them to attack, be advised as they tend to hide between growths your diggers may attack nearby growths instead, if so just reorder them or try moving closer or to the other side of the growth. 
Stalkers, once they have visited the surface a second time you get fuel to make Molotov’s (assign a dweller or engineer to the box at base) throwing these at the eggs and growth guardians do damage to them (they don’t seem to hurt your units). 

Strategies to deal with these


Run away 
Early game if you come across these and have no shields then your only hope is to run away. Your diggers cannot get through it faster than it’s mortars will kill you. 
Note: It has an effective range of around 50 meters. 
Note: The growth guardian leads it’s shots, meaning it tries to shoot where you will be just after it fires not at your current location (if you’re moving). As such you can avoid damage if you double back on yourself when you hear the shots being fired. 
Shield wall 
Once you’ve got the first generator upgrade a shield making station appears, send a dweller or engineer to build these. 
Once you have 4 or more you’re ready to attack, generally each shield can take two hits so the more the better. 
Gather your war party, 3 or more diggers and 2 either engineers and or dwellers (to hold the shields) set out to the growths and once you notice there is a guardian shield up. 
Move close as possible to the beast and order your diggers to attack, as noted above your diggers may attack the growths just re order them to attack. 
In time it will ‘pop’, following this your free to take your shields down and just start destroying the growths. 
Flaming shield wall 
This is the same as above but bring a stalker, as they throw Molotov’s which do damage to growths and guardians. 
Get within site of the growths, shield up and move forward. Once a meter or two away from the guardian throw a Molotov then follow up with your diggers. The guardian will go down in no time. 


Here is a list of all in game achievements, where possible I’ve added a comment on how to get them, thanks to all those who have left a comment detailing how they got an achievement, it’s been a big help. 
First start 
Build a generator 
Comment: You get this at the beginning of the game, just play the tutorial. 
First blood 
Kill one mutant 
Comment: On the first night just shoot one of the mutants during the attack, unsure if a kill by one of your units count. 
Kill 50 mutants 
Comment: Pick a wall to defend each night and over time you’ll get this. 
Kill 100 mutants 
Comment: Pick a wall to defend each night and over time you’ll get this. 
Upgrade the generator to the second level 
Comment: After day 7 swarm the next generator level opens up, it costs quite a lot of scrap to build but opens up the other two unit classes along with the ability to make shields. 
Kill the flower 
Comment: It’s in the first room to the right, you need the engineer tech to open doors and diggers to actually do damage. Take 3 or more diggers, order them to attack when the leaf is on the ground, when it’s moved behind him order you people back out of the red area until his attack is done. Be warned a small group of enemies will ambush you just before it dies. 
He’s lost! 
Survive the first wave 
This comes on day 7 and is always from the left so when warned about it, pool your units on the left, leaving a token force the other side and go support the defence yourself. 
Note: The waves only come at night, but the icon will be there for a full day before hand. In addition you can stop the swarm by blocking up a tunnel on the left side, it costs 20 or so scrap and requires an engineer. All growths turn into special monsters on the night of the swarm so clear out the left side tunnel as much as possible first too. 
Fully Armed 
Build all workshops 
Comment: This gets pricey for the final two workshops but should be achievable in normal play. The final two class buildings are unlocked after the first generator upgrade. 
Marathon runner 
Walk 42,195 meters 
Comment: this should come through regular game play 
Pick up the stalkers on the other side of the bridge. 
Comment: Once you reach day 12 a bridge on the right side is formed, travel over it and a stalker joins your ranks. 
Get fuel 
Comment: Once you unlock the first door on the right side, kill the plant and build the warehouse (requires an engineer) then send up 3 stalkers, once they come back wait a day or more and send them again when they return they bring fuel. (thanks to Platszaza for the info!) 
Alternatively don’t wait a day, send them back up immediately despite warning and get the ‘at any cost’ achievement. 
Upgrade your generator to the third level 
Comment: Combines with fuel and costs a lot, you get fuel from the second stalker trip to the surface. It unlocks new techs, the ability to make mines and stronger walls for you. 
Kill 1000 mutants: 
Comment: Just keep killing them every occasion, will trigger soon enough. 
Bad luck (secret achievement) 
Comment: Die on the first day, rush down the left tunnel and let the mutants kill you, they always ambush you when first reaching the grate / opening (Thanks General Marie for finding that out!) 
Let’s go! 
Take a ride on a trolley 
Comment: come day 20 the merchant stops going down the tunnel to get you tramps and stays at your base as a transport for you. 
Armoured train 
Fully arm the trolley 
Comment: Day 20 the trolley is available to ride, a foreman appears by the warehouse and for scrap will upgrade the trolley to have two machine guns you can put dwellers on. 
Well done! 
Survive the second wave 
Comment: The swarm comes on day 17, see the two strategy sections of this guide, but suffice to say plugging up the two tunnels (one either side) stops the horde being so big, destroy all the growths you can too and support that side of the wall yourself on the night just to be certain. Snipers are also useful for killing of the big and long ranged enemy units. 
Survive the third wave 
Comment Comes on day 27 (24 on nightmare), If you’ve plugged both tunnels up already then there will be less, on day 25 and 26 (23 and 24 on nightmare) venture down each tunnel with diggers, a stalker and engineers to get rid of the growths. 
Leave the armoured train on one side of the map with both machine gunners while you help protect the other side on the night. 
At any cost (secret achievement) 
Comment: When you unlock the first door on the right, defeat the plant and send up Stalkers, they say they need to wait a day as mutants are up there. Send them back up immediately, causing 2 to die but the remaining one still brings fuel. (thanks to Обрез for the info, I didn’t pick up on that dialog!) 
Bagel (secret achievement) 
Comment: Have a ‘score’ of 0, this is the opposite of the rank achievements, you lost points when your people die, lose walls etc. (thanks to Plantszaza) 
Try again! 
Die from a flower 
Comment: first room on the right has the flower, just stand next to it until it kills you. Your going to need to wait for the engineer upgrade for breaking down walls. 
No losses! 
Win without losing a single follower 
Comment: This one is easier than it seems, normal counts for this (verifying) simply keep your furthest walls at the top level and the next ones back at a level below if not the same (depends on your scrap). When exploring out past the walls don’t be too daring and stay out in the pink fog, if you start to get mortar’d by the growth guardians then follow the guide above on how to use shields to destroy them, or change direction to dodge their shots. 
Rank B 
Get rank B or higher 
Rank S 
Get rank S or higher 
Rank A 
Get rank A or higher 
Kill 10,00 mutants 
Comment: As with the other kill achievements, just keep killing and killing until it trips. On a play through on normal I killed 1500, so it may take while. 
Kill 25 slugs as a hero 
Comment: When you find a slug farm, after having diggers kill the initial fat slug come back the next day and shoot all the smaller ones (note this doesn’t give you meat so is wasting them) keep it up until you’ve done 25. 
Note this 25 slug total is across games and does not need to be done in a single play through. 
The historian 
Find all notes 
Comment: these unlock when you die for doing different things in game, essentially win the game and you will get more, these are not items in the world. 

Written by Cyber Submarine

Hope you enjoy the post for Until We Die General game Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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