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Undertale How To Defeat all Monsters Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Undertale How To Defeat all Monsters Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Here, you will find a simple guide on how to defeat all monsters from each area. A bestiary, if you will.
What EXACTLY will I be providing, you ask?
-Summary of the monster’s attack.
-How to spare the monster.
(I’d provide how to defeat the monster in genocide, but it’s pretty self-explanatory, just attack.)


The Ruins

Check: ATK 4 DEF 5. Life is difficult for this enemy. 
Spare: Just compliment or threaten it once. Each choice works. 
Attacks: Froggit will send some flies at you. These are fairly easy to avoid, just stay toward the bottom of the screen. He will also jump at you, in which case just go over him quickly when he hops. 
Check: ATK 5 DEF 0. This monster is too sensitive to fight…. 
Spare: You can spare right away. If you try to console it, it will run away, but you have to console it for a yellow name in the credits. Terrorizing doesn’t do anything. 
Attacks: Butterflies fly vertically on either side of you. Just stay still to avoid them. Sometimes they will also circle around you, but just stay still again. 
Check:ATK 6 DEF Don’t pick on him. Family name: Eyewalker. 
Spare: As the check implies, don’t pick on him. 
Attacks:Lots of wormy circles will swim in from the sides. He’ll also bounce some of the circles off the walls like a pinball machine. 
Check: ATK 6 DEF 6 Stereotypical: Curvaceously attractive, but no brains… 
Spare: You can spare them right away if you want to. You have to flirt with it to get a Yellow Name in the credits. 
Attacks:Its moves are simple orbs that float around usually from the top. They’re pretty slow and easy to avoid. 
Check: ATK 7 DEF 5 It seems evil, but it’s just with the wrong crowd… 
Spare: You can spare him if he’s the only enemy remaining. 
Attack: It’ll use bugs to attack you which stay on the sides of the box. Sometimes it just dances on the bottom of the box. 
Check: ATK 6 DEF 6 Serving Size: 1 Monster. Not monitored by the USDA. 
Spare: If you choose Dinner, it releases a green food, among other white ones, for you to touch. You can spare it only if you grab the green food. You can also spare it if you weaken it enough and then Devour it. 
Attack: It throws fruits and vegetables at you, sometimes falling from the top of the box. They will bounce around the screen, so be watchful. It’s best to move as little as you need to so you can avoid misjudging the gap between fruits. Remember to grab the green ones. 


Check:6 ATK 2 DEF This teen comedian fights to keep a captive audience. 
Spare: If you heckle them, they will spare right away, though you hurt their feelings. To get a yellow name in the credits, you have to laugh at one of his jokes, but only after he actually says a joke. 
Attacks: He uses snowy, worm-like things that come in from the sides. They’re fairly slow. It also throws sharp, twirling things at you. 
Check: ATK 7 DEF 2 This teen wonders why his name isn’t ‘Ice Hat.’ 
Spare: Ignore his cap twice to spare. For a yellow name, ignore twice, then steal his hat, then compliment him. If Snowdrake is also there, tell a joke. 
Attacks: It will put a wave-pattern on the box, forcing you to stay between the two waves. It also shoots ice out of cannons from below. Watch out, cause they fall back down. 
Lesser Dog 
Check: ATK 7 DEF 0 Wields a stone dogger made of pome-granite. 
Spare:As you can see by the Act menu, you can only pet it. You can spare it by just petting it once, but you need to pet it until its neck grows huge and it stops attacking you for a Yellow Name in the credits. 
Attacks: A dog will pounce at you from below. Try to move down and under it instead or over it quickly. It will also sweep spears across the screen, some of which are blue. 
Check:ATK 0 DEF 20 Everyone knows Jerry. Makes attacks 2 seconds longer. 
Spare:Spare all other monsters, then ditch him. 
Attacks: He does not attack, just makes other attacks last longer. 
Note: You do NOT have to kill Jerry to complete a Genocide run. 
Check:7 ATK 3 DEF Some teens “decorated” it as a prank. 
Spare: Undecorate him completely to spare him. You have to give him a gift after undecorating for a Yellow Name in the credits. 
Attacks:It will snow rather quickly down on you, meaning you need to move fast. If also uses presents, one of which is blue. Watch the blue one as it’s shuffled around, then let it pass through you. 
Check: 6 ATK 2 DEF Rebels against everything! Looking for its friend Snowy. 
Spare:Agree with the rebellious bird. 
Attacks:Similar to Snowdrakes. 


Check:7 ATK 2 DEF This seahorse has a lot of HP (horsepower). All of his attacks are harder to dodge at the bottom of the box. 
Spare: To spare, flex at him three times. To get a yellow name in the credits, you actually have to go to Napstablook’s house, turn on one of his CDs, then exit the house while it’s on to encounter Aaron and Woshua together. 
Attacks:As the check suggests, stay high in the box. He’ll rain down some water drops that mostly stick to the bottom half of the box. When he flexes his arms at you, just slide side to side. 
Check:7 ATK 1 DEF This humble germophobe seeks to cleanse the whole world. 
Spare:If you pick clean, it will launch a green water drop that you need to touch to spare it. 
Attacks: It’ll spin water all around you. It’s best to just move with the water, go in circles. 
Check: 7 ATK 2 DEF Tone deaf. She’s too ashamed to sing her deadly song. 
Spare:You just need to hum once to spare her, but if you continue humming you’ll put on a performance with her that will get you a Yellow Name in the credits. 
Attacks: She shoots music notes at you. They’re pretty straightforward, some of them being slow. 
Check:7 ATK -20 DEF Loves to pet cute humans. But you’re allergic! 
Spare:Just talk to it. If you flex, it will summon Aaron to replace Temmie. 
Attacks: You’ll usually be between Temmie’s legs. You somewhat influence where she moves, so to avoid getting hit you should slide back and forth gently. Keep yourself close to the middle of the box. 
Check: ATK 6 DEF 0 One size greater than Moldaverage. 
Spare:Unhug it. 
Attacks: Some weird, slimy creatures pop out from below and shoot bubbles at you. Just stay near the top and avoid rash movements. Additionally, white attacks will come together in a star pattern. Just slip between them. 


Check: 8 ATK -10 DEF Mistakenly believes its lava can heal people. 
Spare: Just hug or encourage it. If you hug it, your DEF will go down. If you encourage it, its attack goes up. 
Attacks: She’ll shoot lightening from clouds in a circular pattern. It’s best to just stay in one spot and dodge as you need to. If you get hit, her attacks will speed you up. 
Check:8 ATK 6 DEF Seems mean, but does it secretly like you? 
Spare: Approach it, then touch the green area around the airplanes until she’s blushing. 
Attacks:Airplanes will fly down the screen, leaving behind exhaust. Keep to one area and just stay away from the fire. She’ll also drop bombs. Watch out, as the explosion shoots upward. 
Check:8 ATK 1 DEF This mischievous monster is never warm enough. 
Spare: Heat up twice. The screen will become distorted the more you heat up. 
Attacks:He mostly attacks with bombs that will explode. Watch where they bounce and stay far away from them. He also uses ropes in which you need to move through the orange fire. 

The Core

Check: 8 ATK -1 DEF This magical mercenary only says magic words. 
Spare: Talk to it, look at both of its orbs, or look at one of the orbs twice. If you talk to it, you’ll become dizzy during its attack, making you move in opposite directions. Clear Mind will prevent you from getting dizzy. 
Attacks: It shoots crosses from orbs. Just move smoothly, avoid rash movements. Sometimes the orbs float around and chase after you. Play keep away. 
Knight Knight 
Check:8 ATK 2 DEF This megaton mercenary wields the Good Morningstar. 
Spare:If you sang with Shyren, sing to it twice. If you didn’t, hum three times. 
Attacks: If it summons the moon, rain will pour down. Move gently and find gaps. If it summons the sun, its attacks will move in a circle. Just stay in one area and go around the attacks. 
Final Froggit 
Check: 8 ATK 0 DEF Its future looks brighter and brighter. 
Spare: Mystify it so it realizes it has more to learn. 
Attacks: A frog will hop around to try and catch you. Move in a circle, and don’t stop at all. It will also send flies at you, but they’re much faster and greater in number than a normal Froggit. You really have to move quick to avoid them. 
Check: 8 ATK -3 DEF It finally stopped worrying. 
Spare: Pray to it so it remembers its conscience. The usual for a Whimsun consoling and terrorizing won’t work. 
Attacks: It will circle butterflies around you, forcing you to stay in one place and move with the circle. 
Check:8 ATK -2 DEF This relentless bully ALWAYS gets its way. 
Spare:It will tell you how to spare it at the beginning, telling you to pick on or don’t pick on it. Follow the suggestion it gives to spare it. 
Attack:It uses sets of circles like a Look that will take up a lot of space on the screen. Make you movements clean and calm. Stay in one area and avoid when you need to. 

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