ULTRAKILL How to Get P-Rank on Every Level – WIP

ULTRAKILL How to Get P-Rank on Every Level – WIP 1 - steamsplay.com
ULTRAKILL How to Get P-Rank on Every Level – WIP 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide will go through each level and explain the easiest way to get a P-Rank on every level so far.


So, you want to P-Rank the game so far. Good choice, this game is a good, fun time… sometimes. Anyways, as a preface this entire guide is operating off of the violent difficulty, which is what I used on my playthrough. I don’t know if there’s any differences but if there is, there you go.
This guide will take you through each level and give specific tips for each that would have helped me on my first runs. I am operating off the basis that you know how to perform some intermediate techniques (parrying shotgun shells) and that you have finished the game so far so you have access to each weapon (including the grappling hook, which comes from 4-4).
Without further adue…

PRELUDE (0-1 to 0-4)

Because this guide is focused on just obtaining the P-Rank. This guide is not for finishing the secret levels, challenges, yada yada. I do use the alternate piercing revolver, but getting that will be a topic for another guide.
Level 0-1 is very easy to P-Rank. As I am assuming you know how, shotgun parrying is the only thing I do during this level, apart from the final Malicious Face. If you find yourself pressed on time, you can save some by sliding under the planks in the spawn room. Train the Filth until they can be easily all killed with a single shotgun parry (there will be a lot of these, so hereby referred to as SP), to save time. In the glass hall you can SP into the ground under the Filth to kill them all very quickly, same with the next room, the glass walkway. Just make sure you get them all in one shot or finish off stragglers so you don’t forget one. As you keep moving from room to room (and level to level, this tip is universal), listen closely to the music. The track will not change but after you finish a combat sequence i.e. all enemies are dead, the music will calm down a little. Less volume, less intense, etc. Use this to help know when a room is really clear.
Continue down this path of destruction until you reach the Malicious Face. As I am also assuming you have the grappling hook, you should kill the face (regardless) with regular shotgun shots, not SPs. Grapple onto the face, shotgun point blank, dash backwards, and by the time you grapple again your shotgun should be refreshed. Should only take 3-4 shots, then just move through level finish and you’re off on your merry way.
Level 0-2 is also rather easy, as is the entire PRELUDE. Time isn’t too tough on this one, and if you’re SPing (as you should be all level, once again no variation needed) you’ll be all good on style. This level has a couple instances of enemies spawning behind you, however, which can really mess up a good run. In the very first hallway with two Strays, one will spawn right in front of you and one behind you. Make sure if you’re going too fast that nothing is left behind, not just in front. In the following room ,the same thing happens with a group of Filth. One group will spawn in front of you, and one group will spawn behind. If you find yourself coming up with a B in kills each run, this is the room why. Make sure you get all the ones behind you.
Moving on from these rooms, the rest of the level is very easy. There is only one room with multiple waves and the door is locked, so there is no possible way you could miss someone. The only enemies on this level are Filth and Strays, so SP is all you really need. just be careful of the smashy things. There is only one instance where you MUST walk in between them and there are two in a row. The first ones will smash, followed by the back ones, and then there will be a break. Double dash through and you’re all done. Swordsman will clean up for you, don’t be alarmed. Just keep going on with the level.
0-3 is where the fun begins.
After the first couple rooms of mindless ads, you meet your first Schism. They have no crit point, characterized by a lack of head. This also means they are blind, and they fire in lines moving horizontal or vertical to try and hit you. They may seem intimidating, but they just have a little more hp than your average Filth. Hit them with a direct SP and they will be left burning, often sent up into the air. This burn will kill them 99% of the time. If you want to be extra sure or you’re pressed for time, grapple them and the impact of just the grapple will finish them off.
Moving on, there will be a staircase. Assuming you have the shotgun, go straight to the top. Obtaining the shotgun and the first half of the boss is the bottom door. Once you get to the top, open the door and SP into the crack. Move through with some speed and the next few rooms are easy. Just pay attention to the music and you should be able to finish each enemy with good efficiency. The smashy things that you will run into alternate between the left and right, so use that to cross unscathed. The room just before the boss (the one with the boss door) just has the two Strays standing guard to the door. Kill them and move on without waiting for more to spawn, a lot of people get hung up and confused here expecting another wave (myself included).
Once you reach the Swordsman, you may have some difficulty. Do not underestimate him. Thankfully he moves relatively slow and is easy to hit in between attacks. He has a 3-swing combo, with the final swing being delayed, he will fire at you with his shotgun (this is replaced in the second phase with a sword throw that leaves him vulnerable), and he will spin his sword around like a beyblade. There is always a small pause in between different moves, so use this time to grapple and shotgun him for health. In between openings, however, use coin revolver and railgun combos to guarantee big damage and use alternate revolver shots to keep dealing damage while also keeping distance. SPs are not as effective against the Swordsman because he doesn’t take a lot of explosive damage, but if you do not have the alternate revolver than use SPs instead as a keep-away damage type.
After his health bar is drained once, he will drop his shotgun and start his second phase. During this phase, he can become enraged if you manage to parry any kind of sword attack so be careful when SPing. Instead of shooting at you with his shotgun, Swordsman now throws his sword, leaving him swordless for a little but also dealing increased damage to you. Keep an eye on him and make sure to dash when you see him wind up and blink. While his sword is thrown, he is vulnerable to some close damage which translates to easy health regen, but his sword can deal damage on the way back to him so be careful and make sure you aren’t in it’s way.
After the Swordsman is dead, that’s the end of the level. Head on through level finish and you’re one level closer to *shudders* Gabriel.
This level is disgustingly easy. It’s honestly just a level to test out your new shotgun, but we’re all veterans here… right?
Just breeze through the different rooms here, almost all of them have a locked door so it’s rather tough to miss someone. If you get pressed for time, most rooms have stairs going down that you can use to slide boost off of to gain some speed. The entire level is arranged in a straight line.
You can kill the Malicious Face in the first room with 3 shots using the tech from the first level; grapple/shotgun.
The room with the two Schisms standing side-by-side offer a place to show off a new technique for dealing with them, which is the nailgun. Use a magnet in between the two and fire off rounds until they die. Because Schisms are heavy light mobs (they are affected by gravity and pulls more but are still considered light enemies like Filth and Strays) they will be sucked into the nails orbiting the magnet and die very quickly. This tech usually works best when there are multiple side-by-side because I think it takes too long to justify killing a single Schism.
Just a couple more rooms with a couple more waves and voila! Another level down.
There is a character limit per section and the PRELUDE includes 5 levels opposed to the usual 4 per layer, so the final level will have it’s own section.


This level features only two enemies, but your first two Cerberus. Cerberus are stone statues that wake up sometimes. They aren’t overly difficult to deal with, and thankfully when you encounter them later in the game they have only about a quarter of the health these two have.
When you first leave level start, the bridge to the left wants you to go through the wall and around a little obstacle course. It’s nice ambiance for a cool-looking level, but we’re a little pressed for time. Instead of doing this, use a mixture of dashes, wall jumps, and slides to get across the lava pit to the boss door much quicker.
Once you enter the boss room, make sure you move all the way to the door to trigger the encounter. The Cerberus will not wake up if you do not move up to trigger him. Before he wakes up, stick a magnet to the foot of the statue to get some early damage in. After expending all 100 nails, the Cerberus should be awake by now. Use another magnet to stick to him directly and then both overcharged nail bursts. This should do a considerable amount of damage and may trigger the second Cerberus, which happens when the first reaches half of it’s health. Thankfully the second wakes up with half health also.
Now that both Cerberus are up and you’re actually fighting them instead of wailing on one with the nailgun, they have a couple moves that you should watch out for. Cerberus will throw the energy ball in it’s hand at you when you are at a distance, but because the orb explodes on impact they will resort to punches and stomps at close distance. Most of this fight will be close distance, due to the nature of the arena, but be careful if you put some distance in between you and them because the energy orb will deal a lot of damage to you if you are caught in the sizable blast radius. They also stomp, which does no damage directly but unleashes a wave on the ground that will damage you, and a shoulder charge, which does not curve in motion but will track you until the charge actually starts. Use this knowledge of their moveset to your advantage when trying to read attacks.
As the Cerberus start getting low on health, try to equal their health out until the end of the fight. This is because once one dies, the other becomes enraged, performing wind-up animations about twice as fast and taking half as long to recover in between attacks. Keeping the window between each of their deaths slim could mean the difference between a P-Rank and a restart level.
Once they are both done and dealt with, the big double doors will open and level finish will come into view.
Limbo, here we come!

LAYER 1: LIMBO (1-1 to 1-4)

Welcome to Limbo, the first layer of HELL.
Not a super difficult level, but rather demanding with movement and memory. When you first start the level, take a right from level select. This will take you to the red skull. Use the grapple to grab the skull from afar and then turn back around. Take another right, moving into the door straight across from level start. This will take you to the red pedestal. Dump the skull, move through the red door on the right and up the wall. through the next door will be a waterfall area with your first Drones. They die easily with a single alternate revolver shot or a coin ricochet shot. Kill them all, then move on to the door straight ahead. The bridge up the river will have a couple Schisms and a couple Drones spawn when you get close. Kill them and move on. This is where you originally get the nailgun. Once you pick it up (again) a Malicious Face will spawn. While the grapple/shotgun combo always works, a magnet and all 100 nails does the trick, too. Use these two combos to kill two at once. In this instance, however, there’s only one to worry about so just pick your favorite tech.
Moving on, right before going through the door up the stairs a couple Strays will spawn behind you. clear them out with whatever, just make it quick. You’re on the clock. As you push through the doors, a couple loads of Filth will spawn with a couple Strays and Drones. Once again, clear them out with whatever, I’m not your mom. Just make sure not to lag behind. After clearing the big hallway, move through some more doors to get the blue skull. Pick it up, and don’t worry about enemies in here. Move to the waterfall room, no enemies in here either. Take a right and clear everything out in the first room of the level. Move to the door that is now left and then throw the blue skull down. Keep moving with some pace and you will eventually find yourself at a room with stained glass windows. Strays will spawn in pairs around the room with a single Drone accompanying each. Finish them all off with a couple SPs (if aimed right, they will take out both Strays and the Drone) and them move on to the next room.
A couple Schisms will spawn by level finish with Strays in each corner of the room. After killing them all, Drones will spawn out in the open and behind each pillar. A couple of coin flips later and you’re one P-Rank richer.
This level is rather short, especially compared to the last. In the first room after finishing all the Filth on the ground floor, make your way up the tower in the middle. Three more Stray will spawn as you reach the top. Kill them alongside the original Stray and then move to the balcony door. Some Filth later, Schisms and Drones will spawn. Easy kills. Get through, grab the blue skull, clear the room, and leap over the fire pit to the room we were just in.
Make your way out to the first room of the level, which is now on fire. Kill the Strays at the top and you will find a pair of Street Cleaners at the bottom. These enemies have a lot of HP and no headshot multiplier but there is a tank on their backs that will kill them with one shot. Coin ricochets are your friend here. Finish them off while avoiding their flamethrowers and move to the room right of level start. Grab the red skull with grapple from a distance and kill the Cleaners that spawn. Move back a room and dump the red skull. Mvoe through the door, past the statue (which doesn’t wake up, don’t worry) and then into the final room. 4 Cleaners will spawn on the bottom floor, with assorted enemies up top. Focus the enemies above, then use coin ricochet to end the Cleaners. After they die, another 4 will spawn. Rinse and repeat, and head through level finish.
This one is a little longer than normal.
As you come out of level start, go through the door on the right. Take to door immediately right of that and then continue through. To save time, unless there is a new enemy or specific tech to use general combat will not be explained anymore. Clear this hallway and move into the next room. Clear the stairs, making sure to walk along them instead of skipping to ensure each enemy spawns. through the doors at the bottom, clear the room and move to the far door at the bottom of the two stairsets. Through here grab the blue skull and move up the stairs to the left, making sure to hit every spawn point. jump across the small gap at the top to spawn some Drones and then take the door on the left that says checkpoint. There will be a staircase with some Filth. Soon after they spawn, the statue at the bottom will wake up. Both lesser demons (Cerberus statues and Malicious Faces) can be dealt with very easily using the nailgun and magnets. However, the nailgun works much better on the statues and the shotgun makes it easy to stay alive against the faces.
After finishing the stair room, the blue hallway will have some Cleaners. past that, take the door on the other side of the pillar after finishing the face standing guard. Move straight through and into the starting room, dropping off the blue skull and going to the red door. DO NOT take a right into the boss room yet, you cannot come back. Through the red doors will be another arena. Clear it out, yada yada. There will be a Cerberus in there. Afterwards the lava room is a little dangerous from the… you know… lava. Moving on, the next room is actually rather difficult. Try to move a little slow when taking out enemies because you don’t want to hit another spawn trigger and overwhelm yourself this deep into the run. After the room is clear, move up to the top and skip the red skull, taking the cubby behind it back to the stair room. Use map knowledge to take yourself back to the first room with the boss door and prepare yourself to face the Hideous Mass.
Hideous Mass is not hard, if you have a brain. Keep moving at all times, never stop. Strafe, jump, slam, dash, I don’t care. Just don’t stop. Once it stops shooting energy balls into the air and sits up, watch out for blasts along the ground and vertical. Shoot it’s tail sitting above it’s head for an easy target. Alternate revolver works best here. SPs do the trick, and so does a well placed magnet to the stomach. After the first phase is over, one railgun shot should do the trick and that’s 1-3 finished.
Get moving. Fast. The music is nice and all, but there is no time to waste. Move in a straight line and go through the door under the banisters into the room with the three skull pedestals. Skip the skulls and walljump to the stained glass window, which you can break with a SP. Jump into the arena and move up to start the encounter.
Enter Center Stage: V-2
For a little quick context, you are V-1. V-2 is you but “better”. I say better with quotes because you kill him twice.
This fight is grueling. No parriable attacks. (Little to) no health regen. Fast paced. Aim heavy. Good luck.
Throw down a magnet the second you enter the arena right where V-2 lands. Dump all 100 nails, THEN trigger the boss, and prepare your overload nails. Right when he can take damage, dump em both and get moving. Shotgun? Good luck. Coin ricochets and running is your friend here. Use coins and railgun hand in hand with regular coin ricochets and alternate revolver shots in between cooldowns.
Concentrate and listen. Before V-2 does anything, there will be an audio que. Revolver is accompanied by a dink sound, whereas shotgun blasts are accompanied by a pump noise. There is a lot of information to learn that I can’t teach you, just due to the nature of a text guide, so just go in a couple times and watch V-2. Learn V-2 like the back of your hand. And above all else, WEAPON SWAP. throw a couple SPs in even if they miss. You NEED style points to get a P-Rank, so keep your style in mind.
Good luck on this one my friend, and moving on to:

LAYER 2: LUST (2-1 to 2-4)

Short and sweet.
A nice level for being fresh off the adrenaline high that would be beating V-2. An overall good introduction to the Kingdom of Lust’s look as well. Simple enough, with time being a little bit tight here. Keep moving and deal with those Schisms fast. Nothing new here except for bounce pads, but they’re self explanatory (I hope) and a good couple of Cleaners sprinkled in there for good measure.
I will say keep an ear open for the music. Some drones on this level can be very shy and you’d have no idea they even existed without the music. While it might take a little bit of oh so precious time listening to the music change after each encounter can make a world if difference in how easy it is to grab another P for this level.
I will add that there are a lot of places good for using “slam storage” and “slam slides” in this level. Slam storage is a little complicated and harder to pull off but slam sliding is just slamming from a good height and pressing control again the frame you land to convert your slam into a very powerful boost in slide speed.
Onto the next.
2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS
This is a tough one.
The first big challenge is the power boxes. I will do my best to add images to show where they all are but sometimes you just can’t find them. What I would recommend doing is going in on a Harmless run and just memorizing where the power boxes are and how to deal with them quickly. I will explain how I deal with them too, if you need an idea of what I’m talking about.
In the first room fresh out of level start, there is a power box in the far left corner, bottom floor of a close right building, and in a courtyard to the immediate left over some buildings. What I prefer to do when I start this one is go immediate right first, and take the power box out in the bottom floor of the building. Then, take a left coming out of the building and wrap around until you see a bounce pad. Use it and take out the power box up in the corner to your now right. Afterwards, while in the air still, dash left and take out the final power box inside the courtyard, which could be in the bottom left part of your screen. Once each box has been taken out, clear the room as fast as you can and don’t worry about topping off health. There will be a Malicious Face in the next room, prime for grappling.
Once all the power boxes are destroyed and the room is clear, make your way through the powered door (immediate left when looking out from level start) and continue with some haste. Once you get to the next room with the spiral staircase, a Malicious Face will spawn at the foot of the stairs. Grapple/shotgun to get some health back. After making your way up the stairs, Cleaners and Drones will spawn in front and behind of you. I like to go all the way to the top and throw coins behind me, shooting them as Cleaners walk in front. If you get lucky you can kill them all with one coin. Don’t forget the Drones!
After the staircase, move through the glass hall and kill stuff. Simple. There will be two Cleaners that spawn at the end of the longer bit, and Soldiers to the left. Make sure the Cleaners don’t get you into the corner before you blow them up, and don’t forget the Soldiers.
Oh yeah. New enemy; Soldiers. Just stronger Strays, kill them first.
Moving on, past the glass hall will be a hallway of Strays behind the railgun. I would advise just using the railgun to kill them all at once. After the hallway, the final room opens up into another cityscape. Kill stuff, as usual, but make sure to go into the house on the left. There are more power boxes, which I’ll get to in a second, but enemies will spawn in the house but only when you go inside. A lot of people miss kills because of this.
Anyways, power boxes. When walking out of the railgun hallway, there will be one power box up and to the right in the corner, one power box behind you a little to the left up on the wall, and one to the right of level finish in the small cubby. Once the room is clear and the house is too, shoot all the boxes in whichever order (they can all be shot from the rooftop where the Strays were) and kill the statue by level finish and all the drones that spawn.
And there you go, another P-Rank.
Not a super tough level but this is the introduction of my least favorite enemy, the MINDFLAYER. Half machine, half human, all sexy evil. You can instakill this thing by waiting for it to do the attack where it spawns all the energy orbs and then parrying them all. And landing them. Without taking damage from them. Yeah, fun time. When all else fails, grapple/shotgun.
In the first room, take the door up and to the left when coming from spawn, after clearing the room of course. The green one, not the blue one. Through the door, the hallway will be blocked by a locked door. go out the right window and clear the room below. Once clear, go through the door opposite the viewing area (left if looking at the waterfall) and grab the blue skull. The blue skull pedestal is underwater, but enemies will spawn when you go under. Kill them with haste.
After underwater is clear, move up a little back to spawn and turn left into a little cubby. Go up into the cubby to the blue pedestal. Move past the blue pedestal and up the waterfall into a new room with grindy things at the bottom. Clear this room and then move to the door at the far back left, looking out from where you came in. Scale the wall and the red skull is yours for the taking.
Move back to the main room and face your first Mindflayer. The spawn trigger is on the way to the red skull pedestal, which is opposite the very first door you went through up on the top. After dropping off the skull, keep moving into yet another waterfall room (who would’ve guessed that the challenge for this level is to not touch water?) and, upon clearing, level finish is just through the waterfall. Hope you’ve had fun so far, next one can be… not so much.
Your next boss fight. Not as hard as the last one, but a little mechanically needing to get through it quickly.
Thankfully, your guide here has done it without taking damage a couple times.
The entire level is mostly walking simulator, which means lots of room to use different movement techs to get from A to B much quicker than the given cart. Go forward from the spawn, hanging a right into the subway and another right to get the blue skull. Grab it, turn around, go straight, and then left to dump it on the pedestal. Break the windows and continue on.
You will eventually get to an invisible wall. Back up, a big hand is about to appear. It will slam the left side, right side, and ground. Whichever one it slams will have a wave akin to Hideous Mass. Shoot the hand until it goes away, SP does the trick just fine.
Moving on to the red skull, go past the pedestal and down into the collapsed tunnel. Grab the skull and hightail it back to the pedestal. When you put the skull down, the Corpse of King Minos will appear. Get ready to rumble.
King Minos’s Corpse (hereby KMS) Only has a couple of things he should be able to do in the time frame he exists. He will ground pound, characterized by him raising his hands up high, he will punch, characterized by him winding up a *gasp* punch, and he will drop a black hole thing. After his second phase has begun, his eyes will start shooting fireballs. They, along with all his attacks, are parriable. Practice timings a little and KMS will be a thing of the past. I have the timings memorized from like 25+ runs, which is how I no-hit often now.
With LUST out of the way, on to some of the more interesting levels.


Short, but not sweet at all. I hope you had fun with MINDFLAYERS.
Do not be fooled by the lowly two levels in this layer. They are anything but easy, P-Ranks will take even the most experienced ULTRAKILL veterans more than one run. However, do not fret. You have god as your guide.
The hallway has a Malicious Face. Kill it dead.
The very first room that opens after level start has a MINDFLAYER. Do what you gotta do to kill them quickly and efficiently, as more enemies spawn in at the same time. If you need help game ending MINDFLAYERs use the sandbox level (main menu> play> violent> sandbox) to spawn in and practice destroying them with ease. After they die, the rest of the enemies are mostly pushovers but a Cerberus will wake up near the door you first walked into. Destroy them and move on through the freakish teeth door.
Be mindful of the ground all throughout this level; the “water” is not water. For context, all of Gluttony takes place in the corpse of King Minos, the boss of the previous level. The “water” is stomach acid. Demon stomach acid. Moving on…
Down the gullet is what I imagine is the stomach. Funnily enough the liquid down here is not stomach acid, but blood (that does not heal you, don’t get any ideas) and there is a pedestal in the middle of the room. You will drop into the blood initially unless you dash onto the pedestal at the perfect moment, but otherwise just scale one of the walls and jump up. There will be 3 dormant Cerberus in the middle; two will wake up first, then the last when one dies. Also, after one dies, the remaining from the first two becomes enraged. These Cerberus can be taken care of relatively quick but it takes a little planning, setup, and quick thinking.
First, dump a magnet in between the two Cerberus waking up first. Drop all 100 nails while they are waking up and the millisecond you see the nails draw blood railgun them both with the piercing variant. After that, stick another magnet to one and overload burst the other. The overload burst will go through the one you are shooting at and track onto the one with the magnet, hitting two birds with one stone. After both bursts are expended, at least one of them should be dead and the final Cerberus should be waking up. By this time, your railgun might be charged. If yes, use the malicious (red) variant to finish the enraged Cerberus. If not, focus alternate rev headshots on the enraged one while keeping distance from them both. Due to the open and spacious nature of this arena, the ranged throws will not hit you with splash damage unless you try to pull some 360 noscope type stuff with wall jumps.
After finishing the Cerberus (Cerberi?) move into the next room over the bridge. This is the walkway room. Make sure to move along the walkway to hit every single spawn point and try to keep moving. When Schisms spawn, if you have trouble landing a SP use the grapple to pull them off the walkway and let them fall into the abyss. Make sure you keep moving here, because taking your time along the walkway can be disastrous for the run.
Once you finish the walkway, you will enter the final room. This room has a couple Malicious Faces spawn on each side, so make sure you hunt them down quick before you waste too much time. They move slowly and there is a lot of cover, so make sure you keep moving to try and find their hiding spots. Some Cleaners will spawn eventually, along with a couple Soldiers and some Filth, so make quick work of them and move onto level finish.
This is it. The climax.


Yes, he gets his own section.
Use slam storage to move up the first room quickly. Use slam slides to cross the hands. The beginning of this level is all for wasting time. Move as fast as humanly (or robotically) possible.
Gabriel is hard. And I don’t mean that like V-2 hard, or Minos hard. He WILL punish any mistake you make. He WILL keep you on your toes. He WILL insult you the whole fight. Keep on him and you will come out victorious.
This fight will take a lot of practice. Just like with KMS, I can’t teach you parry timings in this guide. But I can tell you what to parry, when to parry, and where to aim it.
I mean the parry.
Gabriel uses three different attack patterns made of Divine Power; a sword, a spear, and twin axes.
He will use the spear to slam first, then teleport up and throw it at you. The throw can be parried, and the slam can be avoided with a slide or a well-timed dash. Be careful, however, because there is low recovery in between attacks so if you exhaust all of your dashes on the slam and are unable to parry the spear, that’s a guaranteed 40 damage. You will hear a blinking noise when he gets ready to make any attack all fight. Unlike V-2, all noises are the same, so you need to keep an eye on him. He will pull each weapon out first, before making any attack, so you can prepare. The slam will come soon after the first blink, but the throw timing is a little longer. Wait for it to leave his hand before you attempt a parry, and even then try to get it as close to you was possible without hitting (the parry window is before taking any damage). Make sure you are aiming at Gabriel when you parry because he does not move in the air, making a reversal rather easy once you master the timing. In his second phase, he adds a second slam before the throw. same timing after the ding as the first slam, be ready to move.
With the sword Gabriel has a two swing combo, then throws the sword from wherever he ends up. If I am not mistaken (and let me know if I am), his sword swings can be parried, but the timing is near impossible. I have not managed to. The sword throw, however, is definitely parriable. The timing is a little rough as it is unique to this single attack (the animation for the sword throw is in a circular motion, but V-1 does not take any damage until the sword reaches him with the back end of the animation), but with practice it is definitely doable. Just as with the spear, he stays in place after throwing the sword, leaving ample time to either parry it or dash through it (master i-frames) and get some health off him quick. In his second phase, Gabriel will teleport to a new location before throwing the sword, as well as his swings increasing in speed and frequency. To avoid the sword swings, slide jump backwards. It’s just like doing it forwards but holding ‘s’ instead of ‘w’.
The twin axes will be thrown only. He throws them outwards and they both curve towards you. This attack is difficult to parry, as it requires you to reverse slide jump to avoid them split and then parry them when the two hitboxes meet, so I would advise avoiding or practicing this specific attack a lot because they do 30 damage each. When enraged, he just throws them faster. Nothing super special, just something to watch out for.
Now time for strategy.
When the fight first starts, use the minigun to stick a magnet to the floor in front of him before even triggering the spawn. Use all 100 nails, then trigger the spawn. As he spawns, stick the other magnet to him and use a single overcharge. Hit the magnet on the floor with an alternate rev shot to move all the nails to Gabriel. Then, dash to him and throw a coin through him. This will take some practice, but coins are thrown based on movement inputs, so slide jump into the throw. Then pull out the railgun. Practice slide jump coins before this so you can get the location down subconsciously, because this next move I’m gonna ask you to shoot the blue railgun through Gabriel, into the coin, and then back through Gabriel to the magnet, blowing it up and dumping a lot of nails into his sternum. This will take a LOT of practice. Do not be discouraged! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Gabriel wasn’t fragged in one either.
Following the Wombo Combo, as I call it, use coin/alt rev shots to do big damage. Make sure to let V-1 ♥♥♥♥ the alt rev after each shot so you don’t pull it out to shoot a coin and have to wait for the animation to play out. After all coins are expended, use a combination of grapple/shotgun, SP, alt rev headshots (he does have a nice chunky multiplier of 1.7x), and any nails you’ve accrued so far.
By this point, he should be going into his second phase. He will pop up into the air and be juggle-able for a little. the railgun should be recharged, so use the screwdriver (green) variant to keep him in the air with tick damage and hit him with a couple SPs or coin ricochets. The goal is to take off a quarter to half his health for the second phase.
While in his second phase, Gabriel moves almost twice as fast, attacks almost twice as fast, and has about half the recovery time in between attacks. Keep moving, soldier. Slides will still avoid spear slams, but there’s two of them now and you need to re-slide for the second. Furthermore, slides will NOT work for the sword swings. You need to time dashes and prepare to parry the sword throw to not waste too much stamina. Axes can be easily avoided by using dash i-frames to go straight in between the two axes. I-frames take practice, so I recommend going into the sandbox and practicing dashing through Stray fireballs. By the time he has fully embraced his second phase, you should have a nice chunk of your nailgun recharged, overload too. Wait for him to either ready axes or get to the end of his other combos where he stands still and hit him with a magnet. If you miss, don’t fret. You have 3. If you miss all of them, get better and ready the coin flips.
After expending your nailgun, alt rev headshot Gabriel to death. Keep looking out for easy parries and keep on top of your health. After his health gets to around half in his second phase, the swords circling him and keeping you from regenerating will disappear. They will also disappear if you land a parry in his second phase.
Well done. Throw coins at his corpse in triumph. Not for too long, though.
Once it is said and done, jump into what I imagine is KMS’s butthole. I hope it’s been fun so far, because it doesn’t get any more fun.

LAYER 4: GREED (4-1 to 4-4)

Good jolly fun in the sun.
The initial bridge has some simple enemy clear. Finish the ones on the bridge, and more will spawn once you move into the water. After clearing all of the enemies outside, move inside and you will find yourself moving down some stairs to meet your first Virtue. Virtues are lesser angels that use Divine power to basically smite thee. They will have a symbol appear alongside you and after a little time

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