ULTRAKILL Cockenball Launcher RPG Guide

ULTRAKILL Cockenball Launcher RPG Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
ULTRAKILL Cockenball Launcher RPG Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Here is the redirection for "Cockenball Launcher". Cocknball Launcher () describes the German band.

Cockenball Launcher (CBL) is also known as RPG. This could involve direct painful activities such as launcher spanking or launcher squeezing. [1] The person receiving such activities could receive either direct physical pleasure through death or emotional pleasure by exploding. Many of these practices pose significant health risks. [2]
1 Devices & practices
1.1 Launcher stretcher
1.2 Launcher crusher
1.3 Parachute
1.4 Humbler
1.5 Rocket cuffs
1.6 Launcher harness
1.7 Rocket busting
2 CBL Japan
3 Safety
4 See also
5 References


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