Trove Dragon Coin Farming Location

Trove Dragon Coin Farming Location 1 -
Trove Dragon Coin Farming Location 1 -

I will explain how you can farm up Dragon Coins.

What are Dragon Coins?

So first off what even are Dragon Coins??
Dragon Coins are used for crafting cool looking Dargons. You will need around 100+ Dragon Coins depending on what Dragon you are crafting. You can look deeper into the Recipes of these Dragons Inside the Hub World. There will be a Crafting Bench called the Dragon Crucible.
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Crafting Bench:
Trove Dragon Coin Farming Location - What are Dragon Coins? - E3CB2A2

How do I get Dragon Coins?

Cool but where do I get those Dragon Coins from?
Maybe while playing you have noticed there will occasionally be a Mission saying Collecting Challenge, this is one manyhourly Missions aside from Rampage Alert, Dungeon Challenge and the Collecting Challenge.
Picture of the Collecting Challenge:
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Both the Collecting Challenge and the Dungeon Challenge will give you Dragon Coins and Dragon Caches. You already know what Dragon Coins are, but what are those Dragon Caches?
The Dragon Caches will have a Chance of giving you Dragon Coins along from, well a little amount of Flux and some Dragon Coins. I recommend saving up those Caches, because they can drop Dragon Coins. And the more you have of those Dragon Caches, the more chance you have of opening Dragon Coins.
Also I recommend saving up the Credits and buying off the “Dragon Coin Digest” Tome off the Ingame Shop in the Dragon Tab. It will give you an extra boost of Dragon Coins if you complete it daily.
Isnt there a paid option of obtaining Dragon Coins?
Well yes, if you really wanna spend Money on Dragon Coins you can do that. It isnt my preferred option of obtaining Dragon Coins but you can do it.
You can buy Dragon Coins aswell as Dragon Caches off the Ingame Shop.

What are those Challenges?

So thats cool and all but what do I need to do in these Challenges?
Coin Challenge:
In the Collecting Challenge you will need to, who expected, Collect Coins off of the Ground it depends on what Challenge World it is but, most of the time you will need to get around 100+ Coins.This is in combination of a Time limit. (Couldnt Figure out what the exact time Limit is)
After Completing the Challenge you will be greated by a Leaderboard and a List of how many Coins you needed to Collect for Max Dragon Coins. The first 2 Levels will give you 2 Dragon coins and the other 2 will give you 2 Caches. You also will be granted with 5 Bonus Dragon Coins if its your first daily try.
Dungeon Challenge:
So now to the Dungeon Challenge.
In the Dungeon Challenge you will need to take a closer look at the Challenge description. There you will see a Green Font that will be listing random Classes. If you comlete a Dungeon with one of these Classes you will get a Bonus in the Counter of completed Dungeons. Those classes will differ between all People on the Server, so its rare that somebody will get the same bonus Classes as somebody else. Also you will get a bonus on more difficult worlds.
So I only get one Coin from it?
No! You will need to gain a well lets say combo, you can see your Combo at the Mission on the top left corner. You will get a reward each time you build your combo higher.
Here is a list of rewards:
Bronze Stage (5 Points): Dragon Coin
Silver Stage (+40 Points): Cache
Gold Stage (+99 Points): Cache

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