Trials of Mana How to extend the draw distance

Trials of Mana How to extend the draw distance 1 -
Trials of Mana How to extend the draw distance 1 -

How to extend draw distance and remove pop in


Download the mod
Here – []


– Right-click on the Steam game to open it in your Steam library. -> Manage -> Browse local folders.

– Download the file and place it in Trials of ManaContentPaks.


Trials of Mana is not like other Unreal Engine 4 game. You won’t be able to access its INI files easily. These files can be unpacked from the data file, modified, and then repacked again. Existing mods have various INI tweaks. However they often make unnecessary changes (, such as removing bloom). I wanted a vanilla-friendly, but only pop-in-related mod so I created one.

These are my only mod changes:


This disables texture stream (which causes texture pop in, very visible in cutscenes). Low poly models of 3D models won’t be replaced as you move away). It also increases the draw distance for gra*ses and scenery objects by 10x.

It appears that the game was optimized for Nintendo Switch. The system requirements on PC are already very minimal, so I haven’t noticed any performance impacts. The loading times will be slightly longer as texture streaming has been disabled.


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