Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners 1 - steamsplay.com
Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners 1 - steamsplay.com

Ronin guide for beginners and just average players!

Who is ronin?

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Who is ronin? - D87948BRonin is light chassis titan in Titanfall 2. He uses the least amount of health (7500), in result having 3 health bars (Each bar equals 2500 HP) + 2500 health in doomed state. Ronin got 2 dashes. Due to the light chassis, Ronin can outrun every titan in game, so you can use titan very aggresively by attacking from several sides or pursuing low health enemies. But be careful while doing this, due to the low health of Ronin, he can easily die, and, if you wont be careful enough, even do a termination on you. How to avoid this? You will see in this guide.

What should you know about Ronin

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - What should you know about Ronin - DE275AE Ronin’s main weapon is Leadwall – shotgun with a wide spread. Hitting a pillot with shotgun will almost always kill an enemy pilot and deal decent damage to enemy titans. Its a close range weapon so shooting far is not effective on enemies.

Ronin’s melee attack is replaced by a sword. By tapping melee button you will swing a sword, which deals 800 damage instead of 500 dealt by basic titan melee. Sword got increased range compared to basic melee.

Ronin Abilities

As every titan in Titanfall 2, Ronin got his own abilities, for him to be a great competitor to every titan. We gonna overview them.

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Ronin Abilities - 7D94C4C Arc Wave

Arc Wave is Ronin’s offensive ability. He swips his sword on the ground at makes a wave of electricity that deals 2000 damage to titans and ~80 to pilots, while slowing them down and covering interface from corners.

You can hold arc wave button and Ronin will keep the wave until you release the button, this can be used to unexpectedly slow enemy titans by attacking from cover.

Arc Wave instantly breaks Tone’s particle wall.

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Ronin Abilities - 7572AEB Sword Block

Sword Block is Ronin’s defensive ability. He gets his sword, covering titan’s weak spots and decreasing all incoming damage by 75%. Can be used to tank all damage from enemies, while teammates attack them.

Sword Block will work while you hold its button, it can be held forever.

You cant run or attack while blocking projectiles with Sword Block, however you can both dash and phase dash.

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Ronin Abilities - 8AEC13C Phase Dash

Phase Dash is Ronin’s tactical ability. Ronin phases to alternate space and dashes forward. While dashing, Ronin ignores any incoming damage.

Phase Dash can be used to appear from enemy’s back in close combat.

Phase dash removes Tone’s particle lock.

While phase dashing, be sure there’s noone at the place you gonna appear, othwerise you will die from [Phase Shift]. Be sure to use sword block in these situations, you will survive.

While phase dashing, you loose all tether traps, satchels, firestars on you. You will also wont recieve any rodeo damage if you phase dash at the correct moment.

Ronin’s core ability.

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Ronin's core ability. - CE704B0 Ronin’s core ability is named Sword Core. He takes his sword and electrifies him increasing swords damage.

Sword Core decreases your dash cooldown, in result you can run way faster

Sword Core increases incoming damage from both sword and Arc Wave. Sword now deals 1000 damage, arc wave deals 2500.

Sword Block will decrease incoming damage by 90%, unlike 75% while core is not active.

Ronin’s Kits

Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners - Ronin's Kits - 661107E Ronin got 5 kits :

Ricochet Rounds – leadwall rounds bounce of surfaces. Can be used to kill pilots in buildings

Temporal Anomaly – decreased phase dash cooldown. You can run even faster.

Phase Reflex – while doomed, ronin phases out of danger. Can be used to safely eject

Thunderstorm – arc wave has 2 charges. Increased DPS by using arc wave twice

Highlander – titan kills extend duration of sword core. Very aggresive gameplay tactic by attacking every titan you see.

I personally use Thunderstorm for MP, due to the fact i can deal 4000 damage from 2 arcs instead of 2000 by one.

And i can suggest Highlander for Frontier Defence, you will deal giant damage from sword core, and each titan kill will increase its length.

Ronin Loadouts

Here i gonna tell about some Ronin’s kit combinations for you to be more successful in using him!

Turbo Engine + Temporal Anomaly/Highlander/Thunderstorm

Turbo engine will add 3rd dash to Ronin making him even more agile.

Nuclear Ejection + Phase Reflex.

When you will get damage up to the doomed state, you will immediately phase dash, in where you can use nuclear ejection safely. You will have giant chance of dealing incredible damage to your enemies.

Assault Chip + Ricochet Rounds.

Can be used for auto-Ronin to kill pilots.

Overcore + Highlander.

You need to get your core as soon as possible and kill every single titan you see.


I hope you’ve learned something new about Ronin as a titan! Thanks for reading guide and i hope you will be more successful on the frontier!

Written by DKG

Here we come to an end for Titanfall® 2 Ronin guide for beginners hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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