Titanfall® 2 How to Create MOD in Titanfall 2 Guide

Titanfall® 2 How to Create MOD in Titanfall 2 Guide 5 - steamsplay.com
Titanfall® 2 How to Create MOD in Titanfall 2 Guide 5 - steamsplay.com
for those who want to spice up their game and make it just that little bit more personalized, but don’t know where to look and how to start


files to backup

as with any form of modding, the first step is to back up the files to be modded.
commonly there’s only 4 main files that are used when it comes to modding tf|2, located here:


with the 4 files being:


copy and paste those 4 files into a backup folder, like so:
Titanfall® 2 how 2 mod tf|2

tools to download

with backups out of the way, you’ll now need to download cra0kalo’s titanfall vpk tool.
here’s a direct download link (may require being opened directly via a new tab rather than through steam): wiki.frontier.tf.s3.amazonaws.com – http://wiki.frontier.tf.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/Titanfall_VPKTool3.4_Portable.zip

you will be modifying client-side game files using third-party software, and while not bannable and in some cases encouraged by devs (such as the speedometer mod) it’s still a risk and if done incorrectly it may trip the anti-cheat. as such it’s heavily encouraged to not dive in without any knowledge whatsoever.

additional file organization

while this isn’t as required as the previous steps, it comes in handy down the line if you get more into modding and don’t want to redo all the mods every time you want to edit in a new one.

i’ll simply go over my current folder just to get the gist of it, again this isn’t required so if you’d prefer skipping straight to some mods you can do feel free.

Titanfall® 2 how 2 mod tf|2

this is the current look of my tf|2 modding folder.
as you can see it holds three things; my backups, the vpk tool, and my already modded vpks for future editing. along with the vpks are some configs i also have, but those are more personal setting preference, so we won’t focus on them.

within the backup folder are the files we backed up previously, and are exactly how they are when freshly installed. do not under any circumstance edit these files unless you are 100% sure you never want to undo all modifications.

within the ‘vpks n configs for modding’ folder, we have this:

Titanfall® 2 how 2 mod tf|2
‘client_frontend’ folder: where you place the extracted files of englishclient_frontend.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk

‘client_mp’ folder: where you place the extracted files of englishclient_mp_common.bsp.pak000_dir.vpk

the repacked folder is for when you’re done adding any modifications to the extracted files and return them into a vpk using the previously mentioned tool, hence why this method of organization comes in handy; all modifications will be applied to the already extracted vpk file, and whenever you want to edit your existing mods you simply have to edit the files within whichever client folder, then repack and replace again.

recommended mods and then some

now that you have the basics of everything you need, you can get to the fun stuff.
the best site for easy to follow tutorials for titanfall 2 vpk modding is by far the noskill.gitbook.io – https://noskill.gitbook.io/titanfall2/ it covers everything mentioned previously and then some additional steps, so it may come in handy to read through some of their introduction tutorials.

they have quite the catalog of modding tutorials, but i’ll simply link some of my personal favorites that i use, along with some others:

and that’s pretty much it!
note that this really only covered the immense basics, and linked mods that can be done in less than a few minutes.

things can get a lot more complicated and require more tools to pull off, but this was simply for those who’ve wondered how to mod tf|2 but never knew where to look or how to do it.

happy modding pilots !

Titanfall® 2 how 2 mod tf|2

By notandum

Hope you enjoy the post for Titanfall® 2 how 2 mod tf|2, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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