Tips on How to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2

Tips on How to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2 1 -
Tips on How to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2 1 -

Tips on How to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2

Hey there, city builders! Ready to turn your virtual city into a financial powerhouse in Cities Skylines 2? Here are some expert tips and tricks that can help you boost your city’s revenue. Who doesn’t like a bit more cash in their city’s treasury, right?

Let’s Talk About Exporting Electricity

First up, let’s dive into exporting electricity. It’s like making money while helping your neighbors keep their lights on! How cool is that? Build a few power plants, and link them up to places outside your city. Take a Small Coal Power Plant, for example – it’s a powerhouse, literally! When it’s running at full blast, you could be sending out 20MW of power. And the best part? Any extra juice you don’t use gets sold off. Need more power? Just disconnect from the outside world for a bit.

Goods and Services: Your City’s Export Goldmine

Next, let’s chat about exporting goods and services. Got more stuff than you need? Send it over to the neighbors! Just make sure your roads are up to the task, so you don’t end up with a traffic nightmare.

Playing the Tax Game Smartly

Now, let’s talk taxes. I know, I know, no one likes them, but they’re essential. If you tweak the taxes just right, using the City Economy button, you can make some serious dough. Lowering taxes can make your city more attractive, while upping them pads your budget. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.

Trimming the Budget Without Cutting Corners

Here’s another angle – managing your budgets wisely. Hop into the City Economy section, and you’ll see where you can adjust spending on different services. Sometimes, a little cut here and there can save you big time. And hey, why not tweak those service fees for water and electricity too?

Get Creative with Parking Fees

Last but not least, parking fees! It might sound small, but it adds up. Create a district, pick a building, and slap on a Roadside Parking Fee policy. Watch as those little fees turn into a nice pile of cash for your city.

So there you have it, folks! With these strategies, you’re all set to make your city in Cities Skylines 2 not just a place people love to live in, but also a financial success. Happy building and happy earning!

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