Tinyfolks Tips How to Win in Game

Tinyfolks Tips How to Win in Game 1 - steamsplay.com
Tinyfolks Tips How to Win in Game 1 - steamsplay.com

This simple text guide will explain the methodology that I found worked best to win this challenge.

Quick Intro

Yesterday, I won the (challenge. Hooray! After many days of trial and error,) has been achieved. I just wanted to take a moment and write down how my team was set up.

Team Composition

My winning lineup was, from left to right:

  • Troubador and Bandages
  • Troubador and Bandages
  • Folk with Amulet
  • Folk with Amulet
  • Folk with Amulet

Your entire team should have the best armor/weaponry that they can fit. If you're forced to enter the castle by the end, you might be able get away with one upgrade per Folk due to your Alloy budget.
Your King/Queen serves as your healer, until you upgrade your Tavern to Level 3, and then you can get two Troubadors. After that, I kept 4 Troubadors and 6 Folks, split into two teams; one team to upgrade & advance, and one team to explore for gold/materials/items. You should craft or buy four bandages for your troubadors. For the occasion that you find Diamonds to make Amulets, keep your Strings!
If there are a lot more poison/bleed/burn in an area, I would swap out my TTFF composition for a TT F-T-FF comp.


Before you do anything else, always check with the shopkeeper to make sure they are there!
Your goal is to obtain at least 2 Relic items before you turn 45. You'll feel terrible if you have a few hundred less gold because you didn't upgrade a building first. This mistake could cost you the game if more items don't show up by the end.
Three relics would have been nice, but I went into mine with two Relics as well as a Unicorn Horn. I was able to finish the game with maybe 2 or 3 more survivable turn left in my team.
In terms of upgrading, I felt that upgrading a weapon was almost always more beneficial than upgrading armor.

Exploration Route

You can take any route/order that you are comfortable with. There is no rush to get to it because of the turn limit. However, I found that I was able to access the castle only after turning 35+.
I preferred the Pelican town route once I had figured out the trick. I lost so many runs as the boss would wipe the floor with us while we tried to out-heal each other's damage. This was can't. This fight should be considered a DPS race.
My suggestion is to max your armor and weapons and then go into the fight with 2 Tomahawks, a Big Potion and 2 Tomahawks. Toss the Tomahawks in the first fight and use the troubadors big damage skills. Other than that, you can just throw tomatoes or scratch chalkboards.
Use common sense, heal when necessary – the potion can be used only in case you have bad luck. You could also bring 3 Tomahawks if it's more convenient.

The Castle

Once you are here, it's just a way of surviving until the last boss. You should kill the Dark Demon (as soon as you see it. You can bomb it with tomatoes. You can scratch those chalkboards. It's its 3x 30+ damage ability that really kills runs. This is why I always have my 3 Folks at the front to absorb that damage. You have your glass to break in emergency situations to get you to the finish. If you can keep it, great!
You must eliminate all enemies on the last wave, save for the weakest, in damage-wise, before you reach the boss. Take a few rounds and Snack up. Heal up. And buff your attack as far you can with Troubadors. Your last turn should be spent buffing up once per Folk and finishing off the last enemy by using one of your Troubadors.
Hopefully, you have somewhere between 30-40+ attack buffed to your Folks. Tomatoes will make the boss scream. If you're lucky enough to have your Troubadors not get hit, you can manage two rounds of maximum pain. If you're not feeling adventurous, just do one round and then pop your relics. There is no time for snacking or buffing, so you need to keep your focus on the damage, and then heal with your Troubadors. If you still have the unicorn horn and things have gone horribly wrong, it is time to have your Rocky moment. I have had many frustrating runs ending because I only needed one or two more turns to win, but I was just running out of resources. This will give your that extra cushion in times of despair and may be the key to squeezing out a win.


That's all for my guide!
It's quite simple, but I hope it will be of some benefit for those trying to obtain (.), in my opinion, is the most difficult achievement in Tinyfolks.
I could be wrong, but I'm excited to find out the secret challenges! I like to start with the most difficult achievement, then work my way backwards. So I haven’t seen what the new 1.1.0 secrets hold yet.
We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. Best of luck to everyone! :))


Written by Daze

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